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  1. Not a fan of this in the slightest. What reasoning is there for security to not have maintenance access? Security also has reason to be in the tunnels, considering things like... space carp? A lot of windows are located in... maintenance? Or are we supposed to go let engineers beat them with wrenches and get eaten because something something involving other departments? Like, I'm not gonna have a paramedic lead me around in maint chasing a man with a gun just so they can get shot. That logic is ridiculous.
  2. Initially when I wrote Tajaran lore, they were designed to look unfavorably upon homosexuals, yes. After my departure and the promotion of Hivefleet to lore master, however, it went a little bit beyond what I originally intended. The gays weren't really meant to go to the gulag, it was something you kept to yourself so your neighbors didn't ostracize you from the community. We're not talking about Chechnya here. Since their inception, the Tajara were designed to be a majority conservative species, and this means a different outlook on issues like homosexuality. Since 2015, actually. I don't know why it has blown up now all of a sudden, but I think it is unfair to reduce their identity simply to this one belief. I find the work camps and murder just a little too extreme. This was not my intention and could probably do with some toning down. However, at the time of their inception, Tajara were the only conservative species. Prior to 2016 and humanity's weird shift to totalitarianism, I wanted to write a species that would contrast with a more advanced, liberal-minded galaxy. Even the lizards had discovered space flight and had colonies. Their identity as a struggling, pre-space flight species is important but 'gay man bad' is not all there is to it. It is my hope that by expanding on life outside of war that a lot of this baggage will be lessened. Daily life in PRA cities not on the front lines, for example, is actually not horrible. The Cat NKVD does not come busting down doors on a whim, people aren't choking on bread and water as their sole meal. People commute to work, they stop at coffee shops and electro swing clubs. There is a semblance of normalcy. By providing a human side (hah) to the factions and what life is like living under them far from the front lines of war I hope to make it more interesting to play a Tajaran from Adhomai and not Biesel. Being a Tajaran invites tough questions about their society, yes, but there should be a counterbalance of not-war-crime-having-coffee-with-the-neighbor to prevent it from being all they are. Some condensing might be in order, but most of my planned changes I want to add to already existing articles. In this case, the Notable Tajara article could be expanded with more individuals. I was spitballing the idea of separating Tajaran culture into it's own page to allow more space to describe things like music and the arts, but to compensate pages like the Military Structures, PRA Fleet Structure and People's Intelligence Service really should be combined into one. I had considered the idea of 'further reading', or keeping the important, basic pages on the wiki and transferring the more in depth lore to a category that people could read if interest and thus prevent bloat of the important, necessary information for those who want to apply for a whitelist or gain a simple understanding of the species. While I was scouring for the original revisions I did for Tajara back in the day I did notice most other species have much less pages than the Tajara, and I understand that that amount of information will likely be imposing to new players and old alike. The concept of a drop-down menu hiding further reading pages that people can peruse at their own leisure may do well to combat the immediate bloat visible. I intend to give attention to nomads, tribals and rural farmers as well. I want to showcase the discrepancy of technology and quality of living between the big cities and those who still observe traditional methods of living. The wiki briefly touches on the Rock Nomads, for example, but a more concise and pointed description of the daily life of your average dirt farmer or mountain nomad would help to give these groups more substance.
  3. Ckey/BYOND Username: SueTheCake Discord Name: Sue#5478 Position Being Applied For: Tajara Deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: I created the basis for the current iteration of Tajaran lore, and thus was in charge of whitelists and news articles and so on back in the day. Examples of Past Work: Tajara, Circa 2015 Adhomai, Circa 2015 Additional Comments: Having wrote a very rough draft of Tajaran lore that has been molded throughout the years amuses me greatly; I am very pleased to have been a part of something and contributed a small portion of a community project that went places I couldn't have imagined nearly five years ago. After a long hiatus from Space Station 13 and a lot of time spent working and doing boring adult things, I am eager to return and potentially contribute again. With nothing but a few paragraphs to go on, the dedicated lore developers and contributors have expanded Tajaran far beyond what I had ever initially imagined. That being said, there are areas that could do with some more attention, and this is the sort of lore I would like to touch on. Much focus has been placed on the Tajaran factions and militaries and all of the available pages greatly reflect this. Additional information regarding flora and fauna, and places of education is all well and good but I feel as though the other parts of Tajaran culture could do with some love. Things that do not have to do with the war. Music, art, literature - and not just these concepts, but notable Tajaran who are not war heroes, generals, or party officials. There is a great lack of them on the associated page; a single artist and a single band stand out among a majority war-focused assortment of characters. Facets of Tajaran life that do not involve constant warfare could very much do with expansion, giving Tajaran on the station greater understanding of their cultural heritage beyond bombs, bullets, and pseudocommunism. While the War differentiates Tajaran from many other species in the galaxy due to their still ongoing navigation of self-determination, I feel as if most Tajaran have been reduced to an embodiment of the conflict; probing questions from other species about Adhomai's conflicts can create great roleplay but if you ask a Tajaran about their life outside of the war, there is not much left to be equally interesting. The history of Tajaran education and technology is also equally important. Each collegiate and university has a small little blurb but given the state of Tajaran development prior to first contact and the influx of new, alien technology, there is plenty of room for expansion on existing concepts. How the Tajaran adapt to imports, how they have incorporated it into their daily lives. A prime example of this would be how the holonet and television granted the government(s) both better control over what their population sees, how they disseminate propaganda, and how it put the primary method of communication (that being radio) before it on the decline. Radio drama stars reduced to penniless beggers thanks to the monopoly of prime time television, how rural Tajaran struggle with disparate technology levels compared to large cities... inventions that the Tajaran themselves might be able to contribute. Tajaran academics, scientists, civilian contributors both as a result of the war and independent of it. In short, my goal is to expand Tajaran beyond an all-consuming identity of war and funny Rolf memes. I want Tajaran players to be able to appropriately envision Tajaran society, whether that be on the battlefield or in the gulag, standing in line to get your rations or far back from the front line where you can sit in the comfort of your home with your brand new automobile in the driveway, relax on the sofa and turn on the television so you can watch your daytime soap. Or even offworld, in the streets of Little Adhomai, where cultures have mixed in the melting pot. Now consider me or suffer the almighty three shoe beating.
  4. It has to do with addressing Schwann's strawman, which requires a response. Aliens are whitelisted and restricted in harsher ways than numbers; contractors will not be whitelisted, they cannot get paperwork like the Avowal form the Vaurca use because they're already sent to the station - as such they need to be limited in a less intrusive, simpler way.
  5. NanoTrasen is not a government entity and the comparison is incorrect. Equally, those restrictions already exist for aliens the Company does not want elevated to certain positions: Zhan cannot be heads, only M'sai and Njarir. NanoTrasen and humanity has a cordial and beneficial relationship with Jargon, NanoTrasen invested significantly in the PRA and the war on Adhomai, including technology, the NKA doesn't get liasons or anyone really capable of doing anything, and Vaurca defended Mendell from a Liidra invasion if my memory serves. Find+Replace doesn't work because the circumstances are different.
  6. It literally isn't just targeting Necropolis Industries.
  7. I mean, so was Crevus, which equally didn't make sense in the established setting. Then it was changed later. After suggestions...?
  8. I've explained why hiring contractors from your direct competitors and giving them free reign is a bad idea. Dunno how that's just 'because'. I get along fine with contractor characters. None of them 'make me mad' or 'I don't like it'. It doesn't make sense with the established setting. This is incorrect. Factually and blatantly incorrect. Even in the opening post I address how other contractors outside of security can equally compromise NanoTrasen's research and products, and I don't know why people have failed to either read that statement or comprehend my words. KAs are made with phoron and other in-house developed, prototype, pre-mass-production technology. Science supplies medical new equipment, chemlab can create new chemical mixes, engineering works on prototype and trademarked engineering systems, the list can go on and on. This is not simple security and I find it irritating for it to be dismissed out of hand as such.
  9. I do not think 'realistically' can be applied here because there is no direct comparison for any kind of company like NT in our actual lives. Megacorporations of that extent simply do not exist, and there have been cases of contractors fucking over current companies anyway. Like the Capital One data breach lmaooooo. Either way, NT is very wealthy due to their monopoly on phoron-related products and keeping their trade secrets... secret should be important for them. As for the argument about characters, it personally doesn't move me very much. I do not like, nor do I prescribe to the idea that people should be entitled to do something simply because. I cannot play the game at all when Security is full, as I have no alternate well-established character. That is life. Sometimes, things do not go the way you want them to. Sometimes, things are not fair. I don't make a suggestion to increase security slots so I can play. And, as for Heph players in science or what have you, I've already explained. Hephaestus is an industrial supplier. Science makes plenty of tech for mining, including tech using phoron. This isn't a stretch by any means. Science supplies Medical with new biomedical tech, and so on.
  10. I realize that a vast majority of players greatly enjoy playing their contracted characters, but as of late it has become apparent (especially in Security) that there are way too many than what should be reasonable for a station such as the Aurora. As such, I suggest that we limit the amount of contractors that can be played per round. The Aurora should be staffed primarily by NanoTrasen employees, and not outsourced individuals. Contracted employees should not supplement the company workforce. An abundance of contractors in departments such as Science and Security is a direct threat to NanoTrasen's work. The Aurora is the only Phoron research station in Tau Ceti space (according to the wiki). Having the vast majority of Science staff be contractors presents a risk to the company, since these individuals are in most cases the company's competitors. Equally, an abundance of contractors in Security gives them the ability to view the entire station and its personnel records, short of the SAT area, leaving the door open for that information to slip out to competitors. NanoTrasen is a phoron research company and a biomedical company. They also produce food products and weapons. This falls under the interest of competitors such as Zheng-Hu, Necropolis Industries, Hephaestus and Einstein Engines. Weapons tech, biomedical research, phoron combustion technology, Supermatter... you get the idea. Thusly I propose we limit contractors in one of two ways (that I've managed to think about idk): Two contractors per department, per shift. No more 3 NI officers, 2 EPMCS, 1 Idris Detective and the only NT staff being the Head of Security. Limit an X amount of contractors per round, rather than per department. 5? 6? Not sure what would be the best. There may be more elegant solutions to this but I think a hard cap of some kind is in order. We're a NanoTrasen station, second behind the Upsilon. It should be majority NT staff.
  11. I don't like this suggestion in the slightest. Personally I find nothing wrong with the way security is laid out or operates currently and find suggestions to change an otherwise properly functioning system motivated by the wrong reasons. You shoulder a lot of power on the HoS yourself but the fact of the matter is that they are a whitelisted player who has no more authority out of their area than anyone else and if anyone is acting like Judge Dredd and holding the Captain and the rest of the Command team hostage you should probably ahelp it or make a player complaint. Introducing government actors to the station will create headaches and believability issues. What will happen if there are no Scouts, or no members of Security? Officers are trained for the worst case scenario but the majority of expected work they deal with is 17 year old assistants, yes. Just because every other round is exploding cultist changeling antagonists does not mean in-universe it happens with the same frequency. It is logical officers are trained to deal with worst case scenarios like boarders but they will realistically scarcely use that training. Equally, if a military force is already on station, what is the purpose of an ERT or TCFL call...?
  12. I played in this round. I was the one who messaged Oliver Roadman about the AI, and thus the logs mentioned in the post where he did not want to address the issue or fix the AI. Personally I cannot fathom why Oscar was talked to for this. The AI was acting odd all round, disrupting normal station operations, encouraging people to break into secure areas (ie the vault) and fight in the holodeck (it claimed 'not to the death' but science built lethal guns and caused significant damage to bystanders in the process). And given the history of unshackled AIs, I couldn't understand why everyone was so blase about something that has access to the entire station going nutty. Even if the AI wasn't going 'murderbone', it was trying to provoke people into violence by proxy, especially by letting random people shoot each other and loot the armory, too. If anything needed addressing that round I felt it was the rest of the crew's RP. They didn't bother to take into account the fact letting a rampant AI run wild on their company's station and doing all that, you know, illegal stuff would probably get them fired. How do they pay bills with no job? Would they be criminally charged? Nothing resembling real logic was at play here. There was no simple justification of 'well we're just playing along so it doesn't kill us' except from Kaden. Everyone else just didn't give a shit and let the AI do what it wanted, damn the consequences. Shoot their co-workers, rob the vault, steal equipment, upgrade their IDs - free for all. Also I apologize if this reply is out of order. The main subforum says only reply if involved. Delete me if unnecessary!
  13. As a security player of a (long)? time period, I am alright with testing this change. My concern isn't with gameplay, or flow, or anything like that; I simply do not like the idea of not having a department channel anymore, and I do not like the idea of security not answering to the HoS. The HoS should not have their authority gimped; I work a job that has security officers present. The HR person in the building, or the freight team lead - they don't issue orders to the TPS guys. They have their own lead and chain of command who responds, and if we need security, we call them. As it is, basically. They also have their own radio channel. Being able to effectively communicate to call the 'general' officer for assistance or relay information is important. Security is already divided and mandated to stay in their respective departments; removing radio chat is utterly antithetical to A) common sense and B) security play in general. Why do all the other departments get their own radio channels at that point...? Otherwise, I like the idea of spending time in a department and becoming that 'regular' sec officer and such, but the CoC changes and the removal of a massively important communication tool is more difficult to swallow. Edit: Forgot to say, as per discussions on Discord/with Fowl, if SoP dictates the HoS the defacto authority in elevated alert levels and department heads in green, I am fine with that also. I just don't like the removal of the radio.
  14. Susan

    Changes to cloning

    Cloning doesn't need to be changed. Cloning is cheap and easy because death in Space Station 13 is easy. One 20 brute damage bullet can and will kill you. If you want to make cloning arbitrarily difficult, then you'd need to change the entire game system from how easy it is to die to how damaging certain things are - because in this game, death has always been cheap and unfulfilling. It is how it was designed. It was not designed with HRP in mind. It was designed with low RP shenanigans in mind, where getting farted on can kill you. This game is designed for that, despite changes to it. Core mechanics remain the same. Gimping cloning would necessitate rebalancing to not be an utter garbage experience. SS13, from its outset, was not created to serve the purpose HRP servers try to make it fill. Leave the core mechanics alone, or change everything. Cloning is fine just as it is. Blame bad RP on the players, not the mechanics.
  15. I'd just like to point out that police men are taught if they're ever forced to draw their weapon it has to be with the intent to kill. Shooting someone lethally to 'maim' them is cruel and unusual and illegal. If you tell someone to use lethal force, then you need to expect them to use it to kill someone. A lethal weapon is dangerous and it shouldn't be drawn if you don't intend to kill.
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