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Broom and Dustpan Extravaganza(Cleaning Revamp)


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I wanted to propose a new way of cleaning floors that doesn't render mops or soap obsolete. The only thing we currently have that would potentially change is the trashbag, and how dirt works. So here are my ideas.

How the tools work.

  • Brooms. A medium sized object that you hold in one hand. You use brooms to clean dirt and grime(dust) from a tile(no blood or fluids, dry or wet), and also to move clutter(bullet shells, cigarette butts, wrappers, glass shards, etc.) into a dustpan. You will hear a generic sweeping sound effect.
  • Dustpans. Dustpans will hold a specific amount of both dust and clutter. It is meant to be used in conjunction with broom, disposal bin and/or trash bag to be repeatedly emptied. You must hold it in the other hand, opposite of the broom, in order to use them together.  If you alt-click the broom with your dustpan, you will attach the dustpan to the broom for easier carry and storage(one hand instead of two).

    Dirt and how it would change.
    Currently, tiles have a progressive level of grime. Over time a tile will get dirtier if neglected, progressively getting thick with a type of soot. My proposal is a robust, simplistic way of dealing with this that costs no water or cleaner.  For each stage of progressive filth, there is one small item that is produced when it is swept(one dust object for every stage). A dust pile. These dust piles are produced and then loaded into a dustpan ALONG WITH all clutter until the dustpan is full. There are, if I recall, four of five stages of grime. This means four or five dust items that either stack and take up volume, or are in a neat row along with all other objects that were swept.

    Just to remind you. Brooms will not sweep up wet or dry fluids. Blood, vomit, etcetera. Cleaner and mops function the same as ever but require reagents to use. This is an alternative method of cleaning without using reagents and brooms/dustpans could be added to all departments for general use when a janitor is not available(BIG MAYBE).

    Trashbags should no longer be able to scoop up all items, to balance these tools out. It may take longer to clean floors(trips to the disposal bin), but it has the added function of costing nothing(no reagents) and removing clutter. Please read the whole post before saying that it makes janitors obsolete. Janitors with cleaner/mops are the only ones who can clean blood or vomit. You can dustpan and broom into the janitorial cart.
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