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Mining - Adventures in Spaaaaacccceeeee!!!


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So I was told to come to the forums with an idea a fellow user and I had (didn't get there username, but had a char as K.R.I.E.G.).

Basically, an upgrade to mining more in-line with that of TG Station and the like, BUT still accessible to all players and completely optional.

We thought if there were a separate section of the asteroid, maybe it would be far away, or simply disconnected by a bridge and subtly marked as a dangerous area, where there would be mobs and ruins worth exploring. A mod (Conspire2Ignite) also suggested that maybe the two be combined, basically small areas with loot that would be guarded.

I know mining isn't a HUGE part of the RPing community here, but it would certainly make it a lot more fun (admittedly in only my opinion so far) and possibly more engaging to everyone looking for action (like the countless people who only stick with Security for the action). The rewards code in TG Station for the mining vending machines is also an idea?

On a lore-friendly note, asteroids are generally dangerous and inhospitable places. On Baystation however, it's like playing a version of minecraft without any Mobs. Collect and transport, that's mining in a nutshell.

Finally, I'd like to make it perfectly clear that I am not ungrateful to those who slave away at the existing code, or to those who have developed all of this into such a wonderful experience. This is nothing more than a simple posting of an idea with a supplementary explanation. That is all.

Thanks for reading,


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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Being that lorewise I've weakened the barrier between bluespace and realspace, we can feasibly have the asteroid populated by mobs and weird shiz without breaking the lore. Just have characters understand they wrote a contract saying NT isn't liable for damages if they get sucked into another dimension or whatever.

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I definitely think it would be cool but I think there should be a way to keep it

a. hard, or improbable, to get to

b. often-changing.

Otherwise you sort of have the whole "Oh god we have to pretend like that old abandoned station up north with all the purple crud is being discovered for the first time" again.

And for the record this doesn't just have to be a mining thing. Ruins = Xenoarchelogy

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