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  1. I would suggest spider toxin be edited to paralyze the receiver (Excluding Dionae and IPCs) upon being bit, but make it a chance (50% of getting paralyzed). Make the effect last for five minutes and slow down the heart rate of the victim to help them not get asystole. Once the brood mother gets them into a cocoon, they should burst in three minutes instantly killing the player/npc.
  2. I enjoyed the backstory and your lore connections are on point so I have no issue with giving you a fat +1
  3. I would like to say that there are some issues pretty obvious here: 1. Code Blue/Red/Yellow does not enable the security communications. If this is an April Fool's Joke, thanks for the laugh and so on, but soon after, I would like this fixed, otherwise, you will see an even steeper drop in security players. 2. Warden Office is quite hilarious for the April Fool's Joke, but in a serious manner, we need to expand it along with the brig for that it is pretty cramped as is, and the N2O tank is missing. 3. Medical Officer spawns on surface cryogenics, an oversight, and there is a chair in front of medical officer's office. 4. As for the layout, I understand the shrinking due to departmental security, but I would like it remapped to fit the privacy of the prisoners and the CSI room (You can see the autopsy room, not everyone wants to see that.) Otherwise, I am fine with the concept of depsec.
  4. I can reasonably see people who are in jobs that require knives to be utilized such as a paramedic with a patient stuck to chair with a seatbelt, they just whip it out and cut it off. A doctor would have a scissor/knife to cut clothes off to expose the effected area. A cargo tech would use a boxcutter to open up wrapped items. A miner/xenoarcheologist would use a knife for legitimate self-defense as xenofauna is dangerous. An engineer would use a utility knife to cut off rubber ends of the coil, or other engineering related reasons. A chef for obvious reasons. I can go on. I am all for adding utility knives and boot knives, though please add role restrictions, I don’t want to see a bartender carrying an eight inch knife because they feel safer that way. +1
  5. I will have to say suggestive workarounds for this, starting with robotics: As many stated, protolathe and destructive analyzer is a no-no by any circumstances as it devalues the scientists even more. Yes, the mini-game is horrible and I would say it should die in the fire. Robotics as is now should remain as is because it is perfect. Now for the breakroom, I love the idea but there is one issue, it devalues the kitchen by a great amount. If you want to make it happen, the fridge, oven, condiments, and other things need to go. What can stay is the coffee machine, soft drink dispenser, vending machines, donk pockets, glasses, and a microwave. Medical and engineering have these and I don’t see why science shouldn’t have it. Now to echo what others said, try avoiding cramping up science as is, it is like trying to work with a chef as another chef, it is cramped as hell in there.
  6. I approve as a xenoarcheologist and mining Extraordinaire. I cry when I break what I know happens to be a xenoarcheologist’s potential find. +1
  7. I would like to quote from the Aut'akh page here: Siansi Clan - "They're often seen as a more spiritual clan, as they tend to take rather minimalist bodies, or alternatively remain mostly organic. [...] and they tend to style themselves as wise sages, often using mystified terms and technical jargon unique to Siansi." "Siansi sages often preach against the growing revanchism, but their words are beginning to become less convincing to the clans who face nearly daily strikes and attacks from the outside world." And for Aut'akh as a whole - "The Aut'akh tend to claim they are melding the ancient magic with modern science." You may find it here. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Aut'akh
  8. BYOND Key: Soulthief96 Staff BYOND Key: ParadoxSpace Game ID: b6q-av8k Reason for complaint: Verbal Warning - Told to not use the word "Alkahestry '' as an Aut'akh Sinta'Unathi. As you can see in the admin help view page (Evidence), it was seen as an anime reference and/or an old practice dating back to the 16th century. I will not lie here, I do know of these two different perspectives and it did contribute to my reference as alkahestry instead of pharmacy or even alchemy. Alkahestry is the medicinal practice of alchemy applied. Now, when we talk with Unathi characters who are from Moghes or Ourea, they may refer to it as alchemy due to how they understood it. I would, as a medicine manufacturer, call it alkahestry, the medical version. I choose to say it as I saw this may be how the Sinta would look at it. Now, yes, being an Aut'akh will be slightly different, but it doesn't make them not Sinta'Unathi and magically drop it. You don't just unlearn years of using a certain set of words because you are in Tau Ceti and using Basic, that would take time to adjust to. Now, I referenced it once. Once only and it gets an immediate action by ParadoxSpace, which I think he is targeting specific wording to use the rule of using references as a means to either apply a warning or much more severe action. I decided to call it a lore issue that can or would be cleared up by the current Unathi Loredev, Sleepy. After this incident, I asked fellow Unathi players, including Marlon/Jackboots, if they would call pharmacy/chemistry alchemy or even alkahestry, about all of them said yes, because it was accepted by the community. Either this is a misunderstanding on ParadoxSpace's behalf or he is looking past what is in the lore. Now, to the actual science I was doing. I was actually doing what Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont, a real life alchemist at the time, did and that was making glycerol and acetone out of certain chemicals I wish to not disclose. Does my character, Siansi Jul'halz know this man, read up on him? No, he doesn't, what he does know is he is practicing what alchemists before him on Moghes did. Does Siansi Jul'halz know about "anime" and FML, again, no he doesn't for reasons already stated before. Now, I am not using the Human concept of alkahestry, I am using the Sinta'Unathi's concept of it, which is a space feudal aesthetic, so calling it the either alchemy or alkahestry is in character. Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: This is similar to calling out a Tajara a cultist as another Tajara and getting bwoinked over it for referring to a round type - Cult, when Raskara exists and it is a cult as perceived by non-practitioners.
  9. I would love to have IPC hacking be a thing for Traitors, Ninjas, and Mercenaries given there is so much that can happen with an IPC. I guess one way to do it is to force down the IPC, pry open their head, and swipe the emag card on it to hack them and make you their sole master and obey you. It'll be awesome if not abused or done in a LRP way.
  10. I believe this was addressed already. The safety automatically turns off upon harm intent firing. Initial fire will disable it, the next firing will shoot. This would be fine as is since it makes you think before you shoot as the click is there like “Are you absolutely sure you want to engage this person with a weapon.” before the trigger is pulled.
  11. To be honest, you would get immediate care if you came in with an injury with our current layout despite of location within the medical bay. If I had a gunshot patient, I would prefer to see them hauled straight into the ICU for obvious reasons but for convenience sake, GTR is right there at entrance and is closer to ORs. If we are doing a redesign, the ICU and GTR needs to be swapped, other than that, not important to me. It boils down to what is the most convenient for everyone.
  12. I am on edge for this decision. I enjoy the idea of altering the role to be more HRP friendly, but due to our expectations, the wizard can be corrected with an ahelp if they fall out of line into LRP category. Like Ninja, I want there to be two wizards to balance Ninja/Wizard roundtype. That is another topic. If we can get technomancers into play, that would be cool but I have a fear that security would strip them of their belongings as soon as they get their hands on them, so I dislike the limitation of the cores. Again, I am on edge for this.
  13. To heavily enforce warrants, either the captain/heads of staff demand there be a warrant on code green, failure to provide the warrant and continuing to let in unauthorized personnel should lead to action such as a demotion, suspension, or otherwise necessary. If this is not enforced properly, CCIA could make a notice/announcement stating the following: "Departmental Security Notice: Officers assigned to a department may have access to their department and conduct security operations, however, abuse of this access such as allowing other officers into the department without justifiable cause or warrant is subject to action deemed fit by heads of staff/captain under Code Green. On Code Blue or higher, all actions are authorized to ensure the safety of the station and crew. This also includes misuse of equipment within the assigned department, they may have access, but it does not mean they should use advanced equipment such as the protolathe or enter the engine room without supervision." Somewhere along these lines.
  14. I support Borya’s application to be Human Lore Maintainer for reasons already stated. He is a perfect fit for the position. My big question is, will corporate lore be expanded on? Will we see interactions between Megacorporations and governments? +1
  15. I have altered the name of the item, but you may need to edit the files to suit the needs in-game as I am not familiar with code. As for the loadout items, I like them and all, but I prefer to stick to the theme fitting to a medical setting without being completely out of place. One such labcoat with colorable options paints it in one singular color, which is distasteful and really out of place for medical, excluding basic colors like brown, black, white, so on.
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