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[Accepted] Nekonyan123's Unathi Application

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BYOND Key: Nekonyan123

Character Names:


Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Albino White

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.



Why do you wish to play this specific race: I found Unathi lore very appealing and rich, and I think that this gives me a lot of material to play around with in my roleplay. Unathis have different way of expressing feelings and social interactions, pretty more physically than humans. This means that you get a different degree of interaction with humans and non-human characters alike, because you can practically create deep situations between Unathi characters communicating to eachother with body posture and gestures while an human might not understand what is happening. The possibilities are large and I think that engaging myself with an Unathi character might improve my roleplay skills and let me find new ways of controlling my characters to contribute in a positive way to the server roleplay scene.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathis have a pretty different ethic and social culture than Humans, and while there might be some similiarities between certain times of human history with Unathi stratified societies and politics, the latter species have managed to remain pretty entrenched in their cultural history in a fairly more solid way than humans; the contact with foreign species has resulted very destructive for the Unathi, and eventually this led to changes in their society too. Role-playing as an Unathi means finding a compromise between the entrenched society the character grew with and the different, more open society of a Nanotrasen owned space station. This gives the player a draw board where to create different opportunities for roleplay and to create their own stories.



Character Name: Yax'jarr Kuhwinla

Please provide a short backstory for this character:

Born 18 years ago in Sahhat, a town in the planet Ourea. He was abandoned by his parents for his appearance, pretty uncommon for the Unathis, in fact he is an Albino Unathi and his appearance has always been a problem for him since he was a child, because all of his kins would make fun of him and emarginate Yax for what genetics produced out of him. Her mother decided to bring him to an Orphanage, because his father, a middle class smith, wanted to kill him. So he was brought to the Kuhwinla's Clan Orphanage and there he remained until 17. He spent his childhood in a frugal and harsh environment; he often had to fight for a meal, and he was bullied by older Unathis. The Kuhwinlas tried many time to find a family for him, but nobody wanted him because his pale white skin. So he remained in the Orphanage until that age, eventually being introduced to his bill at the end of their life under the Kuhwinla. He was given two chances: either work in a Kuhwinla-owned labor camp or to get inside a soon-to-launch ship directed towards a NanoTrasen facility.

The decision was hard, because he never imagined he'd had the chance to leave the planet and find a new life ahead, but eventually he decided to take the offer and leave the planet, travelling in space toward a NanoTrasen owned station. He was unsure about his decision, because he was always told that only cowards escape, and that one is supposed to stay and fight until it's over. In the end he accepted, because he understood that in his town nobody ever accepted him, and he wondered that maybe in space he could find some friends.

So it began Yax'jarr's new life: he joined NanoTrasen with a contract to repay his debt with the Clan, being given basic training and assigned in the Supply department of NSS Aurora. He learned to mine rocks and haul crates, and eventually he was given a permanent position. Some months have passed and now he is not yet done with his debt to the clan: but he still hopes one day he will be free to do as he likes with his life and he is finally ready to write his own history now that he is no more on his planet.

What do you like about this character? I like the courage he exhibited when he accepted Kuhwinla's offer. He left his society to delve into a new one, hoping to find his own way. His goal is to find a life he never had, one where he is accepted and loved for what he is. As a result of his childhood he grew a bit quirky and isolationist, because he was never accepted, and so he is somehow marked by his previous life. He will have to learn a lot of the new world he is entering, and while he might find difficult to make friends and learn more, he is for sure ready to fight for his right to live and have a pleasant life.

The concept here is that he grew up in a difficult and different environment even from average Unathis, so he will for sure face many difficulties in his experience, but, as the character develops ICly, I hope he will eventually grow used to his new life and eventually he will be happy about what he became since he was a wrecked and poor kid that nobody wanted.



How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I have improved a lot since the past, and I think that the only way to improve is keep role-playing, eventually I will improve even more.


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I mistakenly posted the topic while I was still writing it up
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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Sorry for the delay.  Your application is a unique take but you own his situation and he is following the expectations of the orphanage and his upbringing. My only question is, what religion does he now subscribe to?

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6 hours ago, Senpai Jackboot said:

Sorry for the delay.  Your application is a unique take but you own his situation and he is following the expectations of the orphanage and his upbringing. My only question is, what religion does he now subscribe to?

Hello, no problems on the delay. Glad you are taking the time to review my application.


Yax follows the Th'akh religion, finding some relief on the idea that even if he was always an outcast, even someone like him shares with everyone a connection with the spirits of the past Unathi, the older kins that after death came to reside in a collateral spiritual world that exists together the material one. In fact, religion was one of the few things he could find a connection with his fellows orphans and kin; during the most important religious events, even them were able to partake in the celebrations, under the vigilant eye of the shamans of the town. Those are among few of the good memories of his past.

He follows the doctrines of the religion, based off the local distinctions of his home town; that of course shapes his view of several topics such as the synthetics and so on.


Let me know if I can answer other questions regarding this character!


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