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Modded Minecraft Server: Batharstagoosh (Minethrottled)

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By Order of His Majesty, King Urist McTorald of The Wandering Helms, a great expedition shall set forth in order to establish a new fortress and town for the Kingdom - and this great fortress shall be known as Batharstagoosh (Minethrottled). STRIKE THE EARTH!

What is this?

A Dwarf Fortress inspired modded Minecraft roleplaying adventure/simulation so-to-speak. The group, the Dwarfs of Minthrottled, must work together to build a sprawling underground fortress and harvest Minecraftia of its valuable resources. We will be using the All the Magic Modpack from the Twitch App.

Why All the Mods: All the Magic?

After considering vanilla, I've decided that mods are just more fun and immersive and provide far more better game play opportunities. All the Magic has a lot of interesting resource, magic, item and creature mods while not invading the server with high tech or industry things that would other break the dwarf fortress atmosphere.

What makes Minethrottled Different?


The Fortress of Minethrottled, being based on Dwarf Fortress, will be supervised by a group of nobles. At the onset of the Fortress - this group will be led by the Expedition Overseer, appointed by the far off King. However, once the dwarfs of Minethrottled get their bearings, they will begin electing a Mayor every three days.

The Mayor will be in charge of directing and managing the goals of the Fortress for their three day term - this means initiating buildings, projects and other assorted fun.

The Mayor will also be able to appoint various other nobles to help them accomplish their task:

Manager - Responsible for overseeing crafting and maintaining the Fortress' stockpiles.
Bookkeeper - Manages the Fortress economy, collects taxes and pays dwarfs at the direction of the Mayor.
Sheriff - Enforces the Mayor's laws and imprisons pesky dwarfs.
Militia Commander - Leads the Militia, if one is established. Handles training, mission organization, etc.

The Nobles will also be able to contact the capital, and request certain supplies in the form of trade caravans.


The dwarfs have two pantheons of Gods and Goddesses they can worship, the High and Low. The High Pantheon are the chief Gods and believed to be the creators of the world and dwarf kind, the Low Pantheon are not believed to have partaken in the creation of the world, but represent important or fundamental aspects of it. As the Fortress develops, Dwarfs will have to decide what Gods and Goddesses are worth building temples and shrines to - and reaping the rewards of such decisions.

High Pantheon
Resen, Goddess of Minerals
Rab, Goddess of Fire and Metals
Doren Dakas, the Diamonds of Coloring , Goddess of Wealth and Jewels
Doren Letmosid Korzanor, the Cavernous Heart , Goddess of Caverns and Mountains

Low Pantheon
Zasgim, God of Pregnancy and Fertility
Alil Ki rar Tustem, the Right of Courtesy , Goddess of Charity and Generosity
Sedilösir,  Angel of the Morality of Courtesies , Goddess of Consolation
Otiktagüz, God of Music, Dance and Revelry
Noglesh, Goddess of Victory, War and Fortresses
Imust , God of Deformity and Disease

How to Join
Right now as we accumulate interested players, the server isn't able to be joined. I suspect after we find a few interested people, we'll find a good day to all start the adventure together. However, we have a discord! In the discord! Here's the link:


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