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  1. I would enjoy if the world in aurora would have some minor world building persistence between each round, a misplaced tool here, a shotgun shell there that sort of stuff done by players. I know coding is hard and I am no position to ask grand changes like the world littrly retains the map between each round, not to mention how impossible it is in a multiplayer setting, but a few tiny things might be nice. I made D&D campaings where time and movement doesnt stop or reset, every action is permenment and changes the world in some way and for me a roleplay game that doesnt have it le
  2. Oh, alright then. I will come to discord everyonce in awhile.
  3. Even though I got bored and left ss13 I check the forum from time to time because I like Aurora and the people here. But there's rarely new topics, am I missing a refresh button?
  4. "Welcome to NSS aurora how tough are ya?" "How tough am I? How tough am I?! (Insert random toughness)" *Chuckles "yeah, so?" (Insert ultra toughness) "RiGht ThIS wAy SiR, SoRrY fOr KePPinG yOU WaITiNg." (Fill out the blanks)
  5. ❤️ To all staff, and xelnagahunter a special thanks for you!
  6. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System):super matter creation and the Consequences with it. Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): exapnsion of super matter creation as man made material. How will this be reflected on-station? characters can have history or part in Manufacturing process of SM or can have dislike or hate towards SM and the consequences surrounding it's manufacturing. Corprote assets can include SM Specialized machinery and yield of SM. More option for player characters to detest mega corporations practices and alo
  7. Hello, there might be some people that remember me and i hope they do! I played alot of ss13 Aurora as Niki sanem then left for a few months for life reasons and now got a bad case of cringeraties. I'm hoping sharing stupid edgy cringy roleplay that I did will ease my pain and make a few people laugh and cure me from my cringeraties, hopefully also get me back playing ss13. For starters, I love this community! As a D&D player and DM I got hooked on ss13 and in turn on Aurora, it came to the point I spent every spare time on the game, I might of come off annoying or aggres
  8. Poison can be good too and instead of applying through a syringe( which doesn't make much sense to me) how about putting it in a rag and wiping the blade( assassin's coated blades like that in the rennasins era) with a chance to either cut yourself or what crystal said,having it have a lesser impact. But I still stand with my origeonal suggestion, poop knifes is extreamly deadly to the ignorent and poor, its the most easy thing to aquire then some high tech deadly poison. A dev should really consider this and not brush it please( I was surprised this topic is still open when I was ab
  9. i am being completly serioues about the suggestion, in vitenam people used to coat punji sticks with cow,wild animals, and even human feces, and sometimes poison. heres a link to the wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punji_stick
  10. the minor bioweapon is the same idea of vitnam punji sticks, coat sharp objects(knifes, butterfly knifes, cleavers, spears) with poop from the toilets. when the weapon is used against a living blood typed creature it increases the chance of infection and a very fast rapid proggresion of the infection, deadly if left untreated. the mechnical aspect : coating the object: take sharp object and click on the toilet, the object loses its coat after 20 minutes or 3 stabs the intrudction of the disease to the body: per skin broken a 40%-60% chance the body part infected( please note t
  11. I request for this topic to be closed and archived,I'm not exprinced enough to write a full backstory. Also I request a lore dev or alb to help me again when I'm not stressed on vaction(alb you helped me pretty well I just picked the wrong time to request help) Cheers : ),
  12. i would like some criticism if there is any, i am not trying to be lazy, i just do not have anything more come to mind and would like ideas on what to add. i seen other application and i do not think i can achieve a wall of text that other people do. i feel that i may have repeated myself a ton.
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