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  1. Alb always tells me to find out ICly. -1.
  2. Oh, whoops. Had no idea you could just contribute stuff as a user. Thought you needed to be a maintainer to do anything. Disregard this application.
  3. +1 This application is very good. I agree with what OP is saying here. +1 if he changes what I said to do.
  4. +1 Only, like Matt said, if the knives aren't that much better than fists in combat. Being able to carry around a swiss army knife or multitool would be sick though.
  5. Ckey/BYOND Username: Mwhit030 Discord Name: mwhit#1337 Position Being Applied For: Wiki maintainer Past Experiences/Knowledge: None. Examples of Past Work: None. Additional Comments: For the near two years I've been in the community, I've always wanted to contribute something. While I don't have any experience in wiki editing/maintenance, I'm really interested in learning how.
  6. I'm not against them being removed, if the recipe changed to not like, require radioactive elements to be made, I'd be fine with keeping them. It's the same problem as the bounty system. Who in their right mind would give the bartender radioactive elements to put in their drink? They've banned the usage of radium in products since 1936, because it's a known carcinogen, and you know, really radioactive.
  7. The bounty system's cool and all, and gives CTs something to do, but some of the things they usually need to get to fill them are ridiculous. Namely certain drugs from chemistry, and the drinks from the bar that require uranium/radium (these shouldn't even exist). If I remember correctly, you can also get a meal from the kitchen that's currently impossible to make. My suggestion is to update the pool of things that are requested to be more reasonable, so you don't have CTs walking into medical asking for 30u of space drugs swearing that it's for a bounty.
  8. Really interesting approach to Xeno music that is very comprehensive. The way certain emotions are expressed, through tuning and relative pitch has great potential for interesting storytelling/gimmicks in Tajaran music. My only question is how time signatures/rhythms work. Do they work similarly to western music, with 4/4, 3/4, cut time, etc.?
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