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  1. You could argue your opinion instead of just "no"eing. About the topic, I think it could be an interesting gimmick or gamemode, but you should explain better how'd the game mode develop as the round goes on. Maybe you could ask devs for "animal breeding" instead and just do a rat breeding gimmick instead.
  2. Just a normal day in medical bay
  3. I like those too. Giving mercs a better look overall. +1
  4. +1 from me I like Borya's chars and they are nice with everyone on the community. I'm sure they can make good lizards that will be fun to play with.
  5. Hi! Thanks for the time you took to read my app, I really did put effort in it and I'm glad you noticed that! Jarg is surelly ashamed of his fail: the guy was really confident he could have been able to make a stunning discovery in his field, and yet his fail costed lives and suffering to others. His fail surely was a tough hit. Being already shy and introvert, always vigilant towards other people's judgements. The fail was really the reason why he decided to commit to a low ranking corporate researcher life. He felt ashamed, comparing his own path with those from the all-popular Idols he saw on his social medias. Those are his feelings after his failure, and he will surely reflect this ICly while interacting with his colleagues. Thanks for your questions, enjoyed answering them and if you got other questions or tips feel free to add them!
  6. BYOND Key: nekonyan123 Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Light blue Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I find Skrell lore and concept very appealing: an amphibious species that might appear weak and expressionless, but are in fact totally different. I feel like playing as a Skrell would bring me both a change in the game routine and also a new way to practice my roleplay, including the whole "head-tails" gesture thing. Skrells are an interesting race with a tainted past: the species that quickly evolved the tech to explore their solar system and started colonizing other worlds, with a meritocracy based government and a strong love for combined science, that soon faced the threats of an artificial intelligence and the doom of mass extintion from the bio weapons that almost made it impossible for the Skrells to have children, and finally the years of recovery and the contact with mankind; there's a lots of material to develop interesting characters and engage in interesting roleplay with the community, Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Both the biological and mental differences that changes the way a Skrell behave other than an human: a Skrell has a different heritage, sense of humor and way of expressing himself. They have Psionic properties and are able to communicate with eachother without even a sound; their sense of humor wich is way different than humans, more based on the idea of absurd, and with different reactions. Skrells are more of an inward-perfection species than humans, yet they have a positive view on them, considering them almost like their unexperienced children in need of guidance. For sure, each character will have a different view on humans, but the key aspect of the whole concept is the idea that their work ethic and culture will for sure be far different from humans, and so, the relationship with other species may take effects from those point of views a Skrell might have on humans or other species. Character Name: Tri'jarq Whooqobbloq Please provide a short backstory for this character Born on Qu'morr, a space habitat orbiting the planet of Jargon IV, in the year 2401. His family was an academic one, the father being a Senior Astronomer, specialized in Planetary Science and the mother a Geneticist with a degree on Marine Bilogy and Xenobiology. Both of them were selected by the Federation to become Idols and go live on Qu'morr station, where they would get a premium treatment and a chance to advance their research on their respective fields. Jarg's childhood proceeded calmly, with his first studies at the habitat's academy and several visits at Jargon IV, where he could visit museums and monuments that celebrated Skrells and their struggled yet rich past. Jarg learned to respect his family and the Federation, how to behave in public and the importance of science. He grew a great passion for science too, dreaming of exploring space one day, onboard a Science Ship, like the that his favorite Idol on the social medias was piloting. In the year 2413, when Jarg was still very young, the blasting news of the first contact with mankind took over all of the medias, and he could not wait to learn more about this new sentient species. Most of the Skrells on the habitat were happy about the news, but some of them were worried about the humans; they thinked they would be as destructive as the AIs that almost destroyed them. Unlike them, Jarg was sure on his heart that humans were good, and that trading research and cultural exchanges with them might have been a great chance to advance both the human and skrell civilization. So, he decided to ask his parents to enroll him in the first human-skrell cultural exchange. He had the chance to embark in a travel ship directed to Earth, and he visited all of the major landmarks, getting to know and growing deeply in love with human culture. He decided that he would have dedicated his life into learning as much as possible from humans, in order to understand how evolution works and how can two different species adapt to eachother and thrive together. That's why he decided to study Biology too, in order to learn the differences between each living being. After the exchange, he departed for Aliose, in order to visit their underground cities and study in one of those underground labs. In 2419 he took a degree in Combined Biology, and started studying Terrestrial Biology and Xenobiology. In 2423 he pubblished his first work: "Adaptive Biological Improvements for Skrells working in Human Environments", wich paved the way for the next ten years of research in technologies for helping Skrells and Humans work together. From 2425 to 2435 he was employed by the Federation as the Lead Inspector for the Human-Skrellian Exchange Bureau, a branch of the goverment tasked with ensuring a proficient exchange between the two species. After that, he was hired by Nanotrasen, helping develop the SACC technology (Adaptive Skrellian Climate Control) and its further integration for Unathi and Tajaran species, developing a platform for shared work spaces among different species. One of his last work was an experimental network that would allow Vaurcas to share the same atmosphere with humans without the need of breathing equipment. This is still being tested in an experimental station in the Sol system, and as of today have caused at least 231 casualties among the technical personnel. After this fail, Jarg grew ashamed of his work, and asked Nanotrasen to move them in a secluded location where he could enjoy a quiet workplace and a chance to rethink his contraption. Little he knew he was moved to NSS Aurora. What do you like about this character? Jerg is more of an introverted character, finding enjoyment in his studies and his job; really proud of his achievements, like the SACC technology and his effort into connecting humans and skrells. I like how they decided to put away the differences with humans and immersed themselves in their environment, experiencing in first person the effects of a different species on his biology and psyche. Loving knowledge and learning new things, I feel like they could give a positive contribute to the game, and I can not wait to see how it will end when they realize that the Aurora isn't the quiet workplace they hoped for. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I always try to get better and better each time I roleplay, reviewing my chars and their actions and thinking how they influenced the game flow. I hope I will improve! Notes: Remember to self-moisturize yourselves kids
  7. I'm seconding this app. Bear is a nice guy, always engaging with the community and aiding new player in LOOC. Really liked most of their chars and I think they would be a perfect fit as CCIA; they are a good roleplayer and always pay efforts in each game. Give them a chance!
  8. I'm against this because it makes sense for security to inspect the tunnels. Those are less-crowded places of the station that are usually a good ground for shady activities and hazards such as blobs. It just makes sense for someone in charge of asset protection inspecting those tunnels along all of the station. If a player is doing this maliciously, then they should get bwoinked, but I don't get it why someone that is ICly in charge of protecting the station and the crew should not inspect the tunnels; it is rather obvious if you gonna find contraband you gonna find it there, and furthermore, it is to each player's choice to decide wich is contraband and wich is not. If you would find an armor vest or a box of granades in a building site? Or in your workplace back alley? I mean, as a sec player, I do not collect EACH contraband piece, I usually take just the thing that screams "I SHOULD NOT BE HERE", like the armor or a balaclava. This kind of hate towards sec player should stop: if you think someone is breaking the rules report them, if not, just let them be; you can't force other players to play the game the way you want them to play.
  9. Vesper was a lovely character, she interacted with quite the cast from my characters, nearly all of the main ones and some minor chars too. I was a bit sad when she got terminated.
  10. I mean everyone should be able to make their char wear what uniform they like, I do not see the point of removing things.
  11. If we really need to remove sec borgs, we should add a replacement like that pacifier they talked about. Security needs a stationbound that can help them open doors and achieve other tasks, other than being a relay with the AI and a mobile camera to look at.
  12. For the Warden: 1. Issue any equipment as requested by the Head of Security or the acting Interim. It is important to issue weapons and armors to ISD, to ensure they can get an edge should the situation escalate to the point there is a firefight going. You are equipped with a megaphone you can lend to the negotiator for easier broadcasting to the hostage takers, plus, there are medical supplies at the Brig you can hand to the responders to be ready to give first aid should the situation require such. There are deployable barriers in your armory. Those are useful to block off tunnels or create hold-ups for your team. You can also have them place and flip tables and tape off the area for further area control, wich is an important part of an hostage situation. 2. Remember your role on the ISD. You are not a Security Officer, you are the Warden in charge of the Brig, the fortress you must guard and defend at all times. A good Warden is not taking all them good guns and running at the hostage like an hero. Usually, a Warden is not supposed to respond to calls, only doing so when there's no prisoners in the Brig and they got permission from their heads or command staff to do so. Of course, if the situation is dire, you can give some backup, but remember that your main concern during a shift is the brig and the prisoners. 3. Prepare processing for incoming prisoners, if any. Sometimes your brave officers will bring you back a trophy, either an accomplice or the hostage taker. They are usually HuT (Held until Transfer), given that "i304 - Kidnapping and Hostage taking" is a red HuT charge. (More info here) As the Warden, you will be mostly in charge of their processing, introduce yourself as the Processing Warden and ensure they are aware about the situation. Try and be nice with them, but authoritarian too. It is important to mantain a balance between being nice and showing strenght, because this way they are less likely to cause trouble in the brig. What should you do: Tell them their charges, explaining that they will receive a proper trial after the shift, at the Odin. Explain that being cooperative, not causing hassle inside the brig, will result in benefits. Ask them if they are hungry or need water or medications. Process them in a timely manner, removing their ID to register the charges. After that, move them to their cells, removing their gear that must be stashed in the closed locker, making them wear the prisoner outfit. PDA should be removed if your boss thinks it is a good idea. Usually radio comms can be left on, if you did not get proofs that comms were compromised. If you think they are using an hacked radioset, give them a replacing one with common channel access. Prisoners should be able to use the common channel, so they can call for visitations and/o request something from you or other people (cook, barkeeper, librarian, priest etc). Allow them into communal brig, and be ready to revoke that privilege should they misbehave. What you should not do: Insult them or make fun of them. Beating them with your baton or anything else if they are cuffed or downed. Deny them medical aid. Cuff them to a bed. Send them straight into a cell without processing their charges into the console. Leave them without any food or water. 4. Guarding the prisoners for the rest of the shift If a shift keeps on going after the hostage situation, then you will most likely have an HuT prisoner that will spend the rest of the shift inside your brig. This is an important responsibility for a Warden, because you will have a person to look after for the rest of the shift: ensure they are safe, fed and content. Guard them from time to time to ensure they are not running away attempting escape, and talk with them, keep them company, not sitting alone in a cell with no one around for the rest of the shift. If the brig gets vented or is by any mean declared unsafe, ensure to drive them to safety. Treat your prisoners with respect and eventually you will have theirs, if they try to betray you, hit them where it hurts: revoke any privilege you granted them, showing them your dominance on the brig and the importance of a trust relation. 5. Preparing for the transfer Eventually, a transfer shuttle will be scheduled to end the shift. At that point, you will need to transfer your prisoners from the brig to the red dock. Coordinate with your fellow officers to get some help moving them. Usually, at this time every prisoner is cuffed to ensure they do not try anything during the transfer, and they do not beat eachother inside the holding cells, to avoid chaos. Ensure they reach their destination without attempting escape or causing trouble, and stash them in the holding cell of the dock until shuttle arrives. At that point, move them to the shuttle's holding cell and ensure they are guarded until the whole transfer. When the shuttle docks with the Odin, you might need to move them to the holding cell of CentComm, or the checkpoint might be closed for security concerns. Anyway, you did it for the shift! Take out some booze and celebrate! give some of that sweet booze to the prisoners too you violent cop arsehole
  13. This lets me wonder about the different ways a player could approach a round. I understand it can be a bit disappointing when you have something in mind for yout shift, and suddenly an antag appears and change your plans. But I think the real big thing about SS13 is the concept that every round is different, that there's always a new story, and that great things can take place out of an accident, a misfortune or even another player breaking your eggs. I do understand that not all players are the same, but for me, when I join a round with actual goals in mind, and during the round something or someone forces me to act in a different way rather than following my fixed goals, I do not get mad or disappointed. I witness several players leaving the round and heading cryo the very moment someone steps in in their experience during a round and make it so things go in a different way. I can only hope this is a marginal behaviour and not something widespread across all of the community. Now, about your suggestion about removing Thralls. I did not had the chance to play as a thrall yet, (while I interacted with several vampire characters, that acted by the rules and did not cause any hassle) so I can only tell one side of the story, but I think thralls makes sense for a vampire, it is not a decision to take without taking into account the situation and the player you are thralling, of course, because that is a major change in their rounds that results in them becoming antagonists themselves. A responsible player should not go ahead and jump at their victims thralling them at the first chance, as, according to the rules, one should not powergame or just focus on winning the round without providing a solid roleplay story and contributing to the round. But I do not think removing them is a good idea, they are part of what a vampire can do, it would be like removing cultist their ability to convert someone into the cult. The victim should have the chance to decide to be or not to be a thrall, maybe that, but removing them, I am against that. I want new features added, not removed.
  14. This is too nerfy... at least allow shovels to keep digging 3x3 tiles... Using a shovel after you are done with a mining trips gets you some good extra mining points to buy that sweet explorer belt and extra coolness. I am okay with other changes tho.
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