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  1. IT IS TIME FOR THE NEW BEGINNING! Hello! Some of you may know me for my character Opamator. I've been playing him in recent days, and for along time. I have fantasied over his outfit, and the vibe he gives off to me, as my character. I am truly obsessed with this creation of mine. I had tried to draw him in many poses, I had other people draw him. Now that I have found a place to stay at a friends, I think it is time, that I can start costume building the NEW AND IMPROVED. Luckily, I have made a list of items to buy, and items to print. I will be in the process of re-learning CAD, in o
  2. With the amount of small things we can do in the game that are already enjoyable. I think another great yet small idea is allowing jackets or coats or any form of outerwear to hang on chairs. Would make my playtime more enjoyable by a lot.
  3. Any other news about the cosplay?

    1. Promanguy1223


      It will be awhile before I can cosplay again, I've been really busy.  However, my goal is to update his uniform to the Head of Security uniform I have for him. Otherwise, the costume has been in storage for awhile. The goal is to continuously upgrade it, until it looks near professional.  Thanks for asking!

    2. UnknownMurder
  4. So I paid someone to make my character into an avatar for VRChat. I have a VR headset waiting for me at home. One day, I will take some dope pictures to show you all.

  5. You can spell tony as ptoughneigh

    1. Carver



    2. Promanguy1223


      Don't you know, the P is silent!


    3. Scheveningen


      don't give 2000s moms any more ideas

  6. I haven't been on in sometime, I've been on deployment in the High North! Here is my cruisebook photo from the USS ROOSEVELT (DDG 80)
  7. Do you guys remember that one time?

  8. *Nano-Trasen Logo* Important Public Service Announcement Hello, it has come to our attention that the once beloved IPC Unit Opamator who was Head of Security on board the NSS Aurora has came to an abrupt end. The cause of his sudden shutdown was due to the company who supplied him, Star Security Corporations. Recently the Head Quarters of the company was infiltrated and a data leak was detected. This data leak caused Opamator to shutdown, to prevent a possible Security Breach on the NSS Aurora. Star Security Corps has decided to cutoff Opamator from their data banks, rendering him us
  9. LOGIN > Casanova Password > ************ Access Level > Network Hacker Net Access > Granted WELCOME USER HAS JOINED THE CHAT. [Casanova] Hey! I just got word from Mr. Chamberlain, that Star Security Corperations, will be cutting off the Databank access from 22B70! [Casanova] You know what this means?! With no Databank access, 22B70 will no longer be able to do its designed job! Furthermore, NT will have no choice but to sell the scrap! Good work. Although the Dataleak was not complete, it got 22B70 out of Command. [Casanova] The downside is.. We lost Mr
  10. Login > Attravade Password > ************** Access Level > Network Hacker Net Access > Granted WELCOME [Attravade] Hello, and welcome to those of you who are seeing this live! My partner and I are contracted workers for The Syndicate, we working on new system that will allow us to leak information from the famous 22B70 model, from Star Security Corp. We currently have a Shell Infiltrator working for us, and is inside Star Security Corp, HQ. Connecting to 22B70's Databanks. The goal of this project is to take down 22B70 and Star Securities victorious mas
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