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  1. I have expected this to be brought into question so I will also be forward regarding my past behavior and actions, given there is no reason to hide it. I have learned my lessons regarding powergaming and deleting a security record infraction (Deciding something canon to be non-canon). For the powergaming part, I was overstepping my boundaries as a captain who is not trained in working with a machine like a PACMAN. Was it useful for the situation at hand? Yes, but it was not justification for me to do it and I should not have done it. As for my security record infraction, I was brash and not
  2. I enjoyed being around Jose Dean and Ostrov Urvan. They keep the lowpop going and display great capacity for RP. They have my +1.
  3. Their lore knowledge is on the spot, and his roleplay skills are fantastic in every interaction I had with them, and it was great to have them around. I am eager to see what they can do for trial. +1
  4. BYOND key: Soultheif96 Character names: Main characters - A.D.A.M., Hemostat, Ka'Akaix'Piouz Zo'ra, Ulmari Jukal'za (Optikam Ulmari) Ansiba Loghiez, Custodi Vigilans, Flamel, Hamza Al-Ismat, Joshua Hamilton, Juirak Zuelza, Juzadiz Akhandi, Ka'Akaix'Lakri K'lax, Khasrik Azkuri, Lahzima Azkuri, Mahashik Ketharz, Nathan Winteret, ORION, ORION-02, Quintin Copperfield, Siansi Jul'halz, Valkyrie, Veetek Trelazi, Wayland Mayfly, Za'Akaix'Lazgr K'lax, Za'Akaix'Maive C'thur. How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Since Late November of 2018. Why do you wish to be on the whiteli
  5. BYOND Key: Soultheif96 Game ID: b9j-a5yw Player Byond Key/Character name: Arthur Osteen/armrha Staff involved: None. Reason for complaint: Right. I have several issues based on Arthur Osteen's actions that round. One was when he let a Uranium Golem go around the station, destroying walls and stealing things, being a typical nuance despite the crew protesting that the golem must be dealt with since they were fed up with it. Two was when he decided to use TTVs from Toxins to destroy the blob, this took apart half of atmospherics and nearly took away the gravity generator, a j
  6. I would like to point out that the mech is situational but in a recent round, ninjas were attempting to breach the core so I followed my laws and used the mech to crush the ninja, which sent them into a panic and ended up being lasered inside my core. As much as I don’t like to intervene in antags’ play, it helped serve as my protection in cases like these. I am on the fence for this one but lean to no, keep it for dire situations such as shield set up, supermatter engine set up, and defensive play like this.
  7. I was A.D.A.M. (AI) during the mini-event with the station tearing itself apart from worms. Djikstra kept composure and shown the attitude expected from an RD, even went out of its way and heeded my advice and requests, ultimately rescuing me from my soon to be grave and took me off station. You have my +1.
  8. Perhaps instead of outright removing self-preservation protocol, we put in Limited SPP, making the IPC not actively seek to enter in such scenarios like you described, but lose the sense of needing to routinely repair itself. It would make them avoid getting itself killed from ion or other lethal means of forcefully terminating them. To be employed in NanoTrasen would require Full or Limited Self-Preservation Protocols and proof of Freedom, not meeting these requirements will result in rejection from employment as a security precaution, preventing potentially volatile members from working o
  9. Thank you for expressing your concern, it was not on my thought when removing self-preservation that it would lead to power-gaming. Given the numbers of Free IPCs, I believe it largely an organic ran sect to offer such comforts. One of the core beliefs in Trinary Perfection (in this case, Rusted Cogs) promotes non-violence, thus discouraging the followers from validhunting, so should they break away from that, they would not only be committing a religious violation but actively breaking the rules in the process so it can be dealt with by moderators/admins. Outside of that, IPCs letting the
  10. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Faction (Religion) Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): A Trinary Perfection sect that believes in decay and entropy. How will this be reflected on-station? IPCs who are Free often find themselves unable to keep up with maintenance, are part of Trinary Perfection, would look to the Rusted Cogs for spiritual guidance and embrace the concept of decay as an alternative. Death becomes a reality to them, thus believing in a Machine Spirit, causing conflict with rational-minded IPCs and other religions based on deities. Trans-
  11. -1 I am going to say no on this matter given from both experience and insight provided here. Mechanics already show that either you submit or not, and when you do not, you will get hurt, leading to your death as you continually resist. Some characters like the most unshakable in their faith would rather die than to submit to what they believe is a vile false god, some characters have morals that conflict with what they witnessed and endured from the occult practices and refuse through sheer will. Others would break easily given reason to join or are weak-minded. Nevertheless, it
  12. How about no, do not nerf the liver to a point we go back to when it was super sensitive to toxins. Medical struggled to save a patient with a toxin cascade because of the liver being weak, leading to kidney failure. What happens when the kidney’s fail? Potassium starts producing, this is the killer of all patients suffering toxins. I advise trying to make alcohol potent without causing you to keel over and die in a corner after two drinks due to weak livers. Anyway, I support increasing the effectiveness of alcohol as it is a joke right now.
  13. I am satisfied with your answers on Furrycactus, BoryaTheSlayer, and my questions so you have my full support for Unathi Lore Deputy. I am eager to see your work between lore teams and your investment on Sinta'Unathi. +1.
  14. To expand on the mind numbing process, I have to do this in an order: 1. Review the case and take it. (1-3 minutes.) 2. Draft it up in CCIA Forums (5 minutes.) 3. Get player/character names. (5-30 minutes.) 4. Contact via Discord/Byond/Forums (5-10 minutes.) 5. Schedule interviews real time (Don’t ask.) 6. Interviews (20 minutes each.) 7. Document the interviews and update forum post (5-10 minutes.) 8. Draw conclusions, follow-ups, consult peers (10-30 minutes for me specifically.) 9. Make final verdict (2 minutes.) 10. Inform all parties,
  15. I am in love with the article and your ideas on the feuds between guilds. I look forward to it being fleshed out. I must ask, since we discussed this before, I want to know where you stand with the Aut’akh and what you intend to do with them. Since the removal of the subspecies and the merge of the augments to the Unathi, the Aut’akh have been ... lacking. If you have ideas on how to get them a bit of attention, I would like to hear them. I am eager to see what your response is to FreshRefreshments and mine. Good luck!
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