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  1. this would be a pointless change and I am against it. If anything, change it to 'Eridani Corporate Confederation' because the government is controlled by the member corporations, not vice-versa.
  2. @kyres1 If all of this is the case, I think a disclaimer in the rules channel that says: "Actions here requiring administrative action from the Lore Team may be referred to the Aurora Administration Team, and possibly lead to punishment in the overall Aurora Community as well."
  3. This was posted in the new Aurora Lore Discord's Rules. Personally, as this discord is being entirely moderated by Aurora Lorestaff, for Aurora's community, to discuss Aurora lore, I think there is absolutely no reason that this discord should be out of the oversight of the actual staff team and Head Staff. All this does is give Lorestaff a zone in which they may break regular Aurora rules without punishment, and could include being rude/mean/dismissive to community members - which is not conduct we should encourage from staff (as we already have enough of this). I am not proposing that the AdminMod Team actively moderate this discord, but rather that there be the following: - Aurora Mods and Admins may request and be given a moderator role in the Lore Discord IF they want it. - Allow all actions by players or staff in this discord that break rules to be reported via the forum staff complaints and player complaints if not handled in the discord at the time. (This is for transparency, and to prevent Lorestaff from simply hiding away complaints in their DMs to pretend they don't exist) - In such a complaint, AdminMod Team would have decision regarding the offending staff or player's place in the community, the LoreHeads would still have full decision on whom is and is not banned in their discord, maintaining some autonomy. I have seen bullying in almost every large Aurora offshoot discord that brings in a large amount of players but isn't moderated by our staff team. The independent lore discords did not have much of this because they were a smaller collection of people of whom usually had similar interests in their species. I think having a staff run discord immune from Admin oversight is simply poor form at this stage of our community's life.
  4. very sad but okay this can be closed then.
  5. CPR and Defibs are used in completely different situations, though. A CPR is for cardiac arrest, and a Defib is usually for a heart in fibrillation, not a stopped heart.
  6. Hello. Radial inputs seem to be getting a strong push from Maintainer Matt, and they look pretty snazzy, but I hate them. I personally prefer utilizing my keyboard to quickly move through the old-style text menu compared to moving my mouse around to select things. It would be neat if we could select text-based inputs as opposed to radial inputs in preferences. I'm hoping the circle of options that appears above your character's head when using certain things is radial input otherwise this suggestion makes no sense lol.
  7. In classic 'The Thing' style, I think changelings should be able to reproduce in some way. Whether they can create egg-like things that eventually grow into a new ling in the form of one of the people they've succ'd, or if a limb is torn off or severed it has a chance to grow into a new Ling. Right now, ling basically progresses with more and more deaths until the crew either capture and contain the ling, or it goes final form and then murders everyone. I think it'd be nice if there was a way for the Ling Collective to grow.
  8. Lol I accidentally right aligned my post apparently.
  9. Kaed is someone that I, frankly, do not enjoy OOCly interacting with. They usually are abrasive, if not rude. Maybe that is my personal experience because we do not really tend to get along. However, I do take pride in the fact that I separate the IC from the OOC rather well when it comes to enjoying characters, and I do enjoy Kaed's. They are well roleplayed, a pleasure to interact with both negatively and positively on board, and competent with command stuff. My biggest gripe with them was that Icktharr Slithiss was almost always a traitor on Secret, to the point where having him as a HOP became a death sentence if you were the Captain, but we have a lot more gamemodes now so maybe that won't happen as much. +1
  10. I also need to clarify something about arming up. If there is four officers, then each rifle and carbine goes to an officer. The only time I take one of these guns for myself is if an officer is indisposed, or not present. I do not arm Cadets, CSIs or Detectives because these roles tend to get in trouble if they are engaging in serious security work, so unless we're being overrun by a cult or something, I don't hand them a lethal-capable weapon.
  11. I play quite often and I have never seen either of these characters. Your application is OK but you really need to either play more often or list all of your characters if you're missing some on the list here.
  12. Your issue essentially boils down to not liking how I delegated which is frankly, not up to you. Officers were dispatched to check things out, and when a call came out, I made up for their pre-occupation at the vault by heading to engineering to check on you. Nothing at all prevents me from going and talking to a petty criminal while my officers handle something more serious, if anything - your logic suggests I should NOT be on the super important front lines that are uber dangerous, I'm sorry that I don't agree with you.
  13. I will respond to the first actual complaint from Printer with exactly ONE line: Look at the manifest you just provided. It has two officers and a cadet. Shortly after joining, one of those officers left and while I was there, pretty sure they were in Medical most of the time. That is not enough to be covering an entire station for an active threat. When I Head of Security, I DO get out there and help search, especially if I'm low on officers. While I do this, I actively organize my team and direct them to locations and I was check cameras over a wrist computer that I change out for my gloves every now and then. When I have a lot of officers, whenever possible I try to keep on cameras and stick to the main areas of the station in my hunt. Do I sometimes get sidetracked? Yes. In response to Kaed's thing 1. Visitors are not to be working. This includes doing clerical work, running supplies, or any other such thing. This is per station directives. How Eliade considers this ICly is frankly up to him, and when it's being an inconvenience to him and his team in an elevated alert, he'll probably interpret it in a way that he can tell you to not. 2. I did not threaten to arrest you, that's completely asinine. I came into engineering, told you to leave and said I COULD arrest you for vandalism and trespassing, I said that I could because you were caught on camera hacking into engineering. I was actually being kind to give you a verbal telling off and then left you to it. 3. I was quite aware of the vault situation, I had a full response checking it out, and the Captain was checking it out, and we already had the location on some of the supplies - they were teleported around the station. 4. I did attempt to exceed my authority and order engineering not to provide those gloves. There is no reason for a visitor to have industrial insulated gloves as they have no work duties. Considering you had already hacked into somewhere, it was no longer appropriate for you to even consider getting those gloves. Now, what could I have done instead of saying "Dont give those gloves to him engineers, that's an order." ? I could've went to my office, writ an injunction, slapped you in the face with it, and the brigged you five minutes later when I found you TWICE getting denied by people trying to get them to sign off on your gloves. What did I do instead? I fucking enabled you. I knew from that singular moment at Eng that you were a traitor, and I made the conscious decision as a Head of Staff Whitelistee to back off from you, not arrest and not search you for vandalism/trespassing, and to give you a reason to hate me by being the big scary asshole. Better yet, I didn't even tell Security Officers that I had warned you, told you off or told you not to get those gloves so THEY wouldn't have a reason to be heavy on you. If the thanks I get for not ending your round in engineering is a complaint, then damn, I MUST be playing command wrong.
  14. There is a giant thread on this already. Please review it.
  15. Can't we increase server memory capacity?
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