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Ban Appeal

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Byond Account: Thyire

Ban Length: 3 Days

Admin who banned: pumpkingslice

Reason for Ban: End of Round Grieving

Reason for Appeal: I am not saying my ban was unjust. I did break a rule. I was violently assaulting a friend of mine who I know in real life. We were goofing around waiting for the round to end. I ask for my ban to be forgiven on the grounds that I will not do it again.

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I'm sorry I'm not sure what you are asking for.

Do you mean link to the rules and guidelines?


Rules 16 under Guidelines.

I got confused, and mistook your case for another that resulted in a jobban from sec, because I evidenly cannot read v.v

I'm for unbanning nevertheless, since you actually went through the effort of making an appeal and were forthcoming in admitting your fault.

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Since you have understood your mistake and made an appeal, you will be unbanned. Please refrain from end round griefing/shuttle griefing in the future.

EDIT: Appeal dealt with. Locking and archiving.

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