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(Declined) Nightlock's Unathi Alien request app

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BYOND Key: (Nightlock)

Character Names: (Sithiar)

Species you are applying to play: (Unathi)

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: (Red)

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I always found Reptile races interesting due to their cold blooded nature and lack of expression. As such I was pleasantly surprised to see you guys have gone in detail on how different they act. I always want to play a reptile race that is so radically different then  humans but you can clearly look at them and go "Yes they are sentient" it gives unique interspecies opportunities. For example, communicating with a human may be difficult and showing them what you mean by explanation may be arguably distasteful to some Unathi, on the flip side allows you to communicate with your fellow Unathi like regular humans and being able to rp the differences can be a really unique experience. Also I always love a post apolocyptic race that is while maybe not thriving they are getting to that point. I like the variety as well, you have the women who are kind of of property, and yet with the exitance of the Queendom of Szek’Hakh, shows they can rise to prominence. 

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: (One Paragraph minimum)

Unathis have a pretty different ethic and social culture than Humans, While similarities exist the Unathi are comfortable in their own Culture, this has caused problems as you could imagine, and with the contact of foreign species they completely collapsed culturally. Roleplaying as a Unathi means learning to let go of the old past and finding compromises with new society Nanotrasen has given them. Humans are born into a open society that while not welcoming, is far more kinder then what the Unathi grew from. A Unathi will have to learn to open himself up and may find himself betrayed  by anther spieces taking advantage of this closed minded individual. Either way it will make for great stories.


Character Name: (Sithiar)

Please provide a short backstory for this character (Aproxomately two paragraphs)

Born 20 years ago in the city of Skalamar, Sithiar was born into a common family where is father was a engineer. Sithiar followed his father's Career doing many things for his approval, while he did go to school he still did have a one on one school with his father and his teachings. Eventually after 20 years Sithiar became a struggling adult, while he managed to get some credentials he was highly reliant on anyone even willing to take on a 'uneducated' young adult, eventually he received the word of NanoTrasen's station, finding himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, he was surprised to find that he not only was accepted, but being hired and paid a decent wage. Still living with his parents he promised them he would pay them back for the 20 years of his life they gave to him. 

So began the new life, first job he was of course just a simple miner, though he was able to help with technical problems.  this did help him learn how to kind of of interact with other, he still found them incredibly odd. The faces they could make was almost always hard to read. eventually with his engineering skills he was given over to Atmospherics Technician and was able to fly by the training as it was relatively simple. Now out for repaying a debt he put on himself, Sithiar is more then happy to slave hours a day keeping oxygen pumping.

What do you like about this character? As usal I try to leave them open, this is so I can change up their personality a little later in case it dosent work and also allows me to have a flexible backstory. that way I can adapt it to new lore events that eventually come up.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? 5/10: I am a bit to worried about doing the oxygen that it can leave people hanging as I rush around looking for anything wrong.


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Overall, this application is pretty solid, and shows that you have a good understanding of the lore. There are a few problems with it though.

First off, the only character you have listed is the one you're applying for. You have to play as a human or another non whitelisted role for a bit before being able to apply for a whitelist.

The second problem is your character's name. The unathi naming scheme is similar to humans, with a first and a last name. The "Social Mannerisms" section on the wiki page for unathi explains it all. I'm pretty sure that Sithiar can work for either a first or a last name.

Also, It's completely fine to not exactly know how a department works, especially if your character is new to it. Usually, if you have any questions, there's somebody in your department you can ask, and even if there isn't, you can ask about most things in ooc.

+1, as long as you fix those problems, though. It's nothing super crazy, so I'm sure you'll manage.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hello, sorry for the delay.

Your backstory is a bit short which can be fine if it hits several beats of unathi lore, but this is missing those beats and I want to see if we can get them out through some questions.

What religion does Sithiar follow? What religion does his clan tend to follow?

Was he taught the honor system? Does he follow it diligently? Has his love for it waned since coming to Tau Ceti?

You describe social elements of Unathi in that section, such as having close-mindedness challenged, and finding compromises with the old and the new. What are the biggest changes that Sithiar had to deal with when coming from Moghes to Tau Ceti?

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