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  1. BYOND Key: Xevanthraxis Character Names: Ponoh'Vulun Kaaxi, Soolux Vushon, Ka'Akaix'Nuurg Zo'ra, Botch, Uorithsk Kuza Species you are applying to play: Tajara, M’Sai What color do you plan on making your first alien character: White Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: The main part would be the general extensive military history of the Tajaran race. Whilst I don’t usually have a large interest in actual history, I like the odd sci-fi twist to things within said history. War of the Worlds being one of them. With the Tajaran being within an era similar to the world wars of Earth, when first contact was made, it added to the sci-fi spin with the off world technology the various rebels were equipped with. (D'as'ral Massacre). This along with the various factions that the Tajara have is a good background to have for various character concepts and also holds roleplaying potential whilst in game. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The first main difference would be the caste system, and various distinct subspecies. Those being Hharar, Zhan, M’sai and Njarir. With the ruling class (Njarir) being controlling of the other subspecies. They are also different in terms of society, as they resemble humans in the first half of the 1900s; this compared to humans now in 2462 is a massive jump, with Tajara having to deal with the uplifting. The more obvious differences would be that of their biology, with each of the sub-races having filled their own unique niches on Adhomai. Character Name: Nashka H’Kashunir Please provide a short backstory for this character: Nashka H’Kashunir was born on the year 2439 near the city of Barj’ar within a small town. Both of her parents were M’Sai and too born within the same general area. The father Kha’hahier, and mother Ahnasaa; along with 2 brothers, one being 19 and the other 17. And went through her early years mostly with her mother, barely seeing her father or older brothers as they were stationed across the north of Harr’masir. For her early years she was mostly homeschooled by her mother. Only seeing her father and brothers only a few times per year, and soon gained an interest in mechanics, from vehicles to various contraptions and weapon mechanics. However, in 2450 when Azunja and his loyalists began their rebellion against the People’s Republic; her family split. Her father and brothers moved north to Tunguska, staying with her mother within the now NKA controlled Barj’ar. This brought her confusion in her early life, as at this time her mother was still uncertain of the NKA and thought Nashka to be cautious of those around them now. Leading to her now cautious nature. Over the next few years she began to deviate towards education that would eventually lead her into Mechatronics, with her mother at least still driving her towards a military career. When she enlisted she stayed within the portion of logistics and engineering. However by 2460 both her and her mother moved from Adhomi when both her father and brothers became MIA; with it being unknown what happened to them or where. Save for somewhere within the north of Harr’masir. She now lives within Little Adhomi with her mother. What do you like about this character? I like this character as it gives me the chance to play a roll I have yet to play with (Mechatronic Engineer) but also gives me the chance to involve myself with the RP that revolves around Tajaran politics. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would rate my ability around 8 out of 10 on most days, having been roleplaying for around 6 years now on various platforms and games.
  2. BYOND Key: Xevanthraxis Character Names: Ponoh'Vulun Kaaxi, Soolux Vushon, Botch, Ka'Akaix'Nuurg Zo'ra, Species you are applying to play: Dionae What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A light green with the odd slightly blue leaf. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I wish to play this race simply because it interests me greatly with the overall concept despite the lack of lore compared to other species; even so what lore there is has given me great interest. This comes down to how they behave and how it’s influenced by experiences they’ve gained over their lifespans. A good example of this would be the pests of titan prime. The general idea of the Dionae was the first thing that made me interested, and upon reading more about them The pests, the spirits of the Oasis and the Viscerabelt. Have given me a few ideas. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: First things first would be the biological differences, being closer to earth plants. They can also take most forms of matter around them and process it into nutriment for themselves, such as various forms of radiation to also further this gain. There is also the fact that each ‘individual’ as a human would see it, is actually a combination of consciousnesses, with each gestalt being multiple beings, rather than just one. The way Dionae also learn is too different. As each Nymph of a gestalt learns separately. So if a Nymph splits, the Gestalt as a whole could experience mild amnesia until said nymph returns. Their social interactions with others is possible, however they are slow speaking. With some languages being difficult or almost impossible to speak due to the physical limitations of their speed. Character Name: Drinks from the Mirage Please provide a short backstory for this character: Drinks from The Mirage would be a gestalt originating from Moghes, born into one of the Oasis clans, specifically Clan Dorviza; being grown like any of the other Nymphs, however was quickly adopted by a young Unathi my the name of Kharzis Dorviza. Kharzis simply wanted a pet and friend, the original Nymph of Drinks from The Mirage would begin to learn quickly as the young unathi was taught by their mother; including the Unathi Warrior’s code. The two would soon become more like friends then owner and pet as more Nymphs began to join and form a small gestalt. By the time the Unathi was able to work, Drinks from The Mirage was comprised of 3 Nymphs. Who helped around however they could, both with the crops and tending to Dionae pods, or helping with livestock and visiting new settlements to help clear the radiation. As the Gestalt of Drinks from The Mirage became larger, it began to help with more manual labour. Helping tend to the heavier side of manual labour. Such as helping with construction, and occasionally helping Kharzis with their various daily ordeals. Soon however, when Kharzis became older, wished to leave Moghes. With Drinks from The Mirage not wanting to leave their side, the original Nymph, along with 3 others decided to come with. The rest wishing to remain and continue to help out the Clan. Kharzis and Drinks from The Mirage ended up within T’au Ceti, and eventually Mendel city. Here, the two gained citizenship. One for each of the 4 Nymphs, going through the usual chipping of each Nymph. Thankfully being a Gestalt of more than three. Over the next few years Mirage took the part of volunteering for various areas of work. Wishing to learn but also wanting to help like they did back on Moghes. This took form in various assistant type roles over various areas, which usually took the form of manual labour. With the only intricate work being that when growing crops or other plants was needed. With Drinks from The Mirage ‘s knowledge on growing plants gained from their time on Moghes. This line of work continued, before the Gestalt started to look for employed work. Which, soon lead them to various hydroponic jobs. Which however meant the Gestalt had to pass a Horticulture test to show their experience and knowledge. Soon however, Mirage soon passed it. They went from job to job, from the odd garden centre, working on crop farms; before finally ending up on the NSS Aurora; with Kharzis eventually finding work in Mendell. What do you like about this character? I like the character itself because it explores the interactions between Unathi and Dionae and their Symbiosis with the Oasis clans within the wasteland of Moghes. This allows for both more opportunities for roleplay as well as allowing myself to improve my own abilities within certain areas. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would rate it around 7 to 8/10 depending on the character. I have been RPing in various games and formats for around 6 years now so I’m fairly confident in my ability. Note: As always any feedback is welcome!
  3. The RGB would be that of Unbound that belong to Xakt's brood: being 91, 31, 0. As for their attitude towards humans, it would be that of ant race that isn't Vaurcae, and Kaa would be curious to learn about them. Not just their biology and medical treatments, but their diet, what they do from day to day etc. However with District 9 this curiosity would waver slightly, throwing the works into their otherwise chipper personality and showing Kaa that the bad side of other races. As for why they ran into the riot, at first it was simple curiosity managing to overpower the fear from the shouting, the odd gunshot etc. However when arriving on scene and actually seeing others being hurt, both her sympathy for those in pain and the training they received in VR would kick in. I may add that they got injured in somewhat when they did this, as well as a scolding from the authorities once they arrived on scene. Hope this clears up the current questions!
  4. BYOND Key: Xevanthraxis Character Names: Ponoh'Vulun Kaaxi, Soolux Vushon, Aasethiks Kuth'Rex, Mahashik Vehik, Sukak'Xunu Riori, Usezazze Han'san, Butcher Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Brown Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yez Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: There are multiple reasons why I wish to play Vaurca, one of the main reasons is I love the aesthetic of the race and overall how they work. Being an asocial sapient race is fascinating to me, having a general love of insects and bugs. Also the interactions I have had with Vaurca players has only wanted me to apply more. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: For starters it’s the clear biology. Whilst humans need mostly oxygen, Vaurca need both oxygen and Phoron to breath, having to eat kois to keep said phoron respiratory system functional. Their way of speech is also another difference, with Vaurca finding it hard to speak Ceti Basic correctly, as well as being able to communicate over the Hivenet. Their carapace is also another difference but whilst a strength can also be a weakness. Whilst strong enough to allow them to enter space without the aid of a void suit, if it is punctured they can bleed to death quicker. As well as taking more toxin damage. Their social nature also tilts them towards group gain rather than individual gain. Character Name: Ka'Akaix'Kaa Zo'ra Please provide a short backstory for this character: Kaa was born on Luthien under a Ta, who in turn was under Xact within the birthing chamber along with many of their siblings, and were born unbound. During the first 6 months of their life where they were allowed to mature, it was clear that they were both curious about their environment but also about most things in general. Always wanting to wander off somewhere else in the hive to explore; along with this, there was also the morbid curiosity of the dead. Making them excellent for reclamation. Thus, after the first 6 months, they spent around 1 year within VR, when in reality it was only a month; learning various techniques and practicing over various terrain features with the objective being reclamation. During this time, it was also found that Kaa was very sympathetic with those close to death. Even sometimes trying to help them survive where it would have been better to let them die and reclaim their implants. And on a few occasions they succeeded. After this month (1 year in VR) Kaa was set to work along with the rest of the Xact brood; however being Unbound they mostly observed until one of their many cousins or siblings required help, or - if they did not make it in time - their implants reclaimed. This continued for around 2 years. In these two years, Kaa had never really thought to look up, instead fixated on exploring the planet they were born on. However, one night when reclaiming the implants of an unfortunate worker, they decided to do just that. Look up. The night sky was clear, allowing them to see the stars that surrounded Luthien as they glistend against the abyss. It was then they decided to expand their exploration beyond the surface of Luthien. And over the next 3 years, worked on trying to leave the planet; eventually succeeding. Convincing the Ta who birthed them to take a contract off world and aboard a specific station under the company known as Nanotrasen. The Ta asked Kaa what they wished to do, to which they simply said: “Exzzzplore.” The Ta then made the decision based on Kaa’s current skill set, to have them train as a paramedic/EMT due to their Sympathetic nature, and before they left were trained such skills within VR over 3 years, around double that within VR, with them perciving 8 years of passing. Learning about the biology of other races, the base medical training, how to stabilise the other races. This allowed for Kaa to feed their curiosity, learning about new species as they learned how to help them and...well. Reclaim them if needs be. And once the training was done, with all the explanations and such taught through the VR. Kaa was set and ready to travel to Biesel. Kaa delayed this for as long as possible. Having purposefully wandered off to simply explore each and every new environment as much as possible, even going as far as entering areas civilians and such are not allowed in. Causing them to have a few legal issues before they even arrived at their current work. However, despite this they never cared; not bothered by the prospect of spending a night or two within a cell for various minor trespassing charges. However it was clear that they did not mean harm by their transgressions. By the time they arrived on Biesel it was another 2 months or so before they even set foot on Aurora. Spending these 2 months exploring the vast city of Mendell, going to each of the districts and along the way making friends within district 9. However it was in District 6 where problems arose within the crime prominent district; during the time of the armistice upon Adhomai, those unhappy with the turnout started to make their opinions public as a small riot broke out not too far from where Kaa was exploring. During this small Riot, Kaa put aside her fear of such loud noises they had yet heard; both to see what the noises were out of curiosity. But the moment they saw any injured, their training kicked into gear. Running into the fray, their slim and nimble carapace allowed for them to easily get to the injured and managed to drag them to safety before authorities arrived. Managing to save 3 individuals who were injured by the Rioters, before said riot was eventually qwelled. Soon however, they would start their intended contract; aboard the NSS Aurora. What do you like about this character? I like this character as their role would be paramedic, a role I very much enjoy playing. However I have yet to find a character I enjoy playing as a paramedic. So I hope that Kaa will be the one. Another thing would be their curiosity, generally curious about things and possibly too curious for their own good, having already a trespassing charge due to their wanton to explore. However they would have a strange complex about them, being both sympathetic to those in need, yet rather dismissive of the dead. Seeing a dead body as simply something that must be reclaimed rather than the fact that dead body used to be someone. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would rate my ability around 8 out of 10 on most days, having been roleplaying for around 6 years now on various platforms and games.
  5. +1 from me based on your roleplaying ability when you get into a character, if you can play a Skrell on equal levels of playing your current characters, I have full faith you can pull it off
  6. Probably my grammar again, What I mean by this is how they choose to follow their self preservation laws, and how one may shut themselves away from the rest of the world and become introverted, whilst another might seek solace in safety in numbers.
  7. Ahh, thank you for pointing these out for me! I've edited those areas to make more sense in the lines of how an IPC is managed, Hope this clears those questions up!
  8. BYOND Key: Xevanthraxis Character Names: Ponoh'Vulun Kaaxi, Soolux Vushon, Kin Nunuz, Aasethiks Kuth'Rex, Mahashik Vehik, Veetek Koza, Charlize Itumeleng, Sukak'Xunu Riori, Usezazze Han'san Species you are applying to play: IPC (Baseline) What color do you plan on making your first alien character: White Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I wish to play IPC as the idea of Artificial intelligence throughout sci-fi is an interest of mine, from various games such as Portal, System shock, as well as movies such as I-Robot etc. (Probably still remains one of my favorite movies to this day). But whilst the idea of being a synthetic is fun, the RP prospects also are drawing me in to write this application. With the varying political and ethical issues surrounding IPCs, it opens up various RP opportunities. From the strong opinions of Skrell and their disdain towards synthetics due to glorsh, as well as the everlasting question of: are the truly sentient? Or just smart machines. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The first thing would be the obvious, they are synthetic. They do not need what an organic would to survive. Instead they have to pay attention to other things, such as having to take heat regulation into a more practical sense; with the use of heaters or coolers as well as making sure they are powered. Another would be their self preservation laws; and how this can in turn, be less restrictive than one may think. Going as far as giving an IPC it’s character, due to how they choose to carry out these directives. Character Name: A.B.A (Butcher) Please provide a short backstory for this character: Once known as A.B.A (Animal Butcher Automaton), labeled as such by the small company who owned them at the time, Butcher carried out this one simple task of preparing animal carcasses for consumption by the many races within Tau’Ceti space. From carp, to earth cattle. They did it all. And have since retained this knowledge and skill. After 5 years of this, they were then sold off due to getting too expensive to maintain, and the small business would go out of business a short time after. At this time A.B.A would have been nicknamed ‘Butcher’ by some of the human workers, as well as a few of the other IPC workers. And would now be equipped with a generation two chassis. He would have been sold to at the time a small restaurant within Mendell’s 6th District as a permanent chef. Effectively living within the restaurant, Butcher would soon make a name for himself, the skills he learnt of A.B.A applying here with various other foods. Such as fruit and veg as well as the usual fresh meats he is used too. Over the course of a year, the cooking provided by the IPC would become liked and soon the small restaurant would grow in size both physically as well as reputation within the area. And after a few years the restaurant had gained enough income to then upgrade him up to a Baseline. Having a simple blue screen, with a lighter blue circle to represent a simple eye. Finding it allowed him to allow others to somewhat understand his meaning to words by putting emotion through this simple light blue circle. As the years went on the Restaurant’s ratings soon climbed, and had managed to secure a 4 star rating despite its location. And Butcher would soon come to be good friends with many of the regular customers, such as a specific Tajaran who worked with Nanotrasen as a Recruitment officer. He at the time had offered many times to Butcher a job with Nanotrasen; however the IPC declined time and time again. He would only agree when the IPC’s existence depended on it. It is unclear as to why the following events occurred or who is truly to blame, and Butcher no longer remembers these events, secured in records that they do not have access too. On November the 28th, 2461. The day at the Restaurant happened like any other, Butcher would active from a nights worth of slow charging, and begin the work given to him by the manager and head chef. And, he would dishes he had been accustomed to making over the past 6 years. However, towards the evening he would notice something was wrong. His motor functions had began to shut down. At first his legs, then body then arms, and lastly his head. Yet he was still aware and started to run his own diagnostics. This is when it was clear that at some point either during the day or night. Someone had uploaded malicious malware into his systems, and it had now started to act. Disabling motor functions and also any form of communication Butcher was capable of. At first those around him assumed it was a power failure due to his screen turning off. And thus two people moved to place him back to the charging port. As they were moving him he would reactive, however now with the malicious coding now in control of his major systems. The code specifically designed to directly affect his self preservation laws and his judgement. Taking the actions of his two fellow employees as threatening. He would go to defend himself, violently. Injuring them both, and as another employee came to help, injuring them as well after hitting them in the chest, and shattering 4 ribs, puncturing a lung. Soon however, a Unathi in the Restaurant at the time had managed to subdue the IPC, pinning it to the ground. Damaging both of Butchers legs, and one of his arms. Thankfully, before the IPC had taken any harmful implement in hand. And soon the IPC was shutdown. And was going to be sent for deconstruction; if it were not for the IPC’s Tajaran friend. He proposed that the IPC be mindwiped, both hopefully removing the malicious software, and also removing the thoughts of the past decade of the IPCs life. Effectively giving Butcher a new life. And thus these are the events that were carried out; with Butcher retaining the databases on culinary arts and butchery. What do you like about this character? I gained the Idea of butcher from various other characters within fiction, there are many. But it also allows me to explore areas of the game I have never even touched before. Mainly being a chef. Whilst I have played bartender a lot over the past month or so. I had never considered playing chef since this idea popped into my head. The idea of playing an IPC is also new for me, as I am mostly a skrell player. So playing the otherside of the argument I believe would be rather enlightening as well as opening up prospects for RP. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would rate it around 7 to 8/10 depending on the character. I have been RPing in various games and formats for around 6 years now so I’m fairly confident in my ability.
  9. +1, whilst I have not know them for long and only interacted with one or two of their characters, and I've enjoyed the interactions I have had with them. I believe that they have enough knowledge to pull off roleplaying as a skrell.
  10. +1, as a bartender player myself It can either get very busy or very empty, and adding an extra slot for bartender will help with both extreams as well as in the middle. It can ease the load, and also help encourage RP.
  11. I have given the app a little edit, I've put that part in Italics for you; but yes the idea was that he would become lost - mostly due to the lack of faith towards his own race as he wandered the wasteland as a Guwandi, becoming subcoming to the elements somewhat. He would then rekindle that faith as he descoverd the Si'akh heresy, realising that he misjudged himself as well as his own people, if there are any other questions I will be happy to answer!
  12. +1 from me! I have played alongside Forktress for a few years now, both with other games and on Aurora. I enjoy RPing with their characters (Mostly Sabela, the maint goblin). And have the upmost faith in their ability to roleplay another race. As a mostly skrell player, yes... IPC man bad.
  13. BYOND Key: Xevanthraxis Character Names: Sarah Edwards, Paisly Ward, Shae’Jurlp Glubleuc, Ponoh’Vulun Kaaxi, CLEM Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Black Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: The Unathi are an interesting change of pace compared to my other more science based characters. Being more honor bound and warrior focused. But also because of my general interest in reptiles. Being among some of my favorite animals, following one of my personal interests. I have been interested in reptiles since for as long as I can remember (mostly with Dinosaurs) and I thought why not apply for Unathi. Which would allow me to put myself in a roll that I have not personally had much experience with, but also to put myself into the shoes of a Unathi. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The first part would be the fact that they are reptilian, their environment usually needs to be very different and they have different resistances because of this. That being heat, whilst being weak to cold due to their Cold-blooded nature. Another would be their behaviour and honor structure, soon followed by their social hierarchy. They behave as a mix, at times similar to reptiles on earth yet as honorable warriors from various locations around the world. Their mannerisms are different, how they interact with one another, to various situations. Such as heckling and rattling their scales when agitated or thumping their tail against the ground. Other behavioural things such as tasting the air with their tongue like snakes and some lizards do, along with also being able to clean their own eyes with said tongue. The society structure is too more akin to older earth civilisations than modern day ones. With males of varying classes being placed in a pyramid structure, whilst women are at the bottom. Being treated as respectfully valued property. And below them, the Guwan. Character Name: Aasethiks Kuth’Rex Please provide a short backstory for this character: Aasethiks when he was younger was smaller than average for a male born in the year 2416 , and also thinner. Possessing snake like features unlike most of the other males in the clan. Because of this in his early years he was treated as a bit of a runt, picked on and bullied by others of the same age due to their larger size. However, Aasethiks didn’t take this lightly and strove to improve himself. He grew quickly, tall and lithe and became a great warrior, not through strength but speed and agility. Making him an excellent hunter. By the age of 21 he had managed to make a name for himself, managing to be one who sold various meats of the wildlife of Moghes. And was eventually married to a Kathes Vehk’aahk. However, on the same year - 2437 - the Ourean Catalyst upset his clan along with many and despite the words of his wife, he joined the Traditionalist Coalition. However accepted to stay within the clans region, to help support his own growing family. However, On September 5th, 2439, as the nuclear exchange occurred. Aasethiks was out hunting. Only to hear the loud deafening explosion in the distance. 5 seconds, 10...20. At the 30th second a shockwave hit him sending him back a good couple of feet. However his mind had no concern for himself, but that of his family. He rushed back to his clan’s village, only to find many homes destroyed, including his own. He managed to worm himself inside, only to find that his wife had been crushed, having managed to save both of his children. He and those who survived the blast soon left. Wandering into the wasteland. He gave both his children to one of his siblings. Before announcing himself as Guwandi; before wandering into the wastes. As he wandered the wasteland, fighting each battle with the desire to lose but fighting to win; after the 5th opponent he soon began to doubt himself. Would he ever be able to lose? What was the point in this if the outcome never arrives? A mixture of starvation and dehydration started to meddle with his mind as he soon began to realise there was no point in his actions if he believed he couldn’t lose. And he became lost. Both in the wasteland and in himself. Believing that his people were wrong for doing what they did, damning themselves to oblivion with whatever infernal weapons were used. As the years went on he would come across 3 more opponents, and only came close to losing once out of the total 8 over the course of the 4 years. Mostly due to his sanity wavering as he began to become feral. Lost in his own head as survival instinct took over. It was towards the end of the 4th year that a Landcrawler would stumble across the semi-emaciated Unathi, and took him aboard. Over the next month or two he would heal of any infectious wounds and would soon begin to put on weight. Here he would learn of areas outside of his home system. And possible things he could do. He kept the name Guwandi, but his time in the wasteland, isolation and various delusions due to dehydration and starvation made him forget the honor of Guwandi. And this he kept it when he left Moghes aboard a nanotrasen vessel, before heading to the frontier. Here he would wonder, exploring as he went. But also challenging the odd being who tried him on for size; now mostly out of simple necessity, using it as a way to keep himself together. He would easily put them down and soon managed to gain the attention of a local Raider gang. To which he gladly joined, finding a use for himself once more despite its moral implications. He would do various things that today he is not proud off. But there is one thing he despises the raiders for most. It was one specific job, to simply take over a freighter and take the liquid fuel aboard. And then sell that off to the highest bidder. It went well at first, the raiders managed to commander the vessel, however a member of the Raider gang who did not like Aasethiks started to get violent. Aasethiks, still with the title of Guwandi, took to the challenge with what honor he had left. Only for the Raider to pull a gun on him. Aasethiks managed to dodge the shot, only for the shot to hit one of the various fuel lines. In that moment, the 5 raiders were either killed or badly wounded, with Aasethiks being the 6th. The surviving raiders left him and the other 5 for dead. In the void of space, and missing half of his face and arm, Aasethiks soon blacked out. And when he awoke he was enraged. Saved by the original owners of the freighter, they had managed to get him medical attention. Giving him a synthetic arm. Outranged, he swung for those around him, badly injuring 3 medical staff in the process. But thankfully not killing anyone and was detained for a further week before being deported back to Moghes. Something he did not enjoy all that much. Here he still kept the title of Guwandi, and tracked down those he had brought into this world. He would find them, neither of them recognising him as their own father. Whilst this did hurt him, he was glad that his sibling had managed to bring them up in his stead. He would then leave once more into the wasteland. Over the next 8 years he would travel from clan to clan, trying to offer his own services, however upon learning he had a prosthetic he was cast out. And was almost officially a Guwan if he was not already a Guwandi. He would soon come across a strange village. Around it were defenses, and signs of battle. Around him he saw various Unathi with their horns removed and on par with a small militia. At the centre of the small village he would hear shouting. Not violent, but loud, commending. The man shouting would be a priest, holding up a journal as he preached about how he was the messiah, and how each and every Unathi was damned if they did not redeem themselves in the eyes of Sk'akh. At first he did not care, but upon hearing more of the sermons given by this man, he discovered his honor once more, realising that his faith was misplaced; and that it is because the Unathi are damned did they lose their way; as he did himself. He soon then went to the Reavers. Wishing to protect those who could not protect themselves, and also to help redeem others as he could not be redeemed himself. It is here that he takes back his original clan’s name. Over the next three he would travel around Moghes as a Reaver, before leaving the planet once more. Here he would soon gain his title of hunter once more. Helping those in need wherever he can. By 2459 he would enter Tau Ceti space, realising he could not do what he did in the Frontier, he thought of other ways he could help. And instead became a security officer aboard the NtCC ODIN. And, in the year 2461, transferred to the NtSS Aurora. What do you like about this character? I like this character as it helps me branch out into a role I haven’t done before. Allowing me to get acquainted and learn different mechanics within the game. Both as a different occupation, but also as a different race. Allowing me to further my own abilities both game wise and also roleplaying wise. I also find the Unathi an interesting race and different to the two I am mainly used too (Humans and Skrell), hence why I think it will allow me to improve my roleplaying ability. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I have been roleplaying for a good portion of my life now (a good 7 years), both in games and also various tabletop systems and this year Space station 13. Going through the odd sever, before finding Aurora itself. I would put myself at around 8/10 on my ability.
  14. It's no issue, same on my end as I have been busy the past few weeks, trying to get a few rounds in and also updating the app as I go. I have updated it here as of typing this, if there is anything else wrong I am happy for any critisism.
  15. Okay, thank you for the feedback: I will try to log in a few rounds within the coming weeks.
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