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[Accepted] Xevanthraxis' Unathi Application

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BYOND Key: Xevanthraxis

Character Names: Sarah Edwards, Paisly Ward, Shae’Jurlp Glubleuc, Ponoh’Vulun Kaaxi, CLEM

Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Black

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

The Unathi are an interesting change of pace compared to my other more science based characters. Being more honor bound and warrior focused. But also because of my general interest in reptiles. Being among some of my favorite animals, following one of my personal interests. 

I have been interested in reptiles since for as long as I can remember (mostly with Dinosaurs) and I thought why not apply for Unathi. Which would allow me to put myself in a roll that I have not personally had much experience with, but also to put myself into the shoes of a Unathi. 

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

The first part would be the fact that they are reptilian, their environment usually needs to be very different and they have different resistances because of this. That being heat, whilst being weak to cold due to their Cold-blooded nature. Another would be their behaviour and honor structure, soon followed by their social hierarchy. 

They behave as a mix, at times similar to reptiles on earth yet as honorable warriors from various locations around the world. Their mannerisms are different, how they interact with one another, to various situations. Such as heckling and rattling their scales when agitated or thumping their tail against the ground. Other behavioural things such as tasting the air with their tongue like snakes and some lizards do, along with also being able to clean their own eyes with said tongue. 

The society structure is too more akin to older earth civilisations than modern day ones. With males of varying classes being placed in a pyramid structure, whilst women are at the bottom. Being treated as respectfully valued property. And below them, the Guwan. 




Character Name: Aasethiks Kuth’Rex

Please provide a short backstory for this character:

Aasethiks when he was younger was smaller than average for a male born in the year 2416 , and also thinner. Possessing snake like features unlike most of the other males in the clan. Because of this in his early years he was treated as a bit of a runt, picked on and bullied by others of the same age due to their larger size. However, Aasethiks didn’t take this lightly and strove to improve himself. He grew quickly, tall and lithe and became a great warrior, not through strength but speed and agility. Making him an excellent hunter. 

By the age of 21 he had managed to make a name for himself, managing to be one who sold various meats of the wildlife of Moghes. And was eventually married to a Kathes Vehk’aahk. However, on the same year - 2437 - the Ourean Catalyst upset his clan along with many and despite the words of his wife, he joined the Traditionalist Coalition. However accepted to stay within the clans region, to help support his own growing family. 

However, On September 5th, 2439, as the nuclear exchange occurred. Aasethiks was out hunting. Only to hear the loud deafening explosion in the distance. 5 seconds, 10...20. At the 30th second a shockwave hit him sending him back a good couple of feet. However his mind had no concern for himself, but that of his family. He rushed back to his clan’s village, only to find many homes destroyed, including his own. He managed to worm himself inside, only to find that his wife had been crushed, having managed to save both of his children. 

He and those who survived the blast soon left. Wandering into the wasteland. He gave both his children to one of his siblings. Before announcing himself as Guwandi; before wandering into the wastes. As he wandered the wasteland, fighting each battle with the desire to lose but fighting to win; after the 5th opponent he soon began to doubt himself. Would he ever be able to lose? What was the point in this if the outcome never arrives? A mixture of starvation and dehydration started to meddle with his mind as he soon began to realise there was no point in his actions if he believed he couldn’t lose. And he became lost. Both in the wasteland and in himself. Believing that his people were wrong for doing what they did, damning themselves to oblivion with whatever infernal weapons were used. 

As the years went on he would come across 3 more opponents, and only came close to losing once out of the total 8 over the course of the 4 years. Mostly due to his sanity wavering as he began to become feral. Lost in his own head as survival instinct took over. 

It was towards the end of the 4th year that a Landcrawler would stumble across the semi-emaciated Unathi, and took him aboard. Over the next month or two he would heal of any infectious wounds and would soon begin to put on weight.

Here he would learn of areas outside of his home system. And possible things he could do. He kept the name Guwandi, but his time in the wasteland, isolation and various delusions due to dehydration and starvation made him forget the honor of Guwandi. And this he kept it when he left Moghes aboard a nanotrasen vessel, before heading to the frontier. 

Here he would wonder, exploring as he went. But also challenging the odd being who tried him on for size; now mostly out of simple necessity, using it as a way to keep himself together. He would easily put them down and soon managed to gain the attention of a local Raider gang. To which he gladly joined, finding a use for himself once more despite its moral implications. He would do various things that today he is not proud off. But there is one thing he despises the raiders for most. 

It was one specific job, to simply take over a freighter and take the liquid fuel aboard. And then sell that off to the highest bidder. It went well at first, the raiders managed to commander the vessel, however a member of the Raider gang who did not like Aasethiks started to get violent. Aasethiks, still with the title of Guwandi, took to the challenge with what honor he had left. Only for the Raider to pull a gun on him. Aasethiks managed to dodge the shot, only for the shot to hit one of the various fuel lines. 

In that moment, the 5 raiders were either killed or badly wounded, with Aasethiks being the 6th. The surviving raiders left him and the other 5 for dead. In the void of space, and missing half of his face and arm, Aasethiks soon blacked out. And when he awoke he was enraged. Saved by the original owners of the freighter, they had managed to get him medical attention. Giving him a synthetic arm. Outranged, he swung  for those around him, badly injuring 3 medical staff in the process. But thankfully not killing anyone and was detained for a further week before being deported back to Moghes. Something he did not enjoy all that much.

Here he still kept the title of Guwandi, and tracked down those he had brought into this world. He would find them, neither of them recognising him as their own father. Whilst this did hurt him, he was glad that his sibling had managed to bring them up in his stead. He would then leave once more into the wasteland. 

Over the next 8 years he would travel from clan to clan, trying to offer his own services, however upon learning he had a prosthetic he was cast out. And was almost officially a Guwan if he was not already a Guwandi. He would soon come across a strange village. Around it were defenses, and signs of battle. Around him he saw various Unathi with their horns removed and on par with a small militia. 

At the centre of the small village he would hear shouting. Not violent, but loud, commending. The man shouting would be a priest, holding up a journal as he preached about how he was the messiah, and how each and every Unathi was damned if they did not redeem themselves in the eyes of Sk'akh.

At first he did not care, but upon hearing more of the sermons given by this man, he discovered his honor once more, realising that his faith was misplaced; and that it is because the Unathi are damned did they lose their way; as he did himself. He soon then went to the Reavers. Wishing to protect those who could not protect themselves, and also to help redeem others as he could not be redeemed himself. It is here that he takes back his original clan’s name. 

Over the next three he would travel around Moghes as a Reaver, before leaving the planet once more. Here he would soon gain his title of hunter once more. Helping those in need wherever he can. 

By 2459 he would enter Tau Ceti space, realising he could not do what he did in the Frontier, he thought of other ways he could help. And instead became a security officer aboard the NtCC ODIN. And, in the year 2461, transferred to the NtSS Aurora. 

What do you like about this character?

I like this character as it helps me branch out into a role I haven’t done before. Allowing me to get acquainted and learn different mechanics within the game. Both as a different occupation, but also as a different race. Allowing me to further my own abilities both game wise and also roleplaying wise. 

I also find the Unathi an interesting race and different to the two I am mainly used too (Humans and Skrell), hence why I think it will allow me to improve my roleplaying ability. 

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I have been roleplaying for a good portion of my life now (a good 7 years), both in games and also various tabletop systems and this year Space station 13. Going through the odd sever, before finding Aurora itself. 

I would put myself at around 8/10 on my ability. 


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Its a +1 for me, I know Xeven and enjoy their Skrell characters greatly. They are very capable when it comes to roleplay and their characters are interesting. I know they've read their lore as I've been researching the Unathi in depth alongside them on discord.

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+1, Ponoh is a good calamari, and is always fun to chat and RP with. This is probably true for their other characters but I rarely see them.

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I'm sorry for the crazy delay.

Your story has some good beats and I appreciate the journey they have gone on. I was originally concerned about the status of guwandi early on; to be Guwandi means they spend every moment that they can seeking suicide by combat. Every battle would be fought to win, but with the desire to lose. It seems like while he was a Guwandi he was more of a general lost-warrior? Can you tell me some more about that?

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I have given the app a little edit, I've put that part in Italics for you; but yes the idea was that he would become lost - mostly due to the lack of faith towards his own race as he wandered the wasteland as a Guwandi, becoming subcoming to the elements somewhat. He would then rekindle that faith as he descoverd the Si'akh heresy, realising that he misjudged himself as well as his own people,

if there are any other questions I will be happy to answer!

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