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Zahra Mrakiizar Feedback/ Discussion

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Zahra Khrazzar Ilkenov Yu'illa Mrakiizar I.E. generic tajara#272381.

It's funny how long I've had Zahra Mrakiizar, I made her sometime in... I believe either late September or early October. She's been a character I've held deeply for several reasons and when I look back on her, she's easily my favorite character to play, but equally one that actually makes me sad.


Let's go back to when I made Zahra, I was fresh off the boat on Aurora station, I have played Tajara for give or take two weeks or so since I was whitelisted and I was really not enjoying being a officer, mainly because I was 1) new and 2) I didn't like the responsibility of having to do so much, which plays into point numbero uno. Zahra I developed with the full intention of being a cute character, the gig is up and I am found out. Zahra Mrakiizar was intentionally designed, much like any good Tajara stereotype, to be cute, short, naïve, and relatively innocent to the world around her.


Yet as I played Zahra I really actually became more invested in her development, she was a cadet for an entire month and as such I really did play her like a cadet learning things. And Zahra easily has my most favorite memories and there isn't often a time I really disliked playing her and in fact I have many pictures of happy memories...  When I made Zahra I didn't have much in the wayside of a backstory for her, I just made her as a cute straight off the boat Tajara female that was curious of the universe and those that inhabited it. Yet as I developed her I added more: She was a PRA supporter, how would I possibly create a character that was so almost fanatical for space communists? Her father was a PRA politician. She cares for those she sees as comrades even if they are not Tajara. I truly enjoyed the moments she's had and the friends she's made, to name a few but definitely not all: Shawn Carson, Essh Kesan, MiniuOS, Willow Harper, Daniel Carmichael, Cosmos, Arlo, D'Jar, Sariik, Edward Sholl, Michael Lee, and so many more... I truly have made good friends with her ICly and equally made friends with them through Zahra OOCly.


What I'm trying to get at, is that I really have enjoyed this character for what she was worth, she's canonically lost her leg to a space shark when she was cornered, she's blown off her hand touching an electrified grill, she's fallen down elevators, she's been shot before by accident, tasered, pepper sprayed, punched, and even tool boxed (yes by a bald headed assistant that proceeded to call her a furry). She's developed and changed from the cutie cadet to a real officer of the Security team. Recently as I have been getting back into Aurora I really have put some hard thought into Zahra and who she is as a character in the universe of Aurora SS13.


With my rambling mostly over I really want to turn this conversation to you guys. What do you all think? What are your thoughts? I really am curious of a character that I have really grown attached to and really put my feelings and attention into. 

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