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  1. I echo the sentiment that this facelift gives a much darker and industrial feel to the station overall. I don't mind that personally, however. It feels kinda fitting to have this space installation feel a bit more claustrophobic, dangerous, etc. My only issue with this facelift comes from the walls. As previously stated by wowzewow, their sprite seems like a poor comprimise between the style of our old walls and those used by Eris/Bay. I would prefer that the sprite either embraces the perspective shift entirely or just sticks to the old way. Besides this minor complaint, this face-lift has been excellent. Good work.
  2. I prefer the rune look over the old scratches. Those were a downgrade IMO. These ones feel more detailed and I don't think it's bad that you can replicate them with crayons. Personally I think it would be ideal to develop our own but I do not see that happening any time soon. For now, these older ones work fine.
  3. Add it. I see no reason why it shouldn't be available to heisters or others.
  4. I get more of a power rangers vibe. I do agree with Danse however that the sec suit should be more red and less pink. Otherwise, I'm very much looking forward to seeing Kyres' work on the ERT in game.
  5. Ckey/BYOND Username: Canon35 Position Being Applied For: Unathi Species Maintainer. Past Experiences/Knowledge: Besides a brief and unremarkable tenure as Human Lore Maintainer in 2017, I had also been one of the first CCIA (Back when they were called Duty Officers.) for about a year and a half after their inception. Examples of Past Work: https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/2816-sol-alliance-news-network/page/2/ I previously assisted Jackboot and the lore team with some writing involving our Sol Occupation Arc. https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/4117-elyra-news-network/page/2/ VileFault had left a unfinished arc regarding Elyra. I had no way to contact him regarding this as it seemed he had vanished, so I tied it up by connecting it to the then-canon ATLAS Artemis Initiative and ATLAS' views on independent human nations at the time. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Notable_Humans I expanded on this page during my time as Human Lore dev as well. Namely the Sol Alliance, Biesel, and Corporate section. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Miran’mir_Academy_of_Scientific_Pursuits While Alberyk did most of the writing, I had helped with the Academy through contributing to the history and concept of it. Other than this, I did help advise Marlon on some of his arcs and development. Namely the Ouerea revolution and a little bit of the Maraziites when they were founded. Additional Comments: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ddkeOl3W9VY-U7hZb1nJgEXBIczVk18UsJiCbqMU4LA/edit?usp=sharing My primary hope here to expand on what we have and to rework to a better canon. Build up, not out. We can work towards greater depth and detail for Unathi lore as a whole while trimming away at the mismatching parts and reworking aspects to fit the lore better, and to serve players well on the station itself. No more deviation of the core of the Unathi, we don't need to ram out new groups disconnected from lore or trying too hard to be unique. What we have works well enough.
  6. While I would prefer Paradox's solution at 25 health, Yonni's isn't too terrible either. All in all I'd like nymphs to not be so insanely durable. Besides, the only nymphs that do attacked are antagonistic ones now. Random balds are hardly a concern.
  7. I see no reason why Off-worlders as a whole should be barred from any head of staff positions. As stated earlier they've existed for centuries and aren't that fresh to the galaxy, while also having the capabilities to continue a career easily with NT that could lead to them being qualified for the head of staff positions. We should allow them to be heads of staff, however, it should be outlined that to become one in certain positions (Captain, HoS, CE, any others as the lore team sees fit.) you need to gain prosthetics that negate the issues requiring a ESS or RMT pills. Scarabs should also not be allowed in command due to their isolation and recent re-introduction to the galaxy as a whole.
  8. Leudo has shown themselves to have a good grasp on our setting as a whole and more niche bits like with xeno lore, their characters have always been well played and competent. They've been also very excellent at playing Vaurca and has shown good knowledge on them. This consular idea is also a fresh take on the Vaurca consulars, what with the idea of making it a Queen of Corpses Breeder. I have no doubt that Leudoberct could do well with this whitelist, so +1 from me.
  9. I would vastly prefer having this maintenance situation reverted back to it's previous form. A lack of access is annoying for CTs who want to collect bounties, but this maintenance access shit with officers is such a unnecessary hurdle. If it is such a concern and issue of Security doing maint sweeps when not needed and taking THE PRECIOUS MAINT LOOT!! , I would prefer a IC and/or OOC policy on conducting them. Sure, you got access, but do you really want to randomly traipse around a dirty tunnel unless you gotta? All heads have all access, all of eng does, janitor I'm not too sure, EMTs and paramedics have all access. Investigations do not. On the original thread there was expressed concern from Snake that the HoS being the only one with head access could encourage a idea of them having to be the front line at times, how valid this is I can't say because I don't play the role or observe their behavior. Investigations also not having access was a concerned raise by I believe Nantei/Phi. They already don't have much to do and investigating a scene proper can be a bitch with access requirements, the change only made it worse.
  10. Removal sounds good to me. Also, regular AIs do still get intercepted messages. Time to time we have a antag who doesn't realize this and gets their plans ruined.
  11. Deadlantern may have had run ins with administration before, but he's still got good ideas for Unathi lore and has shown good knowledge and understanding of the writings for Unathi and other Xenos before. He'd make a good deputy, especially considering what he wishes to focus on. He's got my personal support.
  12. Naelynn's idea seems the best here. Keep the summoning, but they can't use cult runes. If you want to spam them, go ahead: But a armed force will be able to fight them off still, unless you yourself help them gear up.
  13. We had full body prosthetics in the form of IPCs and shells that could have MMIs, way back when shells first came in 2016. They were literally just humans in a different shell. After some time they were eventually cut. We don't really need them honestly, as much as I did like the old stuff of jamming a guy's brain into a frame and making him into a IPC. Transhumanists can make due with what we have already: Limbs, organs. If you want to talk about how you wish to insert your brain into a mech in the future, you're always free to do so. Onto augmentation itself, fucking YES. More ways to customize your character, more interesting cybernetics, and some cool sci fi stuff for us to play around with. Especially if it's rolled into robotics like regular mechanical limbs. This could open up a lot in the future.
  14. Cyborgs can already get protection against this if they're malf, traitor, or even just a upgrade from robotics in the form of the surge protection module. No need to remove it.
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