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A delightfully curious idea.


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A few days ago, in the yawning hours of the morning, i was inspired. I tiredly worked something out and passed the fuck out.

Now, right now, i have a more complete idea of what the hell I'm doing with this idea.


A intergalactic war has raged for one hundred years constantly, consuming the entire Orion arm of the Milky Way. This was was sparked by the discovery of Plasma, and since has raged on.

Our story takes place on the ICV Hendrix, a pre-plasma heavy cargo vessel. The Hendrix was unfortunately, caught in the site of a major battle, and barely escaped.

It took a direct missile hit to it's bluespace drive just as it generated it's warp bubble, causing the already laid in course to be redirected..somewhere in the galaxy. The Hendrix, was heavily damaged from the missile hit, and is basically a floating hulk in space now.

Before this, though, the Hendrix was loaded with 400 or so cryogenically frozen people, hoping to escape the conflict.

Now, stuck in the middle of..somewhere, the intrepid crew of the Hendrix must build a station, or a colony, to survive.

Materials are no issue - they are in the Oort cloud of a un-named solar system.

TL;DR: peeps are stuck in space, must build shit to live.

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