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  1. ERTs are the only thing preventing 30 people being beholden to the power fantasy of 5 typically not-very-adequate, subpar, average (or worst case scenario, equally valid-salad) antagonists. It's grating how a consistent theme I see not just in this roleplay community but many others is an aversion to consequence. Not everything needs to 'enhance a round'. Getting sucked by a changeling doesn't enhance a round, it is a consequence of playing secret. Do not expect everyone to throw themselves on the sword for the antag so they can have a good round at the expense of their victims. No, getting killed is typically a consequence of an action, and the arrival of an ERT is a consequence of not pre-empting their arrival or necessitating them being called in the first place. I have seen ERTs routed, even the dreaded Phoenix Team. It is not implausible. What is implausible is the crew going monkey mode and becoming Vietnam-era soldiers as they routinely do, or NT abandoning their station to burn with a big old shrug of their shoulders. 'Enhancing roleplay' is such a loaded term, anyway. It is ridiculously subjective.
  2. While visible to station cameras. If you're in maint or anywhere without cameras you cannot be tracked.
  3. It already is, in a way. If you disable suit sensors, you can only be tracked while visible. People who have sensors set to full can even be tracked in areas with non-camera coverage because you know their exact coordinates. Just buy an agent ID.
  4. I'm not for this, but I'm also not for any changes to make conversion runes instant death or quicker death; you're forgetting the fact this means cultists would use them tactically to murder people instead of converting them as well. They would supplant the actual rune that needs multiple people for that.
  5. Yeah, but like... this refers back to my earlier point about people having a 'presence'. You detect other people around you with all 5 senses. Just because my back turns doesn't mean you're suddenly invisible. You make noise. You breathe. You smell. You have a presence. It's really gamey to turn away and have people vanish from reality. I have a neck. I can turn my head independent of my body...
  6. CSI kit for borg is a non-starter. They will take our roleplay and job away: here's why: Every other module has an independent purpose and function. They bolster (but do not supplant) the departments they are assigned to. They do not overwrite other people's jobs or step on toes, given that engineering/medical/civilian gets a lot of work throughout the round. Basically, the existing modules can independently create your own roleplay. Clerical, however, has no real independent function and basically has to be chained to someone to justify existence. It only serves to be someone's paperwork assistant and nothing else. If you want my real honest take, CSI or Journalist fixes would not do anything, they would just create a new problem. No other module would step on toes like them; CSI and Journalist are very independent single-person roles and especially Journalist has their own gimmick that they probably want to do without having to cater something that is basically dead weight outside of the very narrow application it would have. If people want to keep clerical, I mean - I've been disappointed plenty by a ton of changes that have happened. Wanting something old, outdated and underused to remain is not really an actual objective reason to keep it. You can't always get what you want etc et al and hamfisting changes that create new problems isn't an answer from the way I'm looking at it. Basically, modules like rescue or surgery help Surgeons or Paramedics but do not overtake them because they can't do everything. Say, you give clerical CSI tools. Either you allow them to pick the cards and stuff up with the gripper (which, like, you'd have to, because evidence makes 500 objects) so that means they can run results by themselves and replace CSI without actually supporting them OR it can't pick up evidence with its gripper and leaves a mess behind of 10 fingerprint cards and 6 fiber bags: useless. In short: Other modules cannot do everything their man job can do. This is why human workers are better. A CSI borg would do everything a CSI can but better, whereas a rescue module cannot replace a Paramedic because Paramedics can do more than them. If I want a borg to help me, I'll get a borg to help me. I don't want to be saddled with them because they have such a narrow application they have to do my job for me. This doesn't fix the main issue of clerical needing to be up someone's bunghole to be relevant. Other cyborg modules are completely independent. You can be in a department with nobody or anybody.
  7. @Myazaki Footsteps indicators are good. I feel like that would really negate most of my issues with this; it feels, currently, that it's just like you have a wall right behind you and the only indication of anyone's presence is if they speak. Perhaps if you turn away from someone, mobs stay but slowly fade away after a few moments?
  8. I'll say what I said before: patrolling maint is not and never will be an issue. As for taking all the items and putting them locked away in the armory? Powergaming, officers shouldn't do it.
  9. I do not like this. Vision is not anywhere near realistically simulated in this game. You look at it from a top-down perspective with a serious limit on how far you can see (like 7 tiles) when realistically I should be able to stare all the way down the hallway at traitor mcman. There is absolutely no way for SS13 to properly simulate the five senses we have in reality. You don't really need to be looking at someone to know they're there. Humans tend to have a presence, a sort of unquantifiable sensation you get when you know someone is, say, staring at you for too long or coming up on you. You smell people. You hear them. You can sense them. You can't do this in game. None of this game has been balanced with limited visibility in mind.
  10. I find this more palatable. I have no qualms with this revised decision.
  11. I don't particularly agree with this decision; what you've said is basically 'even if you have a degree and the education necessary, you are pigeonholed by what your ID says', and considering 'your character has gone to medical school' is the basis for other administrative action taken despite the fact this ruling means 'going to medical school' has no substantive effect, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Ultimately, if that's the ruling, that's the ruling. I'm not going to drag it out. You can close it; I just won't like it.
  12. Five Dead, Several Injured at Bloodstorm Concert! An impromptu event by the controversial band Bloodstorm turned violent late last night. Performing out of a warehouse in District Six, the crowd numbered well over the building’s maximum occupancy at over one thousand. Mendell Police responded to calls of shots fired in the middle of the band’s performance; by the time officers arrived at the warehouse, the suspected shooters had already fled the scene. We spoke to several witnesses who were present at the concert at the time of the shooting; each described a scene of abject terror and panic as unidentified gunmen stormed the venue, calling the concertgoers ‘degenerates’. Five fatalities were confirmed following the melee and subsequent shooting, with area clinics and hospitals becoming inundated with several wounded civilians. Mendell Police are investigating these deaths as homicides. Our reporters caught up with officers at the scene. While they would not comment on ongoing investigations, Mendell Police Department’s public relations team provided us with this statement: “The Mendell City Police Department takes the safety of its citizens seriously. Late last night, at around 0100 hours, we responded to calls of shots fired at an abandoned warehouse in District Six. While suspects fled the scene, our officers are working diligently to uncover leads and ensure that incidents like this do not happen again. Any members of the public with knowledge of the suspects or the concert are asked to come forward and dial the Mendell Police Tip Hotline. There may be a reward for information leading to arrests.”
  13. Why do the mercs need the nuke replaced to begin with? Giving them a free exosuit negates the exosuit beacon you have to pay uplink crystals for. Not a fan. Nuke doesn't need to be replaced. It had no real combat function beyond using it to powergame and prevent any substantial response from the station.
  14. I've addressed these sort of points in the main post, and I disagree with this take.
  15. I've had a lot of fun cucking Awra Nixon in their attempts to keep tabs on NT's phoron capacity. I endorse Nope63.
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