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One of my friends at college asked me to write a short video game intro; for their art project, what do people think?

The great empire of Iistavar has long flourished on the ancient continent of Sceptri, home of ancient sources of magic, and their devout protectors. Ancient secrets, older than man itself are unearthed beneath the rule of Mathye Reyne, the wise and aging king of Iistavar. Tensions are rising amidst the noble houses; the succession of King Reyne is unclear, and without an heir, the empire could spiral into destruction as rival houses wage war for the crown, and ownership of the immense continent.

A brewing war pales, however, compared to an even more primordial threat that grows in the darkness; ancient, malevolent races, long thought extinct, move in the shadows, supported by spirits of profound malice and greed. That which was buried long ago is stirring, and only a unified empire would have a chance of survival in the coming storm.

And so it comes to you; a letter of great importance forced into your hand by a dying courier, his wounds wrought by no mortal hand; you must travel across the mysterious continent, from the ancient city of Kreskal, the the decadent metropolis of Yarvih, seeking out the strongest among the land’s inhabitants to face down a threat that would see the world die. Do you have the audacity to petition the slumbering dragons for aid? Or to travel in the great forest of Kriotar and attend to the primal rituals of the druids to come face to face with their enigmatic leader?

And most of all, do you have the strength, and the will, to lead these great warriors to victory, for they look to you now, for instruction, and guidance; hero.

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Yeah, sounds pretty awesome. All they need is a good narrator if they plan to record it into speach. Suggest them to ask ShoddyCast narrator who narrates their Elder Scrolls weekly series or something.

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