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Enjoyed a recent return.


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Good morning all,

Recently, a friend of mine expressed and interest in playing SS13 again and we decided to dust it off and boot her back up. We searched around for old stomping grounds that we could remember and recalled the quality that subconsciously resonated when we read the name Aurora Station. We joined up and played a few rounds and had an absolute blast. At one point, I was an AI who was instructed to comb through personnel files and suggest sexually compatible couples based on their information. It was such a blast to have the mix of roleplay and gameplay presented so smoothly. The admins provided us cordial and polite guidance when warranted and the population of the server was incredibly enjoyable. I am really looking forward to jumping back in to this game and I am excited about this community. I simply wanted to share this returning player's perspective and share my positive experience with you all. Thank you for your dedication and efforts in growing such an excellent server and community.


Jason [GroundCTRL] - (Observer during that AI round)

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