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  1. I feel like this has been handled by Head Staff well enough to be closed or something by now?
  2. As a note - the goal of this complaint is to make it clear that this is alright conduct for a captain, and to have any note related to this incident expunged.
  3. And to be clear, your brought up policy first.
  4. The blue is hideous. Command can stay blue as a department colour coding but the captain's uniform sprite is old and bad quality.
  5. This absolutely is about IC policy as you are the one that brought it up and also attempted to tell me my character wasn't acting as my character would be acting as a Captain.
  6. IC Policy also says the Captain has ultimate operational authority - and that includes deciding if he gets to wear armour or not. There was not an officer that wanted or needed it more, I was in game - interacting and playing. When the officers were armed, none of them asked the HOS for riot gear. One vaguely asked him for ballistic gear by pointing at the ballistic gear closet. I was not depriving any Officer of riot gear, and was never asked ICly for it by the HOS or an Officer. I was attacked by a member of science, a member of medical, a member of command and a member of security - at the same time. I still believe I was fully warranted to be heavily geared. I watched a human being scream so loud that they shattered windows and deafened everyone in sight. It was not simply a 'oh no I was assaulted' situation.
  7. There is absolutely no public staff policy available to players for us to cite when reporting staff - the best thing we can do is go off the utterances of their immediate superiors, the Head Staff - that includes you, Alb, Arrow, Skull, and to a lesser extent the CCIA Lead and Lore Lead over their respective areas. This is a separate issue entirely, but perhaps if staff policy was actually posted somewhere - players wouldn't have to divine what, if any, standards that staff are held to.
  8. There was no mining, I was reading a thread and found it. Don't make statements in response to things as the HEAD ADMIN if you do not want to be quoted in admin complaints, fair?
  9. I'm inserting this screenshot for the first sentence that Garn utters in it, specifically: Administrative action is only ever reactive. I do not think that Nursie's treatment of me in this bwoink as reactive, but rather she assigned the idea of 'front-lining' to a set of armour, and because of that personal opinion, blanket-banned an entire role from wearing it outside of any context at any time, which is seriously ridiculous. Also, @nursiekitty I don't know if you have seen this yet.
  10. BYOND Key: XanderDox Staff BYOND Key: NursieKitty Game ID: b3C-cH6D b]Evidence/logs/etc:[/b] Additional remarks: So. I was the Captain. It was midround. Suddenly, my Head of Personnel began shooting me in the bridge with no pre-"I'm gonna shoot you" roleplay, whatever. I sprint away and open fire myself. I end up collapsing but being able to call Security. The HOP is now friendly and not under the vampire's mind control, but I am still trying to get away from her, I take a few steps and then immediately get tasered by a Cadet, who tries to drag me into maintenance after that. I get away and call Security again. Security arrives. Now, a gardener grabs me and bites into my neck and begins drinking my blood in front of everyone, at the same time, a medical doctor's eyes flash and blinds everyone on the scene. The gardener screams, damaging all of the glass nearby and our ears. I escape after Security successfully spooks the hostiles off. This ALL happened outside the Consular Office, within the span of literally three minutes. I declared it a mutiny as it seemed to be a purposeful and coordinated attempt by bio-modified indvidiuals to kidnap/kill me. After being treated, I heard that the HOS was arming security, of which there were about two active and effective officers. I decided to go and get a better gun and armour, because the target of the hostiles was clearly me. None of the riot armour had been touched or asked for, and since a majority of the attacks on me were stunning and then physical attacks like punching and biting, I decided riot armour would probably be the best bet for my safety. After I got that on, and grabbed a carbine, I headed to Aux Security to supervise the detainment of a hostile and the rescue of an officer. I did not fire my gun or partake in the arrest at all, and after it was handled I left and headed immediately to the bridge to announce the situation. Cue Nursie's PMing me, enforcing her very narrow and shallow view that riot gear can ONLY ever be used by people that are front lining, and as a Captain cannot front line, I should return it. She does this by explaining what a Captain should think, and I respond by explaining what my Captain thinks. NOTE: In an RP-based game, if every role was REQUIRED to be a carbon copy of one another and have no individual personality or actions, it would be boring as feck. Now, she 'recommends' that I return the armour, and I tell her I will not be doing that and explain why, but do add that if she orders me to return it I will - because listening to staff is important. She then rudely enforces her view and says 'I'll repeat myself', and tells me I have to return the armour. I returned it and the gun, and then cryo'd and came to make this complaint. Why did I cryo? Because 100% of the enjoyment of a round is sucked dry by a staff member purposefully and specifically enforcing their own view and opinion as the ultimate and sole way to roleplay and make decisions, something I think Nursie does a lot to people - but this complaint is only about this incident. I was basically barred by Nursie from wearing any armour aside from my captain provided stab-vest, despite an active mutiny going on by super modified biological fuckers, and thus I was being handicapped by an OOC matter and could no longer enjoy the game because I was basically a walking duck to be murdered.
  11. Please get these briefcases coded in. They're great
  12. Turns you into a literal black k'ois zombie.
  13. Hello! This is just a place for people to post their various formats for paperwork for the Representative role, whether consular or corporate! So far, I've got Tau Ceti Visa and Citizenship forms. Tau Ceti Citizenship Application Tau Ceti Visa Issuance Form
  14. I used to play a Librarian/Xenoarch that would liaise with Research and I would host science fairs and have xenoarchaeological artifacts set out. +1 this.
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