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  1. Interview can be found here : https://pastebin.com/BLVGWDv9 Thank you for being patient with me ~Void
  2. The interview can be seen here : https://pastebin.com/myaWngSV Thank you for working with me to get a time for this interview. I know time zones are a pain and that you were up until around 3am your time by the end of this interview. ~void
  3. I will be handling your interview. i will be in contact shortly VIA discord. - void
  4. Hello Commander, I will be handling your interview for Moderator. Please check discord for my PM to you. Sincerely, Void. Do to timezone issues I will only be taking this interview as a last resort. I took the interview back.
  5. Oh! Side note! If you notice someone doing a bit that causes strain to everyone around them please Ahelp it so we can try and do something about it. (Most of the time it includes some form of failRP)
  6. I believe enough information has been given to come to a decision on this. First off a OCC type of issue. Sophoric is a huge roleplay blocker and should only be used if there are no alternatives such as hand cuffs etc. That is not a rule... more of a suggestion. Moving on to the concerns brought up in this complaint. From what has been stated this would not be considered a live firefight situation however I would consider it a situation. Note : it being near the end of the round is not a excuse to lower RP expectations. I know frustrating situations occur A EMT is not a Paramedic however based on the province I live in a EMT certification can take 6-24 months to achieve - company depending. As such I believe a EMT is quite capable but should not be in a unsecured area unless it is a last resort and life threating situation. I.E a warzone. I do believe there was a failure to uphold fear RP as even though it was a mistake you were shot. IRL if you got shot with a laser rifle that would cause intense burning you would at the very least withdraw and allow for security to detain or pin the subject before you attempt to engage. To summarize I have decided this complaint is valid. However it is not a severe offence due to the circumstances around it. Moving forward allow security to do the suppression unless there is no alternative. Sophoric is completely fine to carry on you it can add some nice touches to RP if you are lacking pain killers or if something major happens. Try your best not to engage someone outside of medical, stay close by and fix the wounded after a engagement. As stated above I do not think this severe but it is valid. As such I will be applying a notation in your account and any further infraction of a similar nature will be followed by more administrative action. I will leave this post open to allow for debating of my decision or other concerns to take place over the next 48 hours (can be extended depending on the situation). Sincerely, Melodic.
  7. Hi, I am Melodic and I will be handling this complaint going forward.
  8. Thank you for the response. I will be lifting your Ban as of now. Note that for the first little while you will be on a thin ice sort of deal so I suggest you read : https://aurorastation.org/rules.html before playing a round to ensure you do not break the ice. They may have changed since you played last. Have a good day and welcome back! if you have any issues accessing the server reply to this or message my discord at : MelodicVoid#4463
  9. Hello, I am Melodic and will be handling your unban request as the staff whom issued it is retired. before proceeding I would appreciate some clarification on some things I have noticed in regards to the multiple accounts attached to yours. Based on your answers we will be able to continue. It seems that you have used multiple Byond Accounts to attempt to access the server over the last while. Dj_Chad is the one I know you wish to use going forward however what was the purpose of attempting to use other keys to access the server? was it an attempt to bypass the ban? and if so a explanation of what you planed to do if you were able to bypass would assist in the final decision on removing or keeping your ban. Final inquiry, I believe that you have been temp banned a few times for using multiple keys to bypass the respawn timer. If you are permitted back on the server do you understand and agree to not use multiple keys to try and bypass the system? --- I recommend Ahelping to get the timer reset, that way if we deem it reasonable we can respawn you. Thank you, Melodic
  10. Though I can't speak too much as to the lore, I believe it should be noted with in your application about the mechanical differences for how this species is different from humans. For example the speech mannerism or less cold resistance as well as the others.
  11. Though I do not recognize any characters other then maybe one, from a long time ago, I have read through your application and personally I think your OOC answers are pretty good. Thus I will give a +1. If the answers are genuine then you will make a excellent head of staff
  12. So, I don't know too much about the lore of the bugs but reading you application brings to mind a few questions. First and foremost does nanotrasen allow vacura to go on station and work without certifications or work permits? And if not it may be a good idea to add in the backstory for when Xiv had time to get such permits and certificates. Second (this one's probably dumb) non-vacura live in the hive with you? Enough so that you can take their tools? - (this is more of a cool didn't know that sorta deal) Finally what drove your character to the NSS Aurora, to me it seemed more like "yeah they are doing fine, working and doing this and that for the hive." And then suddenly they are a miner for Aurora? Why not stay a miner for the hive? - sorry for the questions, MelodicVoid
  13. Okay! I appreciate the information. I've removed the part involving my other character. Tbh I hated doing that anyway
  14. Oh sorry, I said In the first portion that all 7 units in the bulk agreement were Zeng-Hu Mobility frame to allow for fast filing and moving of paperwork. As for the name I actually wanted to be called NT-7-C but I wasn't sure if that was okay for a first character. I'd rather a nickname be made by the crew as well.
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