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  1. I have improved a bit with my art skills. I recently just got to Norfolk Virginia, and currently in port with my ship. I recently also bought a Surface Pro 7, for my art needs. So with the newly formed inspiration I had inside me, I improved my art for Anemostrovilos. Thanks! P.S For those of you who don’t know what Anemostrovilos is, it is a City that I made for the lore! Anemostrovilos is a floating city within the Tau Ceti system, on the planet Reade. Here’s a link to the lore: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Tau_Ceti
  2. Well. I'm actually beginning to go into the boredom phase again, I would like to work more on the character but inactivity has got the best of me, and I'll likely return a few months down the road. For now, you can simply decline this app for inactivity, but I would like to use this same app for when I apply again, as I am not finished and would be willing to work on it. If that's possible. Thanks.
  3. Hey. I love the fact that I can delve deeper and deeper into this Character to truly find his inner workings, I would love to explain more about the motives behind this character and change some things up in-order to make it entirely realistic within the law of the lore. I would like to reply to this with the fully edited results, but I am dealing with some personal problems thats effecting my own motivation to do anything at all, so hopefully, I will have something up before Wednesday or sooner. Thanks for understanding.
  4. Faster then peaches on a casual Tuesday

  5. Toasters only have one purpose. To toast all organic life. 

  6. I’m just gonna say this. Sometimes I like to observe a lot, and see about getting that Split-Personality Role when people get cloned. But, no one ever gets cloned! It’s rare to be honest.
  7. Quit being xenophobic

  8. Alright, I'd be glad too, lets get started. So lets go in order, and I will edit the story so this can better fit your questions and look more realistic. His father, years of thievery. Well, we can say it was occasional and we can say he got caught a couple times, why not? Maybe on certain days he didn't come back, because he got arrested, thrown in jail a few days then released. Since it being a village, with little law enforcement. It would be quite easier to rob, his father was a plain criminal but did it for the good of his family. So I will go ahead and edit a few things, and maybe even add a new date for this one. Next. His father was indeed shot dead in 2451, because of the ONLY gun he had. You're right, they were probably really unsupported. When his father died. Fhaai was pretty furious, so he worked out a lot, because he wanted to fight the war when he was older. Not some highly trained soldier, he wanted to be shooting guns, in the front-lines where his people needed him most. We can add in the story, that he would work small jobs around this town, for any money at all. His sister also would work for money as well. His mother is a little older, and kept this poor quality living space, where rent was practically nothing. They rummaged the trashcans during the night, for any frozen foods left over, maybe reheated then they would eat later. Trading could still be done, local trade markets surely existed somewhere. The family had possessions, a couple boxes of things, and the place they lived was nothing compared to the cave the lived in prior, only thing is better insulation. But no running electric or anything, basically lived in the Ghetto of this town, stayed hidden sort deal. On Fhaais education and skills. We can add, that he didn't get any sort of diploma through a public education. But he did get one through Home Schooling, that his Father put most of his trading and money into. ALSO, to become a highly trained soldier, no college is required. Only mental capabilities (Which he had) and the Strength, only possibly a diploma is required. So he had everything needed to become a Kosmostrelki. So usually just becoming a Kosmostrelki is mainly hands on training, which Fhaai is really good at. He just isn't good at Knowledge tests, but he did enough to pass through. Much of piloting the Fang was hands on, and he remembered that knowledge and used it to pass. Much of his ability to make things up on the fly and improvise came from his Father, his Father was a thief after all. Now his desertion of the Kosmostrelki was also in reason with his knowledge, knowing that he isn't a good improviser, that he would probably fail and die in his first dogfight, hence his capture by Scrappers when he deserted. Due to his shackles or whatever restraints they had, he was unable to escape. A few Kosmostrelki were able to escape from this place on their own. So this touched up on your questions. We explained why the uneducated, impoverish zhan-khazan who came from bumfuck nowhere became one of the mostly highly trained soldiers in the PRA Orbital Fleet. We explained why exactly does his family have an expert thief: his father. Not only did he manage years of stealing food, ammunition, guns, ecetra from villagers and soldiers, not once was he caught? Yes he was caught a few times, and only stole one gun to clarify. We explained what exactly happened between 2451 when his father was shot by ALA forces, and 2457 when he began working. We explained how the family was able to support themselves upon transitioning to the new town, considering he didn't take up any formal education in the six years since 2451 in war ravaged Adhomai, and thus lacked any formal skills it seems. Any other questions? I hope this clarified some things.
  9. Updated. Hope you like the expansion, I did my best with that.
  10. I'd be more than happy to expand. Luckily I have left a large gap between the time he was born and the time of the Second Revolution. So that will be the Cultural aspect and Sociological as well. I will like have it finished by tomorrow, since I will be busy soon. EDIT> I have finished the changes under November 15th, 2445 CE. Hope you like them!
  11. BYOND Key: Promanguy1223 Character Names: Opamator, Jeffy, Sarvojev, Humphrey Hansen, Randle Fritz Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Chocolate (RGB 94, 38, 18) part of the Zhan-Khazan group, usual coloration on the wiki. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, I have learned a lot about the Tajara species and its amazing world of Adhomai and the wars its witnessed. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. (One paragraph minimum per question.) Why do you wish to play this specific race: (One paragraph minimum) To be honest, I just need something else to play other then humans and IPC. I was never fond of Tajara but I always thought about playing one. Recently I was inspired by a Cartoon/TV-show to play a Tajara with a good concept to be a part of. Playing a Tajara would enable me to come up with more character concepts and have more fun on the server and keeping me around a lot longer then previous times. I have seen some really good players who play the Tajara nicely, and I believe that getting a Tajara white-list would further improve my role-playing ability and skills to take on another race. To me, people who played the Tajara species were a symbol of veteran-ism on the server. For examples, Tajarans who play Cadets in Security for example. Those players are older and have been on the server for a good amount of time to read the lore and make a white-list. I have been on this server for a few years, but I have never had a Tajara White-list this entire time, and now I have begun to run out of concepts for IPCs so I would like the Tajara White-list to make some good role-playing experiences with other players, and good stories for the long run. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: (One Paragraph minimum) Playing a Tajara, you get a cool and crazy name! Having the Arabic and Russian styled names mixed with lots of A's and H's and R's, you can obviously get character specific items to the Tajara! Like fur cloaks and other such clothing. Mechanically speaking, you can scratch with your fists, and not punch like a human. You can run faster due to having strong fast cat-like abilities, and you can see in the dark a lot easier than other human characters. With fur, you can also stay warm in colder environments. Speaking, the character speaks in 2nd person most of the time, and 3rd person occasionally, for more veteran players and older characters may be able to speak in first person with difficulty. You get access to the Species specific voidsuits of the Tajara. Character Name: Fhaai Zhenka-Konstantinovich Please provide a short backstory for this character (Approximately two paragraphs) December 7th, 2437 CE Fhaai Zhenka-Konstantinovich was born, only six years after the first revolution. His family lived in the snowy mountain villages. As he grew older, he watched as families dealt with the death of their loved ones who died during the first revolution. Growing up was hard for his family, because of simply not having Credits to use, or furs to trade. Any Tajara that noticed the family would give the occasional fur or bowl of hot soup, and maybe small donations of credits. His family consisted of his Father, Mother, and his older Sister. His father often resorted to thievery and stealing for his own family, to feed them and take care of them. The didn't live directly in the village, only off-skirts in a cave, not noticeable to many. Due to his Zhan-Khazan heritage he was treated poorly in the village along with is family who were also Zhan-Khazan in heritage. March 29th, 2440 CE On the rare occasion was his father stealing things for his family. He only stole when his family really needed it and there was no other option. On rare occasions his father would be caught, by whatever small amount of law enforcement there was, then released on good behavior a few days later. While his mother would go out for the family instead and beg for food to feed her children. Ofcourse his family had to be proficient at survival then anything, so Fhaai learned fire making! November 15th, 2445 CE He is now 8 years old. His everyday life in the snowy village has continued to be poor. Fhaai would wake up in the cave, usually nestled in with his mother, tails enter-twined with one another. His father who would often stand guard for his family during the night. His morning would be started by a local village friend, who often worked in a human-centralized area located in Nal'Ter. He knew Fhaai's father and worked for him, at one point or another. Fhaai's father tasked him, to teach his son Tau Ceti Basic, he believed that Fhaai would grow up in a better environment working for a Human Corporate company, then staying poor in a village for most of his life. This teaching included writing and reading comprehension tests. After the teaching, his family would then religiously worship Ma'ta'ke as they related most to that God, and it being the second largest religion on Adhomai. Followed by some food, either bought or traded, with whatever they had. Often being porridges, soups, and chowders of choice with some bread and water, accompanied around a hot fire, to stop the foods from cooling off. Once the sun hits the top of the sky, his father would head into the village to do trading, to whatever he can get his hands on, to either help his family or get seats in the local village theatre so that his family could get the daily comedy or drama that was played. School was not an option for poor Fhaai as his family didn't have enough to pay his way into a public schooling class, any sort of knowledge that Fhaai knows was either home-schooled or learned by ear. Through this education he would be gifted a Diploma, on his very basic homeschooling classes by his Fathers friend. Due to the cave not being entirely insulated, and his young age, he often wore a dense fur coat and a headwrap for his ears, nose and eyes. While his father would suffer the cold to keep his family warm during the nights by the fire. Fashion was not their choice at this time, they were only going for functionality upon layers of insulation. His family prefered the pelts of Nav'twir, as they were thick and well insulated which kept them warm on the colder days on Adhomai. As the day, turned to night his family would prepare to sleep by the warm fires, cuddled and tucked away into each others arms for warmth and comfort. Short prayers to Ma'ta'ke, and they were off to sleep. April 10th, 2451 CE Fhaai Zhenka-Konstantinovich is now 13 years old and a the Second Revolution has begun. Wars rage across the snowy landscape, in the night it was heard in the distance as bombshells exploded, guns fired, and lights flashed. During the daylight the smoke could be seen the far distance, and the path of destruction headed their way, as the smoke crept closer. The village they once lived in, slowly became abandoned and PRA soldiers started flowing in. They carried wounded into homes and set up communications equipment across the roofs. Fhaai and his family hid in their cave, watching from the distance as the soldiers slowly became more apparent. Due to strict racial segregation laws and racial tensions. They didn't want to become noticable to the PRA Military, because of the Presidential assassination conducted by a Zhan-Khazan. Although Fhaai's family supported the PRA. On the his father would sneak into the homes of the soldiers at night and take food, during one occasion he took one of the rifles and a few rounds of ammunition from one the soldiers who slept. May 5th, 2451 CE With the Second Revolutionary war starting strong and close by, they grew more afraid. On this day, while peacefully sleeping in the cave. Sudden gunshots and artillery fire bombarded the village, destroying the homes and huts of anyone who lived in them. Soldiers panicked, grabbed their guns and fired back. War was here. His family being rudely awakened by Adhomai Liberation Army invaders, his Father who had the rifle, grabbed it and began shooting at the invaders coming into the cave. His father was immediately shot dead, and the blood splattered over the horrific face of Fhaai, his Mother and his Sister. With rage, Fhaai would run at the invading soldiers, tearings flying punching, scratching all he can. But he'd be simply knocked over by the invaders and held at gunpoint. The gunfire raged outside the cave, until one by one the invaders were shot dead and the PRA took over. Saving his family, but not his dead father. They simply loaded his family into the truck and drove them off to new town, far from the war. January 20th, 2457 CE Fhaai is now 18 years old, with only a diploma. He is currently living with his family in a run down home within a town, far from the war. Fhaai and his sister would take small odd jobs around the town to do whatever they could to support the three of them. If that also mean't rummaging through dumpsters for left-overs. His mother often stayed in the house, or went out begging for food on the corner. They lived in a really old run down apartment really, it didn't have electric, heating, gas or anything of that nature. Only the walls that had insulation. They often heated foods in the oven, with a real fire. Only big enough to warm the food, and eat. This apartment didn't cost much to rent at all. So they did what they could to pay for it. They are not taken lightly in this town, as public hangings are often occurring. A local PRA Orbital Fleet recruiting Officer has made a Official place of recruiting within his town. With the PRA needing people to blockade and defend from pirates, and the death of his Father, he signs up. Any Tajara is acceptable to the PRA's cause. With that, he is taken from his family, and sent to a training camp where he excels in strength, as he is already well built, due to his ethnicity and his motivation to serve in the war. Later he is taken in a Transport ship off planet into space for the first time, something he has never experienced, where he learns to be a Kosmostrelki. One of the most highly trained soldiers of the PRA Orbital fleet. Obviously with the little education he has had, he would be made fun of, for not knowing everything his own. He learned to deal with the Racial slurs, and he became a Kosmostrelki Soldier, via hands on experience. July 7th, 2457 CE He had finished his Kosmostrelki training and issued a PRA Orbital Fang, along with the rest of his Kosmostrelki Unit. But something happened to him.. He realized he made a mistake and that the war on his home planet needed him more on the ground, then rarely doing anything in space! A fear still lurked inside of him, dying in space where he could burn up in the atmosphere and his body not recovered, he would rather die in the fronts of the war, then he could be properly buried. Fear that he didn't know enough or his combat wasn't the best, considering he barely passed all his tests. He would desert being a Kosmostrelki, and take the Fang down to the Adhomai surface, to the war itself. So with that, he took off. Being a Kosmostrelki Deserter, flying off away from his Unit. But it wasn't soon after he had deserted, that Tajara scrappers who were orbiting around, picked up his ship with him still in it, and dragged it to a local shipyard. Where he was pulled out, stunned and beaten across the head, entirely knocked out. July 8th, 2457 CE He awoke a day later, only to be chained in a cell. Thinking he was being arrested for deserting his Kosmostrelki Unit. He sat and simply gave up, considering suicide as his only option. His captives walked into his cell, gave him a pickaxe and told him. "Starrrrt mining, orrr else he will turrrrrn you in for deserrrrting." Unable to fight back, he'd grab the pickaxe. Walkout into the cargo bay, where the rocks were picked up, and start mining. As he looked around, other Kosmostrelki fighter pilots were also there, doing the same thing. Captured, and used to work. July 30th, 2457 CE The first month of his capture, he would be super sore, his bones aching... and hungry. Some days, the Cargo bay, would be depressurized with no air, because a rock had jammed the doors open. With in the cells, they had mining void suits, where they were trained to wear the void suits and dislodge the rocks from the doors, to allow them to close. The suits were rusted, scratched, a magboots didn't work the best. August 30th, 2459 CE He spent two years in captivity. When the captives saw that Fhaai could no longer work due to his malnutrition and not having enough food to fuel his body. The stuck him into another transport ship, and shipped back down to Adhomai. Upon arrival, he would see much of the land, destroyed and snow covered. Where the war caused destruction of his home, and his family no where to be seen. September 10th, 2461 CE Living on his own within another town, he would apply at one of the Local Nano-Trasen Recruiting centers, where he offered his skills in Mining. Not once, did he mention his Kosmostrelki past. Much of his mining experience was learned free-styled without a real education. From there, they would fly him to the NTCC Odin for a few tests and physical evaluations, where he showed that he had knowledge of mining equipment. This is where his story will begin. What do you like about this character? (Describe what you like about this character I like how this character has been through trauma in his life. This will allow him to go through some unique RP experiences, if he later show signs of PTSD. He works as a miner, but he has knowledge of close quarters combat from his past. He is going to have weaknesses that certain events will cause him to react differently. Depending on the other tajara on the station, he may have friends or he may not. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I have been on and off with this server for a couple years now. I have noticed in myself, the improvement of my RP over time. I would rate my ability to Rp with an 8 out 10. I am not perfect, and I do screw up from time to time. If this were a full fledged RP game, I would be rping how to combat and all. I have RP'd on other servers like in Minecraft and G-mod in my past, I have seen many interesting things go down. Notes: Nah. Thanks for reviewing my app for whoever you are. Updates will now be colored Green.
  12. Lets play the three word game.

    Ill start

    In the woods

  13. When I take you to the valley, you will see the blue hills on the left and the blue hills on the right. The rainbow and vineyards under the rainbow late in the rainy season, and then you'll say, "There it is, that's it." But I will say, "A little farther, we'll go on, I hope." And you'll see the roofs of the little towns, in the hillsides yellow with wild oats. The buzzards soaring and a woman singing by the shadows of a creek in the dry season. And maybe you'll say, "Lets stop here, this is it.' And I'll say, "A little farther yet." And we will go on, and you'll hear the quail calling on the mountain by the springs of the river, and looking back, you'll see the river running downward through the wild hills behind below. And you'll say, "Isn't that the valley?" And all I will be able to say is, "Drink this water of this spring, rest here awhile, we have a long way yet to go and I can't go without you."

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  14. Something I did today. I would say, my best art yet.
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