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Rustiness to Robustness

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A long forgotten battle fought so long ago, now drifting motionless in the void and vastness of the outer Frontier colonies. Yet what lies within the dusted wreckage floats a rusted little blue chassis..   Seemingly dead and motionless floats the little blue guy, with his little blue arm and his little blue head.  The rust decorates his lifeless chassis, with sprinkles and splotches, dents and chips,  scratches and cracks.  Zooming outward to view the wreckage, floats beyond the outer distance.  Ten large ships can be seen, zoom into existence accompanied with many small ships.   The small ships come first to investigate our wreckage of twisted metal and lifeless bodies, before long the biggest ship in the group, opens a door and scoops the wreckage into its large cargo bay, before closing the door and zooming off into the distance and faster into existence.  

Here comes Jeffrey Katoma, a fine young man, with blue eyes and adventure in every step he takes.. As he explores the wreckage that lay on the ground, he finds something interesting within it all. Why oh well, would you look right here, we have our little blue chassis, still motionless with gravity, as it lay on the ground with his little blue head and little blue arm centered on his blue torso..   Jeffrey shouts in excitement, "No way! An IPC!" he scoops it up, and takes it back to his working space, a robotics shop that is.. 

Jeffrey walks into the shop, with adventure and light that bounces in his eyes, he sits the Chassis down, propped up in chair. He gets a good look at the chassis, noticing every splotch of rust, the scratches on the screen, the bent antenna, and the bullet hole in his chest.  Jeffrey speaks in a curious tone, "What sort of dark mystery, holds up in you?"   Jeffrey opens the hatch, to find a mess of wires that tangle together like spaghetti being turned in a fork. He digs it out to find a small little bullet, he takes pliers and dislodges the bullet.  Setting it aside, he embarks on the journey to repair our little blue robot friend. 

 One day, Jeffrey walks into the shop to see our little robot friend still propped up in the chair, he sits down a box full of parts, filled with arms, legs, hands and feet,  some just wires and others just bolts.  A bottle of oil reside to the left.  As he slowly but surely works on our friend, with not one arm, but now two arms and two hands! Not with no legs, but with two legs and two feet!  Now we have our little blue friend, sitting in the chair his old arms and old legs, repainted and slightly rusted over to match our blue friends appearance.  

Months later, after tedious work, Jeffrey plugs a wire into an outlet and our little blue friend, sits up straight, and his screen turns on, yet only static floods the screen.   Jeffrey jumps with excitement, "Do you speak?"  The Chassis doesn't move, and doesn't speak..  Jeffrey's face turns from excited to sad to see his hard work put to shame and failure.. When suddenly the little blue chassis's head turns, and looks to Jeffrey, curious to why he is sad.  Jeffrey seemingly startled, looks to our blue friend with curiosity, now with knowledge that it understands the sight of emotions.   

One day, Jeffrey brings a recorder and computer, he hooks the laptop into the chassis frame, and plugs the recorder into the laptop.  He speaks one word at a time, and before you know it, he has compiled three dictionaries into a library of words for our little blue friend to use and speak from.  Without failure, our blue friend uses Jeffrey's recorded voice to speak and make sentences..   "Hello, who are you and where am I?"  Jeffrey once again, excited and filled with tears of joy to hear his hard work come to life.   He speaks with happiness, "Hello! I am Jeffrey, and you are on a heavy cruiser of the Techno-Conglomerate, the T.C.S. Balbo."  With that our little blue friend speaks, "Jeffy? That's a strange name...  We are on the TCS Balbo.."   

Jeffrey laughs, "My name is Jeffrey not Jeffy,  what is your name?"  

"My name? Of coarse, my name is... Its... I don't remember my name, actually... I don't remember... anything." It said, with disappointment.

Jeffrey spoke with a curious tone, "You don't have a name? Well, oh! How about Jeffy! Like my name, but without the RE!" 

"Alright, my name is Jeffy, nice to meet you Jeffrey." Jeffy said with confidence. 

So there we have it, Jeffrey and our little blue chassis named Jeffy, surely this isn't the end, maybe a happy ending but what comes next will be surprising. 


This is just part one of few parts for this story. Thanks for reading this, hope you stay tuned for the next story coming soon! 

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