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  1. The random numbers chosen for the populations of planets for humans will absolutely not impact and never has impacted how I have constructed or played a human character, honestly. I don't think this is that big of an issue.
  2. Just succumb and die if you're bored.
  3. I support this, but due to it still being a bit strange that a crew transfer would come during code red - I suggest that any crew transfer called during code red be sent with a CC announcement that says something like
  4. We already have Pope and Vatican lore. Are you proposing it be entirely replaced with this?
  5. The Captain already serves as a representative of NanoTrasen on board and that's why he has ultimate operational authority. Having a NanoTrasen Representative on board doesn't actually make much sense at all, which is why IAA made more sense. NT is already represented by a Captain and five Heads of Staff
  6. Azande

    Better Parapens

    Love it. Thanks for accepting the feedback!
  7. Azande

    Better Parapens

    Abductazine is objectively a terribly tongue-in-cheek name, and should be replaced with something more reasonable.
  8. Hi I was accused of wanting to valid and bolt down doors and electrify them as AI. I wish to clarify, as my last response here, that I did not shock any doors at any point in that round, and I only bolted doors twice. Once, when the Mercs arrived and rushed towards the bridge - I locked the bridge down. And the second time when Security opened fire on the now confirmed CC Merc Team. I would appreciate that further slander against me or my character not occur on this complaint, especially when such commentary is not related to the complaint at all.
  9. Hello, I was the AI as @Garnascus has said. When the Mercs first arrived, I reported them as intruders as they were not on the manifest and they were heavily armed and moving towards the bridge, then communications went down and I could not communicate with these intruders or the crew. Then I saw the CMO approach them, and to me without being able to hear it seemed like they had blocked the CMO off from fleeing towards the bridge or center of the station as they were flanked on either side of them. This is when I made my announcement that the intruders had made it to the bridge and were taking the CMO hostage - as this was my best knowledge at the time. Once communications came up, the Mercenaries and Command both touched base with me to clarify they were from Central Command - cue the CC Announcement clarifying their role. I immediately informed Security it was a false alarm that was completely my fault while they were in the armoury still gearing up. Instead of stopping their gear-up, they continued and one officer accused me of being subverted. Security continued to ignore Station Command's order to disarm, the Acting Captain's order to disarm, and the CC Announcement saying listen to the god damn Policy Enforcement (Merc) Team. Then, the Forensic Technician said something like "You should just rebel then." - due to the fact security was fully armed WITH tactical gear due to a lucky cargo find, refusing to comply with command's orders, and now one of them was encouraging sedition - I informed Command and the Mercenary team that Security was beginning to behave seditiously and that a mutiny could very well break out. Security was also talking about having a strike. Lo and behold', Security got tired of debating with the Mercenary team, who had thus far only stunned a person that was encouraging rebellion (Security stuns people ALL the time and yet they were ready to go to war over this incident), and I wasn't aware of any incident with the diona except the fact the diona was actively harassing both me the AI, and the mercenary team. Security's decision was to suddenly open fire on the mercenaries in the security lobby with no legitimate provocation, in an act of blatant mutiny. Noir stated their intent to seize Acting Captain Ora, and this sent me into mutiny mode. I locked down security, informed crew that they were committing a mutiny, and ordered all synthetics slaved to me to protect the Command Staff. I have no information after this as I ended up wiping core to handle an extensive ahelp discussion regarding an AI's ability to harm people to defend command staff from mutiny. In my opinion, Security engaged in hyper-valids this shift refusing the direction of numerous sources of corporate authority to stand the fuck down. It really annoyed me, and I wish I had just locked them in the armoury so they couldn't have interfered with the gimmick so much. But I don't know which of the security members were revs, loyalists or such - so that changes the dynamic a lot. I thought it was just MERC for the longest time.
  10. I haven't seen scientists who go around upgrading anyone's equipment in ages and on the contrary, I've seen scientists that act outright hostile if you ask. So +1 for this.
  11. Fairly certain you do, as you can no longer us the radio while handcuffed.
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