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  1. As it says on the tin. Allowing wizards to choose however they look instead of having to rely on the robes would make it much easier for a wizard to attempt a more RP centered idea. This would make it easier to push a certain idea such as being a Priest of a in lore faith, a scientist of a certain faction, or whatever else the player can cook up. Apprentices should also not require robes to cast spells. Seeing crew suddenly cosplaying as Gandalf the grey (But blue!) is a tad too far. This could also drive paranoia of who is allied to the wizard and who is not in certain rounds. The current robes we have could be armored and still spawnable through the wizard spell selection menu or in the area in which wizards spawn.
  2. A helping and learning channel would actually be extremely useful if its well moderated. Let people new to the game, server, or jobs speak easily on the main discord to get help from the staff or players in a environment. Maybe also have pinned posts that exist as primers to the lore, gameplay, and server culture/rules.
  3. It does not speak to the theme that these species are seen as generally lower/inferior by the galaxy at large if they can wield the most power in game. Just Human/skrell captains are fine and represent that while tokens can exist in the position of CE or CMO, many species cannot attain higher positions in corporations because they're often forming a underclass in the majority of societies (Much of the galaxy is Skrell and Human ruled.) and viewed as lesser than by corporations. I would even go as far as to argue that we should regulate heads of staff species/characters more, but that is a argument for another day. In regards to how exactly this comes about in a IC perspective, as others have raised before, it is more than likely not really a official policy (except in the cases of Vaurca, I believe.) but simply extreme bias and xenophobia.
  4. Sure. Playable rats contribute pretty much nothing in terms of RP and are just used at most as a shitter mob as Jo said. We get nothing from them, we have nothing to lose from removing them.
  5. I support. Give us folding chairs and give us folding chair beating mechanics. Being able to carry and plop down a chair to chill out is a much better look/feel than just making a metal chair that's stuck in place IMO and I want to be able to do this ICly
  6. I feel that cult conversion should have different effects per species. IPCs could become some form of construct and be unable to use runes, only abilities it spawns with. Diona could have only one nymph converted, the gestalt would split and mass burn besides the one. Golems, well. Perhaps just a flavor message saying your mind is too dumb/strong/already claimed by another entity and thus you cannot be converted?
  7. I do not think it is terrible that Vampires do not leave a mark after a bite. As garn said the blood loss is already a big tell tale sign of vampircy OOC and some WEIRD shit ICly. I say that instead of having regular bites do this, there should be a way to toggle for a harsh bite or perhaps give them a more dangerous bite during their bloodfrenzy. It could leave a telltale mark and a set of blood right away, and the mark and cut remains until healed via medical supplies.
  8. Hard agree. We should have a colonial arabic language for Elyra, a language that the scarab leaders developed to help unite their community, and anything else that would make sense to be it's own thing. I don't really see it as bloat to add more languages and to develop that part of these cultures more.
  9. Hard support. Being able to just have a assistant for consular roles helps them stay in the role and aids in interactions with others. Your assistant could be a personal bodyguard, a good friend, a veteran, someone for you to bounce your ideas as a consular off of and to help you drive interaction with crew. As the assistants, well, it opens up a lot of creativity with the consular. It'd be a interesting ghost role to play (Provided you aren't a total bald/greenhorn and play along with their idea.) while also possibly adding more onto the idea of the consular which is providing a interesting and new path of RP. Plus with some coding effort we could have the assistants spawn with differing gear. Certain uniforms, armor (Not saying they should be packing guns.), factional equipment. So yeah, +1
  10. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Religious deity. Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Minharrzka, Goddess of water, found on Amohda and among sailors. How will this be reflected on-station? Backstory, IC worship, priests that worship her, perhaps even raiders or Kosmostrelki that venerate her in non-canon or event rounds. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? As far as I know there are not many regional deities or water related deities within Tajara lore. Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore? I want to open the idea of regional deities and such to be expanded and explored on by interested lore devs and other members of the community while also trying to provide a interesting and new god for Tajara players to incorporate into on station play if they so choose. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee? I am fully aware of this. Long Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/179Pl6TaXtga2ZzBKM8fJTT99_-kKhjxKtPI6LkwcJVM/edit?usp=sharing This entire concept was originally just something I had in a flash of inspiration one day. After discussing it with Coalf, we came to the realization that while a new god to the official pantheon would be asinine. However, if Ma'ta'ke expanded across Adhomai and in it's long history, surely it must have incorporated other smaller beliefs within some areas or had cultures create their own variants in some areas. By expanding on this aspect, it would be possible to expand Ma'ta'ke while not having to add more and more major gods to a already established pantheon. Minharzzka serves as a example of this possibility. I intend for this to be slotted underneath the minor religions page for Tajara and not be considered a part of the pantheon by any authority outside of Amohda.
  11. I feel it would be best to have ion storms do a minor temporary effect on IPCs if they were not in maintenance tunnels. Make their voice static, cause them to jostle around like they're drunk for a bit.
  12. Heavily agree with this merge. -Necropolis just MAKES weapons. I don't see why they're shelving out their own dudes to other companies. Idris is doing this because they need the money, EMPC does this because it's their big thing. Plus, it might cut down on the amount of edgelords we get there. -I did not even know Idris can be in cargo. It's extremely odd for a service and banking oriented company. -In agreement with Green here about research contractors. We shouldn't have them in research AT ALL. It's the most sensitive part of the station and them being there would be a massive risk. While this likely won't be coming any time soon, a removal of Hephaestus would be a nice step in that direction while also concentrating the contractor's purpose. All in all, good shit.
  13. Heavily support this. Rounds are like, 2 hours normally. Shuttles shouldn't take almost a 1/4 of the round time.
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