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Okay, so I've been getting people asking for portraits for ages and I get around to doing one thing and then someone else grabs my attention. I have undiagnosed ADHD, stay with me.

What i am proposing is that I make a thread to keep track of what I need to draw. People have offered me money. I spend some money for a canvas, couple more bucks for paint, me and my house mates time...So it's really not that far out of my pocket to do them. If you want to put in, I'd be more then happy to put it towards materials, but whomever posts on this thread first will get their stuff done first. Put a name down, then PM me a description, as detailed as you can. If you are an artist and want to help out, post below or PM, either way. I'm also hoping to get some art up on the wiki, that thing is bare as bones.

Cheers guys.

Edit: you don't have to put money in, that was just if people felt like it.

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Could you do... Camile Crafter and Beatrix Saylor?

Camile looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/xdLPyNr.png

Though I would like her in a bartender suit this time.

Beatrix in a bartender suit as well, but she's got longer red hair. She's shorter than Camile (Camile is 5'8, Bea is 5'5) and she is more chipper than Camile is.

I'll add more details in a mo.

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