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[Accepted] Simfantics Skrell App

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BYOND Key: Simfantic

Character Names: Lindsey Wardle, Nadia Turner, Mingxia Liu and Skylar Atwee

Species you are applying to play: Skrell

What colour do you plan on making your first alien character: White

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes


Please provide well-articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race: I saw there was an opening in Skrell Lore Deputy and once I began researching the Skrell and doing a Deputy essay I began to get really really interested and I soon found out it would be in my favour to have a Skrell whitelist.


Identity what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Obviously there are mechanical perks to playing Skrell such as their ability to telepathically communicate with one another as well as their ability to share dreams (which I find EXTREMELY interesting). Some of the role-play orientated ways that this species is different is the lack of emotions (to non-skrell), their way of communicating with one another (reputation-based economy) and their unique way of life.


Character Name: Ziiq Luu Xrim (I really like that name! I hope you don't mind me borrowing it)


Please provide a short backstory for this character


Ziiq-Xrim, born in 2393 (They’re apart of the Marqch cycle) to Luuq’Quoop and Xor’Qoouq on the Skrellian planet of Aloise. Both her parents were Xenobiologists and had belonged to the Abyssal Era, and she was apart of the transition between the Supernova Era to the Radiant Era.


Ziiq was introduced to a galaxy that had mostly united and recovered from the Era of Synthetic Oppression. She lived an ordinary life before the discovery of Humanity which would’ve been roughly right at the beginning of her studies at the Aliose University of Medical Sciences. The discovery of Humanity ultimately changed the course of Ziiq’s life forever. Skrell has finally found another space-faring species other than those who oppressed them and those who could be grown in marsh pits. Although she was studying Xenobiology at the time, she quickly studied hard analysing every nook and cranny she could learn to better her chances of finally being able to research the species being discovered such as the Tajara in 2418. She’d finish her course in Xenobiology in 2425, and quickly rush into the medical division of the University and studying Human, Tajara and even Unati biology in her final two years of her second course, meaning she’d finish the course in 2435.

Due to the Skrell often ‘overachieving’ she was pressured by her parents to take one final course, she decided with all the discoveries of additional species a ‘refresher’ course in Xenobiology would help her. Finishing it in 2445, she was fully qualified to finally begin working. She was quickly snatched up by the University to begin teaching, although slight unqualified to teach, she was extremely well-versed in the insides, outsides, behaviours and even traits of most the Species. She decided to turn in her teaching robes and sought out to become closer to humanity and eventually lefts to pursue her dreams aboard the Aurora as a Xenobiologist.

Ziiq was born during the transition of the Supernova Era to the Radiant Era, meaning she wasn’t exactly an outlier but she wasn’t exactly expected to come so soon. Her parents believed Ziiq to be their little miracle and treated her as such. They were extremely over-protective and she was hardly allowed to do anything without her parents. Ziiq began to resent staying in one place for too long as it began to get dull, she wanted to see the world but she couldn’t due to her parents. Due to her parents being born in the Abyssal Era, she was often told horror stories of the Era of Synthetic Oppression and she always was wary of synthetics due to them. She values freedom above all else and will fight for it.


Although Ziiq was a professor for the Aliose University of Medical Sciences, she loved every second of it. Ziiq enjoyed it thoroughly but soon the enthusiasm to come a day in and day out teaching Skrell for over decades she wanted to go out and use her knowledge to actually study them. She’s hardly ever seen real life Humans, Tajara and Unati causing her job to eventually become stale for her. She decided enough was enough although the professors job was highly distinguishable she wished to advance her studies and not be stuck teaching for the rest of her extremely long life, but she’ll likely come back to it once she’s satisfied with the level of research she’s gained (if the university wants her back that is).


Depending on the races she studied:

Humans: This was Ziiq’s favourite species. They evolved similarly in some ways like S. Sapiens evolved. Although she’s only met a handful she’s always been attracted to the idea of going to work in a human-dominated workspace. She’s extremely trusting of H. Sapiens and will always strive to befriend them before the other species. She’ll treat humans as though they’re Skrell. She believes Human’s are on the same way as the Skrell were and she views them as a sort of child to the Skrell.


Tajara: Ziiq is curious about the Tajara way of life, only hearing about it in books/internet/documentaries she’s never actually met a common Tajara. She’s fueled to at least meet one in order to study them for herself. This might lead her to appear quite strange to Tajara due to her adopting a ‘Scientific Study’ towards them.


Unathi:  She’s quite appaled by the ‘metal’ Unathi’s and will actively remove themselves from a situation whenever she spots on, how do they allow such a vile creature to exist? She’s simply there to study Unathi, she doesn’t want a friendship (unless they’re women or respect women) due to the fact of their culture and how they oppress their own species by choice. She views the Unathi as a species which requires a change to ever succeed.


What do you like about this character?

I really like Ziig’s curiosity, although some might find it annoying it’ll just create more role-play. I also enjoy her enthusiasm to learn, which I do enjoy doing.


How would you rate your role-playing ability?

6/10 possibly 7/10 in different situations.



I do understand with my...colourful history with administrators it might result in negative feedback, which is completely understandable and I’d really like to see the negative feedback so I can see what I can improve on in the future!

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You named your character slightly incorrectly. Skrell do not have a dash or an apostrophe between their names; their two names are written like a first name and a last name, i.e. separated by a space. In your case, it would be Ziiq Xrim. Same goes for parents. The dashes and apostrophes are for suffixes, which written after one of the names (first one or second one), e.g. Ziiq'Luu Xrim.

I would like to know more about the following:

  • Ziiq was born between the Supernova and the Radiant eras. How did this affect her values and her character? How did her Abyssal era-born parents bring her up?
  • What made Ziiq leave her promising career so suddenly? Why would she abandon a prestigious job at her homeworld to work at a human-dominated megacorporation?
  • What does she think about the races that she studied, besides simply wanting to know what makes them tick? What attitude does she adopt toward them?
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Oh gosh, this is terribly overdue and I'm sorry. The only gripe that I have is that the suffix in your name is separated by a space instead of an apostrophe or hyphen (Ziiq'Luu Xrim or Ziiq-Luu Xrim). All in all, your responses to my questions are adequate, and I don't really have problems accepting this. Archiving.

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