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  1. Simply make it so that if a psychiatrist isn't on the manifest, you can't clone. As a psych, I don't think traumas should be removed, and a simple fix to it would be administering alkysine when the psych isn't online.
  2. I do think that they should make noise, but for stealth reasons, they should not make noise inside hardsuits or softsuits. +1 From me
  3. I actually quite like the idea of an organ cooler, and maybe make it so that you can order organs from cargo with proper authorization, and they come in the cooler. +1 from me
  4. My suggestion is simple, it is that there should be a sound for the airlock when access is denied. Like a DooWop or some other sound.
  5. So now that we are going persistant, I have one quick question. Can multiple characters still have one job, but work shifts at different times? Or is it just one player the entire time?
  6. I would like to join the IAC. How do I register as a volunteer?
  7. I, Dr. Alexander Farson, Psychiatrist, Medical, Consultation Department, would like to join SAMPLe, as a Standard Member.
  8. A +1 because I like the idea and because I feel it will add a sense of realism to the game and make rping more fun, also will give more information as to how to rp your character better and allow for more flexibility with it.
  9. I like this idea, a coroner would make a lot of sense, and It would add more realism to the game. A +1 from me.
  10. This is pretty simple, I think we should have something like yogstation where there is a typing sound whenever you click something on a laptop or on a console. This would make things more realistic.
  11. I like your Idea, and think it should be implemented, however, I do feel diseases NEED to be more lethal. This is partly because I think that if the germ mechanics are implemented, we need to have a reason to KEEP the germs isolated, and what is better than a deadly disease to keep people from walking out of the virology lab with their bio-hazard suit on. I think that without mechanics like these, the game is suffering greatly.
  12. OH GOD YES. THIS MUST BE IMPLEMENTED AS FAST AS POSIBLE. Also, since there is just a ton of random shit in this channel, I am LMAO. For example Great concept idea, and a +1 from me for the idea
  13. OH GOD YES. THIS MUST BE IMPLEMENTED AS FAST AS POSIBLE. Also, since there is just a ton of random shit in this channel, I am LMAO. Great concept idea, and a +1 from me for the idea
  14. This seems like an enjoyable addition/rework to the changeling gamemode, and I think that I would really enjoy playing during this time. I often don't like the issue where people are killed and then have to wait out the round for the next few hours, so this would be an awesome addition. This would really help fix the issues that ling has. Absolutely a +1 from me!
  15. I really like the idea you have going here, and I really feel that cult is in need of a rework. However I feel that the issue with IPC's and Non-Blooded creatures, is a problem. Personally I feel they should be excluded from the cult gamemode all together, due to the lack of blood. Otherwise, I like it. +1 from me!
  16. I disagree, it is like nurses scrubs, you can purchase them in different patterns, and they are allowed, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to do the same with labcoats.
  17. Name: Alexander Farson Species: Human Age: 63 Date of Hire: 06/14/2458 Job Title: Psychaitrist Preferred Contact Info: [email protected]
  18. Not what i mean, I am talking about a COLOR WHEEL, not a menu to choose from.
  19. I agree with all the ideas in this forums, and I feel that it is awesome. I personally think that syringes should be single use, A suggestion I would have is make the bio suit carry germs, and so the viro cant just walk out into the open wearing it. Otherwise, a +1 from me!
  20. This idea is as simple as it sounds, I think there should be a color selector for labcoats, similar to that used for sweaters.
  21. I like this Idea, and think it would be a great addition to the game. It would a greater sense of realism, and create many RP opprtunities. +1 from me!
  22. While I would like to see black labcoats, you didn't use the format you were supposed to use, and provided zero backstory as to why this should be specifically for YOUR character. Due to this, I am giving a -1
  23. I'll say it first before anyone else says this in a very rude way. It was implemented for a short time about a month ago, caused many issues, was met with criticism that lingers to this day, and was overall a much-hated mechanic that was quickly binned. You won't see this happen again. Thanks, I will change that in the suggestion. EDIT: Done
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