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Change Alert Level Announcement System


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So, basically - we have Station Directive 11:


To clarify the expectations of how emergency incidents are to be handled aboard the station.

During emergency incidents it is expected for departments to assist in the safe resolution of said incident and the recovery of standard operations. When it becomes clear that an significant incident is arising that could effect standard operations of the station or cause significant damange to crew or property, it is expected that (when possible) all on board personnel are provided with the following infomation:

- A brief description of the current incident.

- What steps have been taken so far to combat this incident.

- Suggested action for the crew to take.

- (If applicable) A brief description of the reasoning behind a change in alert level.

Exceptions to this include where the above information would compromise station security or safety. If this is the case it is expected that as much information as is safe to do so is dispensed for the crew.

This Directive is rarely followed, especially not to a tee, rarely are departments given instructions on what they can do to help, and even less so are explanations given on what steps have been taken so far.

My proposal seeks to make directive 11 briefings more common.

When changing the alert level via a command console - immediately after using the button to raise the alert, a prompt with an announcement screen will come up stating 'Please attach your Directive 11 Briefing', after you enter your briefing and press OK on this screen, it will change the alert and also attach an announce with a bolded title of 'Directive 11 Announcement' or 'Code [X] Announcement'.

If you choose to ignore the prompt and leave an empty screen, it will just raise the alert and no announcement will appear - still allowing heads to not make them if they need more time, but encouraging them heavily to announce at the point of alert raising.

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