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Dionapolis of Painful Fruits of Democracy

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Dionapolis of Painful Fruits of Democracy
Official Governance Blog
By: Painful Fruits of Democracy

Government Information

Incumbent Prime Nymph: One Whom Succeeds Based on the Happenchance Mistakes of Another
Previous Prime Nymph: A Single Vote in a Pool of Upending Political Decisions

Single Hand of Friendship (Right Hand)
Floating Leaf Landing Upon Your Palm (Left Hand)

The Dionapolis of Painful Fruits of Democracy owes full allegiance and fealty to the Nubere Nymphas, our elected Monarch. Our system of government is a parliamentary-based democracy led by a Prime Nymph, and we are a sub-sovereign entity to our larger counterpart.

The Prime Nymph is elected semi-annually, but it is rare that the office changes nymphs except for reasons of impeachment, or retirement. As Prime Nymph, they are considered first among equals and can make emergency decisions without the consultation of the Gestaltliament, and have full control over most basic day to day decision making. They also appoint the Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors always serve as the left and right hand of the Gestalt Cyclops - and we use them to make formal requests of friendship and relationship making. It is considered very ceremonial and a great honour to shake hands with another being, and sometimes we will detach our ambassadors to make clearer and direct contact.

We are a fully incorporated and voting Dionapolis within the Archdionapolis of Divine Indecision of the Reincarnated Descendants of Aristotle in Humble Service to our Nubere Nymphas.


Personal Information

We are a Xenoarhcaeologist and Democracy Philosopher. To accumulate finances, we work as a Xenoarchaeologist and Librarian on the NSS Aurora, and occasionally lecture at NanoTrasen Memorial University.

We are friends with Rocco DeFranco.
We like Skazurah Kas, but we do not know if we are friends yet.

Recent Events in the Dionapolis

Our former Prime Nymph, A Single Vote in a Pool of Upending Political Decisions, was impeached due to careless decision-making, and a new Prime Nymphs, One Whom Succeeds on the Happenchance Mistakes of Another, was elected.

We passed the following law following a careless decision by a Prime Nymph:
"No opening flashing shutters without a full vote of the Dionapolis."

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