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  1. It's not as crisp as having an outright 'NanoTrasen Representative' title with their own NanoTrasen specific berets and such.
  2. @Alberyk Why wasnt 'NanoTrasen Representative' added as its own alt-title was was originally intended?
  3. Yeah uh, as long as the changelog and the content of the PR is clear - the name is basically irrelevant. You can just quickly open a PR if you're confused.
  4. @Xelnagahunter *Pings CCIA to consider opening an investigation*
  5. Just make it so if you put the bandana on the mask slot it applies this.
  6. I once got a CCIA warning against my captain for lowering the station's thermostats to 13 degrees celsius during a canon Tajaran-event where we had a large group of Taj refugees on board. I wanted the station to be cooler to make them comfortable and we even offered out free jackets at cargo to crew that found it too chilly (although it does not make you cold at 13c) CCIA promptly overrided my command and then issued a formal warning to me, and told me off. CCIA should be disabled during events.
  7. So, basically - we have Station Directive 11: This Directive is rarely followed, especially not to a tee, rarely are departments given instructions on what they can do to help, and even less so are explanations given on what steps have been taken so far. My proposal seeks to make directive 11 briefings more common. When changing the alert level via a command console - immediately after using the button to raise the alert, a prompt with an announcement screen will come up stating 'Please attach your Directive 11 Briefing', after you enter your briefing and press OK on this screen, it will change the alert and also attach an announce with a bolded title of 'Directive 11 Announcement' or 'Code [X] Announcement'. If you choose to ignore the prompt and leave an empty screen, it will just raise the alert and no announcement will appear - still allowing heads to not make them if they need more time, but encouraging them heavily to announce at the point of alert raising.
  8. Could possibly add a rarer random event 'hostile slimeling infestation', similar to Bay's maintenance drone revolution random event, where the slimelings spawn hostile and nibble on people and creatures in the area. But that's for another suggestion and another day!
  9. So, a long time ago in a galaxy rather close to home, this story was posted: I think it'd be super cool if we added slimelings! The idea would be that they're about palm-sized creatures, very similar to slimes - and coming in a variety of colours. They would blob up and down like normal slimes do, and occasionally make gelatinous sounds. These would be available in the loadout for X amount of points, and also appear occasionally on station as an infestation event like mice and lizards. Furthering the idea, we could also add a new vending machine that sells these pets in water-activated orbs (like monkey cubes, but 'Slimeling Spheres') and also sells various food type powders you can pour on your slimeling to give it nutrition. So what would be needed?: 0. SPRITES. This is probably the hardest thing to achieve, but I'm hoping I can convince @kyres1 or @AmoryBlaine to do them - if I can't, but this suggestion is liked and accepted, I am more than happy to put out some money to commission sprites from a spriter somewhere on SS13. 1. Slimeling behaviour code. I'm of a mind to just say use mouse code for them with minor alterations for sounds and such. 2. Add slimelings to the random infestation events. - Everything below is part of the extended idea, not necessarily part of the core suggestion - 3. Vending machines for slimelings and various slimeling foods or toys. 4. Slimelings food and toys. Maybe a food that makes them change colour? Alters personality? I think this would be a really neat way to incorporate some once-mentioned lore into the game, and they'd be cute lore-appropriate creatures to have around.
  10. I like this idea +1 would go along way for enforcing CCIA actions.
  11. BYOND Key: XanderDoxen Discord Key: XanderDox#2835 Total Ban Length: Permanent Discord Ban Banning staff member's Key: Garnascus Reason of Ban: I had four warnings on record, although I only know what two are regarding. One was regarding complaining about developers excessively, and unfairly - it was applied by Skull132. The second I can remember, and the reason I got banned, was fighting with Delta/Schev in the discord and being overly rude (specifically, namecalling). I've been banned for a year or more now, and I understand that how I went about my arguing with Schev was distasteful and rude, but I'd like to rejoin the discord community.
  12. I don't know whether this is feasible due to possible BYOND limitations, however it would be very nice if the ticket system supported new rounds. What I mean by this is that when staff are handling a ticket at the end of the round, the round has to be delayed to handle the ticket because (and this is conjecture, as I don't actually know as I am not staff), round restarts cause active tickets to vanish - which is why the server auto-delays if a ticket is open. If the system could be modified so that open tickets transfer into the next round, it would mean we don't have to delay new rounds for sometimes 10-15 minutes while staff investigate issues - something that causes a lot of boredom for players, and has a noticeable affect on server population (people get bored and leave before the next round comes).
  13. This is a good enough solution. Any staff member can archive this now.
  14. I appreciate your replies. However, there is no actual good reason to delay the shuttle - it just delays the next more enjoyable round from coming, when players have already been given thirteen minutes to make a five minute journey at maximum, from any part of the station (asteroid and other EVA locations exempt).
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