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Spiffyfishface's Furball/Tajaran Application

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BYOND Key: SpiffyFishface

Character Names: Desmond Knapp, Connor Losvir, Jesus Briggs, Winslow Durnham, Richard Longardo, Zachirai Longardo (Future Events Only), Lesviro Iscantes

How long have you been playing on Aurora: Not sure. 5-7 months, maybe longer

Species you are applying to play: Tajaran

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Kochiba

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:One of the reasons I want to play this race is because the Tajarans actually seem like a lot of fun to Roleplay with. I mostly think this due to the fact that the Tajarans not only have different features, which leads to morons trying to pet them, but also do to the fact that Tajarans also tend to have a deep bond with their families. The Tajaran culture is also interesting in that they're so creatively gifted, and yet their history is full of slavery, revolution and bloodshed. It makes for an interesting history which can reflect and be compared or contrasted to the actions of the character itself.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: First off, the features of a Tajaran is far different from a human, mostly due to the fur coat, claws, and tail, which can/will play into Roleplaying. Second off, the Tajarans do much better in cold temperatures than most races, but in warmer tempertures, they could overheat. That in turn could lead to more unique problems involving the physical state of the tajaran when it comes to, say, a fire hazard, or a malfunctioning AI cranking the station temperature up to god knows how high.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest? Because they're an interesting race full of all sorts of interesting RP. Whether it comes to the physical aspects, their history of blood, conflict and revolt, or their standing in the present, the Tajaran have a lot of potential as a race in general. Besides, I've always wanted to try my hand at speaking Siik'Maas. -Mrowls-

Character Name: Aeijia Jawdat

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Aeijia Jawdat was a Kochiba colored Tajaran born in poverty. With his siblings, he did his part to pitch in for the family, namely his crippled uncle Fayiz Jawdat. He would go around the outskirts of Na'Tor foraging for food and medicinal plants to bring to his family. During these years (And partially due to his skills at foraging) however, he developed a liking to Ambrosia, particularly smoking it. Despite his meek attitude and small stature (4'9", 150 lbs.) earning him constant teasing and rough housing from his twin sister Buthaynah, his work for the family and willingness to help them out in any situation hasn't gone unnoticed.

Then one day, his eldest brother, Houssam, came to him with something: Credits. Enough to fund his education all the way past college and into a full paying job. He never asked where the funds came from, only that his brother was helping him through his life. With this payment, Aeijia began to learn all about the inner workings of the bodies of various humanoids and the compounds within them and plant life, which eventually culminated into a sterling career of medical affiliations. At the age of 29, Aeijia was out of school, ready with his degree in medical science and a minor in Botany. He signed up for immediate space station work as a medical intern on the NSS Aurora.

What do you like about this character?

I like his meek behavior and his undying support for his family. I also like the relationship between him and his siblings and relatives, which could undoubtly lead to a much deeper, richer story and RP.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?7.5


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