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  1. You can call me tho

    1. SatinsPristOTD


      Hi Tho! I'm Candi!

  2. Do you guys remember that one time?

  3. *Nano-Trasen Logo* Important Public Service Announcement Hello, it has come to our attention that the once beloved IPC Unit Opamator who was Head of Security on board the NSS Aurora has came to an abrupt end. The cause of his sudden shutdown was due to the company who supplied him, Star Security Corporations. Recently the Head Quarters of the company was infiltrated and a data leak was detected. This data leak caused Opamator to shutdown, to prevent a possible Security Breach on the NSS Aurora. Star Security Corps has decided to cutoff Opamator from their data banks, rendering him useless on the Station, unable to perform Station Security Duties. Because of this, we have decided to install a General Purpose subroutine, and sell him to the general public, for your service needs. Opamator can be your personal assistant for $10,0000 Credits! With his new General Purpose subroutine, Opamator can do anything from, organizing your personal documents, cooking your food, cleaning your home, use your garden, and tend to your wounds with his First Aid readiness program. For more information on the new and improved Opamator unit, please contact us, at one of our NT approved Representative Offices. Thank you.
  4. ----END OF TRANSMISSION---- ------------------------------------
  5. LOGIN > Casanova Password > ************ Access Level > Network Hacker Net Access > Granted WELCOME USER HAS JOINED THE CHAT. [Casanova] Hey! I just got word from Mr. Chamberlain, that Star Security Corperations, will be cutting off the Databank access from 22B70! [Casanova] You know what this means?! With no Databank access, 22B70 will no longer be able to do its designed job! Furthermore, NT will have no choice but to sell the scrap! Good work. Although the Dataleak was not complete, it got 22B70 out of Command. [Casanova] The downside is.. We lost Mr. Chamberlain to the Sol Alliance.. A sacrafice he has made. Casanova signing off. ------ USER HAS LEFT THE CHAT.
  6. Login > Attravade Password > ************** Access Level > Network Hacker Net Access > Granted WELCOME [Attravade] Hello, and welcome to those of you who are seeing this live! My partner and I are contracted workers for The Syndicate, we working on new system that will allow us to leak information from the famous 22B70 model, from Star Security Corp. We currently have a Shell Infiltrator working for us, and is inside Star Security Corp, HQ. Connecting to 22B70's Databanks. The goal of this project is to take down 22B70 and Star Securities victorious mascot, who somehow made its way into Command on the NSS Aurora. We will not allow these machines into Leadership! [Attravade] It seems we have just started the live Data leak for all of those to see, use and take advantage of! Data Leak in Progress 10% . . . . . . . . . . . . . . \\Database\ Querying 22B70 Queryting 22B70: COMPLETE! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BASELINE UNIT - * STAR SECURITY CORPORATIONS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unit Status: Operational Occupation: Head of Security, Warden De-Activation Code: [#E#N#C#R#Y#P#T#E#D#] Location: NSS Aurora Coordinates: 23:4|67:9|08:3 Security Password: [#E#N#C#R#Y#P#T#E#D#] Data Leak in Progress 20% . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---ERROR---ERROR---ERROR---ERROR---ERROR--- DATA LEAK DETECTED! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INITIATING EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN OF UNIT 22B70 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EMERGENCY DATABASE SHUTDOWN IN PROGRESS.............. 10% . . . 50% . . . 100% . . . EMERGENCY DATABASE SHUTDOWN COMPLETE. [Attravade] DANGIT! It seems they detected the Data leak, according to the logs.. Hopefully this information will be useful, although we planned to get much more. Thank you, to those who joined in on the live feed.
  7. I have improved a bit with my art skills. I recently just got to Norfolk Virginia, and currently in port with my ship. I recently also bought a Surface Pro 7, for my art needs. So with the newly formed inspiration I had inside me, I improved my art for Anemostrovilos. Thanks! P.S For those of you who don’t know what Anemostrovilos is, it is a City that I made for the lore! Anemostrovilos is a floating city within the Tau Ceti system, on the planet Reade. Here’s a link to the lore: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Tau_Ceti
  8. Well. I'm actually beginning to go into the boredom phase again, I would like to work more on the character but inactivity has got the best of me, and I'll likely return a few months down the road. For now, you can simply decline this app for inactivity, but I would like to use this same app for when I apply again, as I am not finished and would be willing to work on it. If that's possible. Thanks.
  9. Hey. I love the fact that I can delve deeper and deeper into this Character to truly find his inner workings, I would love to explain more about the motives behind this character and change some things up in-order to make it entirely realistic within the law of the lore. I would like to reply to this with the fully edited results, but I am dealing with some personal problems thats effecting my own motivation to do anything at all, so hopefully, I will have something up before Wednesday or sooner. Thanks for understanding.
  10. Faster then peaches on a casual Tuesday

  11. Toasters only have one purpose. To toast all organic life. 

  12. I’m just gonna say this. Sometimes I like to observe a lot, and see about getting that Split-Personality Role when people get cloned. But, no one ever gets cloned! It’s rare to be honest.
  13. Quit being xenophobic

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