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Hunt for Cerberus

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Login: Praetorian_0117

Codename: Collector

Password: ************

Access Level: RED


A video of a sleek grey high-tech armored operative looks to the camera. Their mask hides their identity and all you can see at the bottom of the screen is a contract name and reward up to 100,000 credits. When they spoke, their voice is altered heavily, obscuring any thing from picking it up.


“This is Operative Collector speaking on behalf of my employers, there is a rogue IPC named Cerberus. You should have a dossier before you detailing them in full. <Dossier provide> There last seen location is aboard NCV Tesla, to which they have disappeared of the grid. We only have their designation disposed of on the vessel.

According to a source we received the tip from, they only said a name, Quintin Copperfield. According to our dossiers, he is a Captain aboard NSS Aurora and has connection, powerful ones. <Dossier provided>

We want you to find out what he has to do with Cerberus and figure out if Ceres’s Lance is involved or not. Do whatever it takes to get that info.

When you do get the info, provide it in a dead drop at this location <Link provided>. We will link you the reward when we find it sufficient.

Good luck with the hunt, Operative Collector over and out.


The video terminates itself and closes it link. 

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