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  1. To help reduce the bloat, how about we introduce a foreign representative in lieu of governmental reps like PRA, so on. We would then have the factions themselves, then foreign representatives whose allegiances will be plainly stated in their records.
  2. I am drafting up this project now as a collective community feedback and suggestion thread while I collaborate with CCIA on updating the forms lists while removal old forms that are either repetitive or irrelevant. I am suggesting the following forms to be removed entirely from the database - 1006: Resisting Recruitment: How To Avoid Helping Spies - 1007: Identifying Foreign Spies - 0116: Synthetic Command Recommendation I propose adding a form regarding visitors to allow a fast track onto assigned station/ship while making them read directive 9 and understand that they agree to abide by corporate regulations and station directives. It will also include simple information for ease of getting them into the records system. The rest of the forms will be receiving a logo stamp at the top, removing the NanoTrasen Inc., while tidying up the rest of the formatting for sake of consistency.
  3. I use tricordrazine for relatively mild treatments or when I need to stave off suffocation damage. It is staple of my inventory and is taught to others on how to rapidly acquire it.
  4. I also have to agree as a synth/command whitelist holder, I generally get treated like an equal or greater as Sterben or Flamel, which makes it difficult for others to discriminate or actively go against me while I am in charge of a department. I notice mild distaste by Skrell/Unathi/Dominians but never a point they outright ignore me or protest when I give a clear, direct order to them to do something. Best they do is just complain that I should not hold the position due to my synthetic nature. So, I agree that there needs to be adversity and a push to such with lore backing it up.
  5. I wholefully support Cnaym becoming a moderator. They have been very interactive to the community and helped others learn the game as well. Additionally with that, I do not see any issues with them becoming a moderator to keep people in check. +1
  6. TO: Lynn Songna, Anomalist, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to agent Tyler McKinney, (Soultheif96). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. DTG: 13-00:48-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2461 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  7. https://pastebin.com/6MaAHBek Interview with Mattatlas uploaded and available for review.
  8. To: D’Jar Sa’Kuate From: CCIA Division of Appeals Subject: D’Jar Sa’Kuate CCIA Appeal _______________________________ Body: As per investigation and discussion amongst the Bureau, we have decided to repeal your suspension from Head of Security, however, your reprimand will remain as note of the suspension and what occurred. ________________________________ DTG: 06-00:42-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2461 Sign: CCIAAMS
  9. I will point out that IAA is under a command whitelist therefore all of command positions. That being said, I am not comfortable with the thought of you being an agent given how new you are to the server. I would say that perhaps in two weeks from now, I’d have a different opinion. For now, I will give my -1.
  10. As interviewer on behalf of Lancer, I am posting this here for everyone to review and comment on. https://pastebin.com/iCRJSJWH
  11. As interviewer on behalf of Lancer, I will place it in here in form of pastebin for all to read and comment on. https://pastebin.com/vn8HtnZP
  12. As interviewer, I will provide the pastebin for review by both CCIA Supervisor and the community. https://pastebin.com/SLDuTQ6g
  13. As much as NanoTrasen is focused on profit, they definitely do not want to see losses in form of life or property. Not everyone takes bribes, sure, a security officer or a warden can, but I have less belief in that an IAA, HoS, or Captain would take such as it is their obligation to act in the best interest of the crew, station, and their company. There are honest people who work in security that will allow leniency towards detainee’s if they are acting on good behavior, thus privileges that are provided and accessibility to the communal area. As for NanoTrasen being harsh and unforgiving with serious infractions, they would conduct a review on the detainee. If they have found them to be guilty, they will turn them over to the local authorities (Republic of Biesel of Sol Alliance depending on where the crime is committed.), or cyborgify them if they desire so.
  14. I have spoken with a few about including the warden and have been told it would make the warden be allowed more authority, almost on par with the head of security, should they have the power to appeal sentence, so instead of having them be able to, they can seek to lessen/repeal their sentence based on good behavior with the HoS or Captain. Though at the same time, I can see this not happening during rounds without either, so I would say sure, let them have the ability to do so. As to clarify for i300s revoking privileges, I meant ones that include a HuT/Cyborgification, as they have already committed a heinous enough crime and would likely not be able to be released. It would be in the best interest of security that these individuals would be under intensive watch to ensure that they do not plan to escape, harass the crew about security being (Shitsec, spew insults, etc), and if they want to be visited, they would likely be done with the visitor outside of the cell and the person inside a cell, under watch by an officer. Truth be told, being held until transfer is usually boring enough to a point 90% of the players grab that steel hoe and claw themselves to death, hit up cryo, or do something to get the attention of a warden or SO. I can see the point with CCIA involved and will just remove it. As for the HoP, they will not have any power over security but when it comes to mistreatment, it is usually their area to intervene and formulate a report about said treatment. They won't be able to repeal or lessen sentences but they can make suggestions to Warden/HoS/Captain. This would keep HoP in their lane while still being able to intervene on a basis of a reported offense and report said officer(s) on it. So I modified it in this case:
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