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  1. Edit: I've spoken with the applicant at length in private and they were calm, level-headed, and our competing viewpoints came to a middle ground, which is a rarity indeed when dealing with members of the lore staff. I tentatively would like to +1 this app, for as worthless as my opinion is, and I am sure they will approach Tajara lore with the grace and expert navigation required.
  2. I have to say, personally, I am not impressed with this application. The vast majority of your additional comments and even your first example are laser-focused around the status of LBGT characters in Tajara lore; this is, in reality, a footnote in the overall design of the species and given how unreasonable and political the discourse and public opinion has been around this facet, spending so much of your application focusing on it reads to me as a narrow-minded take on the breadth of Tajara lore. The fact that you even need to clarify you are not a bigot in reality is emblematic of a pr
  3. Short of metagaming and shoving them in an incinerator or lopping their head off, they effectively are; what I am saying, clearly, is for a changeling who is lasered to death to stay dead.
  4. If it becomes this easy to produce more changelings, then they should no longer be unkillable.
  5. President Hadii Sends Reinforcements to the Republic of Tau Ceti! 15.11.2462 Following upsetting news of the Solarian Alliance amassing military might on the border of Tau Ceti, we were told by the State Department that President Hadii was briefed by a crack team of advisors on foreign policy and the military on the matter. After several hours of discussion, our glorious leader, calm and collected, gathered reporters and adoring citizens so that he could comment on the situation. His speech, broadcasted from the historic Victory Square in the middle of Nal'tor, was framed
  6. Supreme Commander Nated Denounces Solarian Tyranny! An emergency meeting was called earlier today in Shastar City; the National Assembly was hastily gathered and an informal session of government was held under the guidance of Supreme Commander Nated over a matter that was deemed of ‘significant national importance’. News of the death of the Solarian Prime Minister Michael Frost prompted this hasty response so that the government might quickly come together in a debate over the consequences this might have not only for Adhomai, but also for the galaxy at large. After a short few hour
  7. Reporting Personnel: Ana J. Roh'hi'tin Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Crime Scene Investigator Game ID: Unknown Personnel Involved: Cart Kanara - Corporate Liason, Offender Secondary Witnesses: Avery Bell, Detective - Witness Time of Incident: N/A Location of Incident: NSS Aurora Overview of the Incident: Here we are, once again. In less than a week since she last filed an incident report against Mr. Kanara's gross misconduct as a corporate liaison, he has seen fit to abuse the authority and power of his office as a member of the corpor
  8. Reporting Personnel: Ana J. Roh'hi'tin Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Crime Scene Investigator Game ID: Unknown Personnel Involved: Cart Kanara - Corporate Liason, Offender Gerard Greyswandir - CCIAA, Offender Caroline Jameson - CCIAA, Offender The Entire CCIAA Division, Offender Secondary Witnesses: Rajjurl Al-Thaalzir - Head of Security Eris Vahziran - Emergency Medical Tech Time of Incident: N/A Location of Incident: NSS Aurora Overview of the Incident: It is the expectation of many employees that the officials of
  9. ERTs are the only thing preventing 30 people being beholden to the power fantasy of 5 typically not-very-adequate, subpar, average (or worst case scenario, equally valid-salad) antagonists. It's grating how a consistent theme I see not just in this roleplay community but many others is an aversion to consequence. Not everything needs to 'enhance a round'. Getting sucked by a changeling doesn't enhance a round, it is a consequence of playing secret. Do not expect everyone to throw themselves on the sword for the antag so they can have a good round at the expense of their victims. No, gett
  10. While visible to station cameras. If you're in maint or anywhere without cameras you cannot be tracked.
  11. It already is, in a way. If you disable suit sensors, you can only be tracked while visible. People who have sensors set to full can even be tracked in areas with non-camera coverage because you know their exact coordinates. Just buy an agent ID.
  12. I'm not for this, but I'm also not for any changes to make conversion runes instant death or quicker death; you're forgetting the fact this means cultists would use them tactically to murder people instead of converting them as well. They would supplant the actual rune that needs multiple people for that.
  13. Yeah, but like... this refers back to my earlier point about people having a 'presence'. You detect other people around you with all 5 senses. Just because my back turns doesn't mean you're suddenly invisible. You make noise. You breathe. You smell. You have a presence. It's really gamey to turn away and have people vanish from reality. I have a neck. I can turn my head independent of my body...
  14. CSI kit for borg is a non-starter. They will take our roleplay and job away: here's why: Every other module has an independent purpose and function. They bolster (but do not supplant) the departments they are assigned to. They do not overwrite other people's jobs or step on toes, given that engineering/medical/civilian gets a lot of work throughout the round. Basically, the existing modules can independently create your own roleplay. Clerical, however, has no real independent function and basically has to be chained to someone to justify existence. It only serves to be someone's paperwork
  15. @Myazaki Footsteps indicators are good. I feel like that would really negate most of my issues with this; it feels, currently, that it's just like you have a wall right behind you and the only indication of anyone's presence is if they speak. Perhaps if you turn away from someone, mobs stay but slowly fade away after a few moments?
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