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trick of the trade

tajara application (second edit)

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BYOND Key: trick of the trade


Species you are applying to play: tajara


character names: niki sanem (engineering apprentice)


What color do you plan on making your first alien character: gray


Have you read our lore section's page on this species? yes i have, it is in fact why i wanted to play a tajara


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race:

it is a race that is interesting in both physiological and story concept. the race has difficult history for its home planet, adhomai. playing a character that knows that she must do her best or she gets fired, can make her stressed and sometimes panic in situations that are difficult to solve which is fun and interesting, she does not want to return to adhomai that is in political instability after the second Revolution, the alien race also has a unique physiological structure (as a cat lover).


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

the fear of being at the mercy of human employment knowing that if one day if she would be fired she will be starving or worst sent back to her unstable home planet, the endurance to the tasks and trying to make enough of a living to stay above water makes the character intriguing.

a race with complicated political history,culture,education system, is a fun way to roleplay with other tajara that may be unsupportive to her and how she will try to deal with the situations as they come.

a new race is always fun to play, the different interactions with almost alien workplace can prove more difficult then a human that is familiar with all of the environment.



Please provide a short backstory for this character (Aproxomately two paragraphs) What do you like about this character?

tajara name: arikey solmat

she was born to a family that is called solmat, her father name is sakar and her mother name is selakmat and she has 2 sisters, it was always silent in their home, her father was a simple factory worker and her mother was a weaver, after the second revolution her father started to speak out openly against the nobility and the People's Republic of Adhomai, until one of arikey sisters has been beaten almost to death to show her father that he must shut his opinion to the public, arikey sister cannot walk since what has occurred.

she had a fascination with chemistry, calling it sometimes "magic" and always wanted to learn more about chemistry, learning it in simple house experiments when she was little. after she grew older joined "the school of zhan-khazan unique teaching" with a disappointment that she is only teached simple and non useful recreational experiments that she did on her own before when she was little. and the actual main educational subjects were the basic ones (math,sports and so on) and propaganda on how her race can never be able to do the high education because of lack of intelligence, one of the propaganda subjects is against what she loves to do: chemistry.

she is a Zhan-Khazan and always suppressed from racism, although she might take it in a joking manner to show disinterest in arguing, she does suffer from it by having being considered a lesser race and therefore victim of second class citizenship, having a stable education in medical school on her home planet is nearly impossible, therefore she asked for sponsorship from nanotrason to complete her education in pharmaceuticals,she was living in People's Republic of Adhomai, in a city called Dolor.

she is a shy tajara that is trying her best to keep her job,and the crew secure and safe. she will learn medical and join the NSS aurora as an intern trying to learn, however she hopes she can be promoted to pharmacist one day and have the solitude and the occupation that she likes, her interest is to have the crew know she is useful, trying to keep them safe,her shyness makes her avoid interactions with other employees,trying to stay out of anyones sight so she can not be tormented and bullied by anyone that has lesser opinion of her race.  she will sometimes try to do petty thefts ,the lack of money makes her live in poor conditions, selling any medical stuff that nobody will notice have been taken like drugs,medical supplies,syringes. trying her best to leave enough to whoever needs it .

although she does not like the revolution, she did adopt some practices that the revolution has brought, she puts doubt in nobility and she does not believe in religious practices or gods. she thinks those are the causes of her race being looked down upon.

she stands at 1.78 m tall

she is weights at 87 kg

her eyes are green

she is 24 years old

she speaks ceti basic, Delvahhi and Siik'maas

she wears a short skirt and buttoned sweater with dark brown jacket

she eats just about anything, but she likes the most hot vegtable and meat stew

about the player:i would rate my role playing abilities on high rank since i am both a D&D player and a DM, although as a player i am usually a chaotic natural alignment ,as a DM i succeeded to play a lawful good character named john (my whole group of players love john) so i am going to try to meet in the middle with my tajara and play her natural good


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i would like some criticism  if there is any, i am not trying to be lazy, i just do not have anything more come to mind and would like ideas on what to add.

i seen other application and i do not think i can achieve a wall of text that other people do.

i feel that i may have repeated myself a ton.

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typos and grammer correction

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Zhan-Khazan cannot speak more than two languages. Delvahhi and Siik'maas are not going to be mechanically possible.

How was she affected by the Dolor bombings in 2457.

Why does she feel the beliefs of Gods is what is causing people to frown upon the Tajara people, and not the near constant terrorist acts committed by the ALA, the constant state of war, the overwhelming poverty, or the systemic oppression of Zhan-Khazan, homosexuals, subversive elements, and rejection of Human megacorps and emplacement of Almarism leading the Tajara people to isolationist policies?

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I request for this topic to be closed and archived,I'm not exprinced enough to write a full backstory.

Also I request a lore dev or alb to help me again when I'm not stressed on vaction(alb you helped me pretty well I just picked the wrong time to request help)

Cheers : ),

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