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Interstellar Aid Corps

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Interstellar Aid Corps

"Peace and Happiness for All Sentients"


Mission Statement

The IAC prevents and ends suffering in the face of emergencies through the strength of ability of our volunteers and donors. Wherever suffering exists, we will be there. We work with the governments of the galaxy to provide independent and neutral humanitarian aid; peacekeeping forces; investigation of possible human rights violations; diplomatic mediation; monitoring of elections, military campaigns, and other sensitive processes; education; Fair Trade organization and marketing; and tools to build civil society - all on behalf of and in service to those most in need across the galaxy.

Vision Statement

Through our volunteers, donors, Chairman Tyler Henderson, and partners in the Sol Alliance, we strive to the best of our ability so that...

  • All sentients affected by disaster across the galaxy receive care, shelter and hope;
  • Everyone in our galaxy has access to basic medical care;
  • In an emergency, there are always trained individuals nearby, ready to use their skills to save lives.


Principles of the IAC


Our organization brings assistance to the wounded no matter who they are. Its purpose is to protect life and health for all beings of the galaxy.


To further the trust of the galaxy in our organization, the IAC does not takes sides in conflict or engage in controversies of a religious, political, or ideological nature. This tenent extends to our volunteers, who must provide care to any wounded regardless of their own ideological or moral stance.


The IAC is available across the entire known galaxy. From Terra to Ahdomai, to the Unity station above Moghes, our services are available to all societies and individuals.


The IAC was formed shortly after the Luna Convention of 2330 which set Galactic Law for the entirety of the Sol Alliance, which was then adopted by the Skrellian government as well. Under the Convention, the IAC is considered a Humanitarian organization, and thus harming or impersonating it and its volunteers for malicious ends are considered galactic war crimes.

The popularity of the IAC exploded after our response to the 2332 New Babylon Disaster, where an explosion ripped through a mining center with multiple fatalities. The IAC set up a refugee center on the nearby Babylon 6 station, providing medical care to the wounded and relieving the stress on the overwhelmed medical teams.

In 2340, the Famine of Edirne in the Republic of Elyra saw the entire IAC uniting to set up relief camps on the surface of the planet, where we kept the population fed and cared for until the Elyran government could take over relief operations.

In 2341, our leader Chairman Tyler Henderson signed the Trans-Stellar Cooperation Agreement, bringing the IAC closer with Nanotrasen and other trans-stellar corporations. The IAC provides medical volunteers and training for the corporation when needed, and Nanotrasen provides the IAC with much needed funding alongside that of the donations from the Sol Alliance and individual donors.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. From dedicated surgeons and doctors giving their time to volunteer from the organization, to Sol Alliance soldiers themselves working on the ground in IAC uniform to assist our teams with logistics and relief. Volunteering for the IAC will see you go through our training regime, and sent to areas most in need of your skills.

Our volunteers may opt to wear the armband of our organization when not actively on IAC time. This will immediately distinguish the person as a volunteer of the IAC, one that will provide medical attention to anyone in need of it with impartiality, respect, and understanding.



OOC info:

Identifying IAC volunteers:


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