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  1. Azande

    Security uniform update

    Do it yourself.
  2. NO. As a psych player, I quite love traumas and the mechanics they add to the role.
  3. As a note, it's been all but written as staff ethos/policy that Command should not treat dying crew as if they're replaceable, as then you lose all consequences. I believe it was originally @Garnascus that told Captain-players that we had to actually consider crew safety when making decisions, and are not allowed to simply treat them as they're disposable. If Garn has changed his mind or if I am misremembering being told how to do my Captain job then I hope he corrects me.
  4. Azande

    Holographic Plants + more drink dispensers

    I really like this. I WISH our station felt more futuristic, presently we feel like the ISS in 2004.
  5. to be fair, the 75K budget of the station is like... Pocket change to NanoTrasen, who is a multi-trillion credit income corporation. The Aurora alone took billions of credits to build.
  6. Azande

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    Can we apply as an Aut'akh character or must we apply with a generic unathi.
  7. Azande

    Staff Complaint - House of Synth

    As a note, I appealed that final note from ReadThisNamePlz and the appeal was accepted as valid. @Garnascus should that note even be in staff records still? Aside from that, thank you for posting my notes as requested. As you noted, these offenses range in date going back 2 1/2 years, and I believe my behaviour overall has improved since then, and has improved since my security ban.
  8. Azande

    Staff Complaint - House of Synth

    On this note - I was the AI at the time, and Security were actively dealing with a synthetic named Null who Central Command ordered us to arrest and keep contained. Null then told us apparently (I was only informed of this by the HOS at the time, not by Null himself), that he had called a Synthetic Liberation Front Terrorist Strike Team. The Head of Security ordered me to lockdown arrivals and keep this strike team out. When the strike team inevitably boarded in the yellow dock and began trying to enter the station, I opened an airlock and vented the room they were in, denying them entry to the station as I was ordered to. This successfully stopped their attack for about 10-15 more minutes until they found another way in. In essence, I was supposedly more focused on the antag/security situation than the 'crew' situation, however I'll give you some light on this. There were two crew orders being given to me at the time that I could not and would not follow. One was the Warden trying to order me to stop locking down departures/arrivals, I could not follow this order because the HOS has specifically told me to keep it locked down, and I informed the Warden of this. The second was a Tajaran Forensic Technician, they ordered me to open up the yellow dock where the hostiles were as they had bypassed my arrivals lockdown, they wanted to negotiate. I could not actually let them in because the Mercs had destroyed my cameras in yellow dock, this did not stop the Tajara from telling me again and again to let her in despite me informing her it was physically impossible. At the same time, multiple Security including the HOS were telling her to stop, and that negotiations were non-optional. She ended up getting taken hostage because she wouldn't listen and insisted on being two feet away from the enemy strike team. And finally, I justify focusing on the security situation through the fact that Command Staff and I were directly ordered by Central Command to keep 'Null', the leader of the SLF terrorist group in custody and contained for transfer. At that point, my ultimate priority was preventing Null from being rescued by the SLF strike team, and preventing him from escaping Security. CCIA are the highest in round authorities and when an order is issued by them, I have little choice but to observe such. At no point did I refuse/deny reasonable non-security orders. Orders were only refused if they contradicted higher orders, otherwise some orders were delayed because I was simply was too busy to handle them because of the security situation. If Toaster has additional examples, I would be happy to discuss those but I don't actually remember anything else regarding AI play of mine being discussed that round. Oh, and for the all-caps thing, that is an issue I'm trying to resolve. I do it basically across characters because I get excited/panic when things are going on. I am working on that, I promise.
  9. Azande

    D'Jar Sa'kuate's Zandiziite Cape

    What is a Zandiziite?
  10. I like all of your characters a lot, even if I find you incredibly abrasive OOC and frankly believe you have very little care for community opinions on development or the community as a whole. +1.
  11. Azande

    Staff Complaint - House of Synth

    And yes, I debated with Toaster in that incident. He refused to see my side and acknowledge that there is a large market for live action and crime reporting and that war correspondents exist.
  12. Azande

    Staff Complaint - House of Synth

    Only one of these notes existed when synth made his denial, the AI one I believe is ridiculous because I have laws forcing me to protect the crew. I literally am forced to work to combat armed squads trying to kill people. As for the frontlining as Journalist - I’ve since spoken with multiple staff on that issue and all of them agreed the journalist is there to report the news - and if that means reporting live action such as antags then that’s OK and even lore friendly. War correspondents exist IRL. I merely have not filed a staff complaint about that issue yet. You will note that the journalist note is SIX months old now, and I have not frontlined as a journalist since.
  13. before this thread is dismissed can we make it more mandatory than it already is to set custom event info or should I create a policy suggestion thread.