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  1. I love this. I've had a similar idea in the past for an older station. But never completed it. However, I love using minecraft as a place for visual representation. Good work, it must feel amazing to have built a replica of the station. One day, I may do so myself.
  2. I've played with Gladiator's character Augustus Wolf, Head of Security. He is an amazing roleplayer, each time I've been onboard as my Captain. Most times he runs small events, the first time I met him, he was training the crew at the firing range with different types of weaponry. I participated and watched as he shared his IRL knowledge about weapon handling. I learned something new that day. The other day we did a gym exercise and I loved to participate and roleplay, it was a great event and created a ton of roleplay. Anyways I love the character +1
  3. Tonight's my last night playing for a month, since I am going out to sea tomorrow, and I return Oct 31st. Will miss you guys until then. 

    1. Desven


      Good luck overseas.

    2. KesterShadowHair
    3. Promanguy1223


      Luckily I still have internet access from time to time while out at sea, so I can still chat and stuff. Also I didn't know what o7 mean't until now. Nice

  4. For along time, I never thought I'd be good enough for Captain. I've been playing since 2017 on and off, due to my career not allowing me to play from time to time. I am know to play as my Head of Security Opamator. Recently the past week I've been playing, I've seen barely any Captains, or other Command staff. I am ususally just a lone Head of Security in Command. I feel like, I play Captain all the time. So I figured I'd give it a shot and finally make my character Victor Watson Kalsherick, the Captain. Let me know what you think, after you had a few RP sessions with him. I think, I'm getting better with RP now that I'm transitioning from an IPC back to a lively human being. I wanted my first rich character, and make him into a really cool NT Loving kinda of guy. Thanks!
  5. I have been playing as Captain recently, and so far, Tep Multift has been a fantastic character. I've never interacted with him much as HoS. But until recently, I loved every second of him. He shows great RP skills and understanding of the Chief Engineer role. His very professional knowledge and workings of Command. I recommend him for Head of Staff. +1
  6. Hello, its been almost a year since I've been gone. I am one of those players who leaves for several months and returns unexpectedly. Well, a couple months ago, I saw a reddit post about a discord RP server that's no longer active, attempting to do a multi-verse world where anyone can play any character of any genre. SO I brought Opamator along, in addition I wrote up a character sheet, and made it look pretty cool. This character sheet may not be exact and a little misleading but I made it that way to better fit the RP server I was in, so I will consider this as Fan-Fiction but still Aurora-verse. I attached a PDF of Opamators character sheet I made using Google Docs. Enjoy Opamator_Character_Sheet.pdf
  7. IT IS TIME FOR THE NEW BEGINNING! Hello! Some of you may know me for my character Opamator. I've been playing him in recent days, and for along time. I have fantasied over his outfit, and the vibe he gives off to me, as my character. I am truly obsessed with this creation of mine. I had tried to draw him in many poses, I had other people draw him. Now that I have found a place to stay at a friends, I think it is time, that I can start costume building the NEW AND IMPROVED. Luckily, I have made a list of items to buy, and items to print. I will be in the process of re-learning CAD, in order to design parts and props for 3D print. I have a friend who has a 3D printer and is currently building the Mandalorian Costume. So I am working with him, to also 3D print his Monitor, a HoS badge, the Disruptor Pistol, maybe a few other items. Here are some pictures of items I plan on buying. Here is a accurate drawing of Opamator currently, thanks to @niennab Opamator Attached are the photos of other items I am likely going to buy.
  8. With the amount of small things we can do in the game that are already enjoyable. I think another great yet small idea is allowing jackets or coats or any form of outerwear to hang on chairs. Would make my playtime more enjoyable by a lot.
  9. Any other news about the cosplay?

    1. Promanguy1223


      It will be awhile before I can cosplay again, I've been really busy.  However, my goal is to update his uniform to the Head of Security uniform I have for him. Otherwise, the costume has been in storage for awhile. The goal is to continuously upgrade it, until it looks near professional.  Thanks for asking!

    2. UnknownMurder
  10. So I paid someone to make my character into an avatar for VRChat. I have a VR headset waiting for me at home. One day, I will take some dope pictures to show you all.

  11. You can spell tony as ptoughneigh

    1. Carver



    2. Promanguy1223


      Don't you know, the P is silent!


    3. Scheveningen


      don't give 2000s moms any more ideas

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