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  1. The DLC can be bought fairly cheap on G2A.com, it's where I got the game and Gathering Storms.
  2. Hello peoples. I recently got Civilization VI and the Gathering Storm expansion. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a game? I don't have Rise and Fall or the resources to buy it right now, so if you have that you'll have to do without the Civs it adds (GS adds all the mechanical features except wonders and buildings anyways).
  3. All this arguing is going to continue in a big circle with nobody giving ground until the test-merge happens. I'd say this thread has no run it's course and any more discourse is just restating what's been said, Why don't we agree to not argue until the update is actually in affect?
  4. Clearly I want Garnascus to experience being permabanned from Aurora Yeah, that sounds like the best solution, this can be closed if that's the decision you've made.
  5. I have never considered using alternative accounts or a VPN to bypass my notes and bans - so I do not necessarily think it is appropriate for Garn to do so simply because he does not want to be noticed. I believe I said the opposite of such, I have never considered it.
  6. No more bureaucracy. We're the only server with such an ever-expanding oppressive whitelist system, and I'm not even sure we've benefited from it. Ahelping bad AIs it's as easy as pressing Ahelp.
  7. @Skull132 I feel like you probably wrote the rule on VPNs ye old man, do you have any context in regards to whether our current VPN-tracking system warrants a removal of the VPN rule?
  8. If this is true, Alberyk or another admin can confirm and close this complaint - Rules change sometimes! I'd also suggest striking the rule from the official books, or at least modifying it to not sound so serious. Also, a brave Jedi Xander faces off against Head Administrator Garn, colourized:
  9. Addendum: It really sucks to not want to get recognized - as someone who has been permabanned a few times, and with quite a few notes on my record (some of which have been held against me in poor manner, see my most recent appeals and complaint that I 'won') I feel like both players and staff alike treat me differently. People are quick to ahelp me if they feel I have even treaded near the line of the rules, I recieve a bwoink almost every round I play to inquire what I'm doing and why I am doing it. All in all, it feels as if me as XanderDox is treated differently because of who I am, and I've simply had to accept that. I have never considered using alternative accounts or a VPN to bypass my notes and bans - so I do not necessarily think it is appropriate for Garn to do so simply because he does not want to be noticed.
  10. BYOND Key: XanderDox Game ID: (N/A) Player Byond Key: Garnascus Staff involved: N/A Reason for complaint: Breach of server rules Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? N/A Approximate Date/Time: Unknown I'm making this complaint because I have a strong belief that staff should be held to the same, if not a higher standard than players when it comes to adhering to our server rules. They are here to set an example for people as to what a rule-abiding player looks like. The rule in question which is posted directly below is written to sound like a very serious one, to the extent that an individual caught breaking it can be given an immediate permanent ban, possibly without even being contacted by staff. I do not think Garnascus should be permanently banned - but that some sort of punishment, note or warning should be given to him. Here is an image of Garnascus admitting to a rule violation, specifically this rule: " Use of proxy-servers is not permitted. Due to the amount of griefers that use proxy servers in an attempt to bypass punishment, connecting via a dedicated proxy server, or routing your connection through a dedicated server host, can result in an immediate permanent ban. *NOTE*: The admission of the rule violation is highlighted in yellow. I also consulted Arrow (as I don't have any current admins on my friendslist anymore) to see if VPNs were considered proxy-servers, as I am not versed in techy lingo:
  11. I think there is literally no point in having a Head of Security and a Warden if this change becomes reality, especially if the Head of Security would not be in charge of department officers (which makes no sense?). In basically every private security setting, security guards answer to a coordinator even if assigned to certain sections. I see no reason to not have the HOS have authority over officers still. If their authority is removed, they are effectively the Warden with a different oufit and bridge access. Both can make warrants. Both have no authority over security, both have armoury access and can dole out weapons.
  12. This would be pretty easy to do. Just make the report system go like this: If you want to report a person's discord message, activate debug/developer mode in discord settings, click the ... beside the discord message and get the message ID, create a !report [message ID] command here, make the bot take that message ID and spit the message being reported out in a staff-only channel. The only work required is actually doing the coding required but it's entirely possible and has definitely be done before on servers I've played.
  13. NO. As a psych player, I quite love traumas and the mechanics they add to the role.
  14. As a note, it's been all but written as staff ethos/policy that Command should not treat dying crew as if they're replaceable, as then you lose all consequences. I believe it was originally @Garnascus that told Captain-players that we had to actually consider crew safety when making decisions, and are not allowed to simply treat them as they're disposable. If Garn has changed his mind or if I am misremembering being told how to do my Captain job then I hope he corrects me.
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