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  1. canon35

    Remove Cargonia

    1. I would add that weapons crates should be locked behind armory access as well, considering that the crates themselves normally require the HoS or warden to open and can allow Security to restock in case of emergency if they have a warden. Emagging or maybe even hacking the cargo console should remove this requirement. Armor and voidsuit crates should remain untouched. It shouldn't be a little more difficult to try and gain armor if needed. 2. There is absolutely no need to remove QM. As plenty of people have stated, the issue isn't within the role itself- It's players. Simply institute a waiting period for it as we have with Security roles. They work fine as a middle man when they have a player that's actually a regular here. 3. The QM can do this if they're not removed and have a waitlist. The people who play longer on Aurora will come in as a better one, and they can help reign in cargo characters who act like this. Or beat them, which also works. 4. As stated by others, I don't see the issue with KAs. They barely work as a weapon normally and are used by new players who think they're badass, or when you don't have anything to defend yourself with at a range. Buffing the uses of other mining tools (Pickaxes, thermal drill, industrial drill, etc) can encourage people to simply work with those instead. Allow Industrial drills to be upgraded and easily dredge up materials, restore pickaxes and drills to their old 3 tile digging glory. Regarding the crate opening, it's a fantastic tool for antags to arm themselves via cargo by getting around locked crates with ease and for miners to get rare items from the crates. 5. This seems to the crux of the issue right here. People simply not reporting. People just need to ahelp and try to inform admins Urist McCT is running around with a assault rifle trying to shoot cultists, or that Edgy McGreatcoat just made a crossbow and is trying to hunt down the heisters. Eventually those guys will tone down or simply leave, and let cargo be open to those who want to play it like the space warehouse workers that we want. I do hope that any changes that come to cargo don't entirely gut it. It's a fantastic tool for antags, especially team focused ones like Cult and Rev. It just needs some adjustments mechanically and a few IC/OOC enforcements to solve the Cargonia issue.
  2. Zundy, Mwhit, and others have the best idea to handle this. Simply reduce travel times. Personally I'd include some more infomation on where bluespace gates are and how systems can gain them (Maybe make it a megacorp thing so systems have to rely on them building one, thus opening a system to exploitation.). Then, have Bluespace gates be instant. You wait some time for your turn, send it through the gate, and wind up in the system you wished to enter. Of course there would be fees and wait times, but for commercial cargo transports and civilian transports who can afford it, it'd help connect the galaxy and make it so travel times are less of a headache for characters who can afford it.
  3. As it says on the title. For ninjas (And any similar antagonists/equipment.) have their self destructive systems on activation release a alarm through game audio and the text box, something along the lines of Edgy McEdge's hardsuit begins to beep rapidly! After 3-5 seconds, then have the equipment explode. It allows people some time to flee without having to meta self destructive mechanics and still allows these players to have their last laugh.
  4. What about a traitor item that lets you bypass a RIG's restrictions? Being able to put whatever equipment you want on a industrial, medical, or EVA rig could prove useful. I'd probably ballpark the cost of such a thing at 5 telecrystals.
  5. I like carver's suggestion. Give them lockers of outfits and bags on their station. Would be a nice addition for the gamemode.
  6. The only melee equipment they should/could have is shields, honestly. Let a mech be a mobile wall if required. We don't need melee weapons for mechs and as stated, their current melee ability is strong enough. Also, regarding the whole idea of melee mechs, they're a absolute meme. There's no need for any of them in our lore outside of maybe mech fighting shows.
  7. I would prefer Wezzy's idea of it shutting down and giving items if you hit it. Easier to steal from vendors, not as annoying to fix. Much better than shit being flung around, you can still try to grab all the contents from it with relative ease,
  8. T Ray scanners, old tool of engineering, barely used for it's actual purpose of seeing what's under tiles. Most engineers simply tear up the tiling to look for pipes. Why? Because the T Ray scanner isn't that great. The issue with them is that the flashing and very limited range. It's simply not that useful. How would I propose that's fixed? Expand the range of it to about 7x7 tiles around the wielder. Not too big, but enough to help you tell what's going on underneath the tiles of a room with ease. At the same time, the removal of the flashing effect would also be good. It's annoying to have the pipes flash in and out while trying to examine them. A constant projection of what's under the tiles would be much more preferable.
  9. Going through this thread was a fucking trip. I hope you're doing well. Great comic.
  10. Bumping. This is a smaller change, but I do feel like it would have a good effect for station crew, and eventually find use in other applications besides helping contain atmos.
  11. Hell yes, finally. The price raising was a dumb meme from the time of the blockade and occupation, I see no reason why it shouldn't be lower now. As everyone has already said, fucking k'oi bars are cheaper than cigarettes. It's time to lower these and just let people afford them easily. They're cigarettes. Cheap, easily produced, easily imported (Besides luxury brands that are in game/coming to the game.). Pegasus, the man behind human lore himself, is fully in support of this as well. It's time to restore the cheaper prices.
  12. Zombies are cool and it was fun, but I seriously do think suits should stop bites full stop. Bio suits, void suits, hardsuits/Rigs, maybe radiation suits. They shouldn't infect through this, and it's not like the admins are ever above spawning in some more zombies to grind down defending crew anyways.
  13. I'd be down for this. It's a bit annoying that you don't know you're about to get this slowdown before it happens.
  14. Cut it out of secret rotation, keep it as a voted gamemode. I'm tired of having to deal with bullshit malf rounds that, as people have said, tend to be >explosions! >silent hacking APCs >building up the core >Wuh oh, nuke! >Trying to leave? Sorry, shuttle recall. If people want to rework it in the future, they will rework it and it can be added back into secret. For now, just keep it out.
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