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URGENT NEWS: NanoTrasen Security Officer found dead.

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The holovid screen fizzles to life, the light green insignia of MD News Channel 7 appears on the screen, and a man with a cybernetic eyes appears on the screen.

A NanoTrasen Security Officer was found dead today in his Apartment building. Police responded to an emergency call about gunshots fired in an apartment complex in the lower city area. When Police responded, they found an apartment building riddled with gunfire, and clear signs of a struggle from the outside. When entering, they found the body of Robert Dalton dead on the floor. His cause of death has been confirmed as a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

When asked to speak, various family members declined to answer any questions about what might have labeled Robert as a target for anyone. Police are signing this off as a simple random act of violence, but are investigating the incident notheless.

A NanoTrasen representative had this to say;

"We are shocked by this turn of events, Robert was an outstanding man, and a good Security Officer. We are going to be conducting his funeral soon, as his family members requested."

Robert served as a Commander of Security on the NSS Aurora, and owned a bar in the lower city area. More to come on this developing story.

The screen fizzles out, the insignia of the news channel appears on the screen.

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