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  1. Adhomai Liberation Army Continues Build Up, Massive Air fleet Assembled at Chaniska 17.05.2463 Chaniska has turned into a hub of military activity as the Republican Army, Navy, and People’s Air Force have gathered to counter possible Adhomai Liberation Army offenses. Across the border, terrorist leader and warlord Rahman Hadjuk is amassing an invasion force to seize Chaniska from our Republic. Clearly offended by his failed plan to devastate the city, Hadjuk has rapidly deployed more troops to the border in a display of unwarranted aggression. The warlord has even claimed that the AL
  2. Border Tensions Escalate in Amohda In the aftermath of a supposed ALA plot to devastate the Republican-occupied city of Chaniska, the PRA-DPRA border of the isle has seen a larger presence of Republican troops, causing concern for locals. The Rrhaza-Akhran Rahman Hadjuk has declared his intentions in a public radio address to move more of his forces towards the area. The Rrhaza-Akhran also stated his suspicions on there being ALA cells within the city still, citing that the Liberation Army had no knowledge of this. In his address, he says: Several detachments of toxin troopers are
  3. Terror Attack Foiled by PSIS In Chaniska! Headmaster Vows Continued Protection 07.05.2463 Shots rang out in Chaniska today as a vast terrorist underground has been rooted out by the efforts of the People’s Strategic Investigative Service. Numerous Adhomai Liberation Army terrorist cells were destroyed in a mass raid spearheaded by Headmaster Tyr’adrr. Reports have indicated minimal casualties for the PSIS and assisting Republican Army components. The current number of taken ALA captives is stated to be 512, who will be interrogated and sentenced, with 54 terrorist casualties. Several
  4. President Hadii Announces New Benefits for Displaced Citizens! 23.04.2463 In a morning radio address today, President Hadii has announced a new monetary fund to assist the displaced and poor citizens of our Republic. In the aftermath of the signed armistice and the Tajaran Citizenship Act, many of our fellow citizens were forced to leave their homes and find a new one within Ras’nrr. The costs of travel coupled with several families abandoning their lands, money, and other possessions have contributed to overcrowding in the free housing of our cities. The new “Chaniska Resettlement a
  5. I'm in support of this. The restriction feels arbitrary (Skrell also have different hands but seemingly don't require unique gloves), and a one size fits all gets rid of the issues of unathi or tajara antags not being able to use whatever insulateds they can find for free.
  6. 21st Victory Day Celebrated Across The Republic! 04.03.2463 Today marks 21 years since the establishment of the People’s Republic of Adhomai and the Tajara people’s victory over the nobility. In spite of previous troubles over the past years, excitement for celebrating our republic and collective efforts underneath the Party remain high. Cities across the People’s Republic report record high numbers of attendance as ceremonies go underway. Numerous art galleries and amusement parks reported peak attendance, and local breweries have boosted their sales for the year. Before the
  7. I'm in support of this. I'm going to repeat previous points here, but the NT Relay Discord has been used for the Bad Moon events and arc developments, along with integration with the sadly cancelled Diona event arc. Despite not being a official server, it's still had an impact on how our lore events go and their impact on not just characters, but future canon as well. It's an incredibly good tool for lore devs to use to help drive interest in events and thus the lore. We should integrate it, and we already have had several adminstaff members say their support in helping moderate or run it as w
  8. Yonnimer fucking laughed at me and told me that skrell and Diona will always own the Tajara. Can we ban this sick fuck?
  9. Given that they're both NT's armies, I think it works fine tbh. I think the sprites are nice and fine for the suits, but I do second Butterrobber's point that the color used may be a little too similar to the one for the NT sec voidsuit. Maybe darken it a tad? Design wise it seems fine and inline with our current freshest set of voidsuit sprites, and the combat respite is way way overdue. I also think that the ERT being restricted to humans and skrell is good, they're the only species that can be Odin guards after all. Feels fitting that NT's ERT would be comprised of just them.
  10. Really love most of these sprites. Disruptors are some neat sci fi stuff, the x-rays are fan-fucking-tastic, ion looks more unique, and I'm a serious fan of the new TCFL guns. The thumper especially looks sort of retro-futuristic, which I think pairs strongly with the idea that the legion is using older equipment they've souped up. All of the redone ballistics are quite strong, IMO. I like the off-white being used for ballistics common to security while the white is for lasers. I like the energy carbine, though I feel as if it might be better to have a pistol grip more akin to what the ori
  11. Gonna need to ask you to expand on that. What examples of misuse can you bring up? The janitor can still do it and use it if they wish. I just want the option to be open to CTs as well, given that resource management and gathering is also a part of cargo.
  12. As it says on the tin. CTs can already easily access the crusher, it's right there, and they used to manage the entire disposals process before. Give them crusher access so they can handle the station recycling system fully.
  13. Adds Notable characters relating to the PRA sea and space navy, and a notable character leading the NKA's navy. Also updates the entries for the various Tajara navies to provide more detail on them. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Notable_Tajara#Secretary_of_the_Navy_Hura.E2.80.99zhi_Mira.E2.80.99zkui https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Notable_Tajara#Chief_Naval_Commander_Samirro_Qarrarhaz https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Notable_Tajara#Grand_Admiral_Mahtra_Dynhaas https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Tajaran_Military_Structures#Republican_N
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