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  1. I think you might be thinking of the round with Head of Security Dalton and Captain Stern. They both look similar and speak with Solarian accents, but Stern is played by SebKiller.
  2. I've held off on making a post about the Cones until I could get a decent amount of playtime with them, and I have to say that I am simply not a fan of them. Combat is already a convoluted mess in SS13 as it is, and the Vision Cones make every single shootout, brawl, or scramble that I've been involved in look like a Three Stooges skit. While the idea of sneaking up behind someone is a cool novelty, I don't think it really is worth it, considering the clumsiness that follows with everything else. Xenobiology is where my main complaints come in. I used to play Xenobiology rather regularly, as it was rather easy to get into the flow of things. I could easily click behind myself to drag slimes out of containment pens, and drag mass numbers of them in a short few moments. With the Vision Cones, however, it makes it an effort of 'how long am I going to put up with this before I give up and go to Cryo'. What would've been a five second endeavor, now increases to a ten to fifteen second endeavor. These times stack up, and what would normally take around five to ten minutes to complete, now takes upwards of twenty to twenty five. While minor, I believe that this issue extends to any Department that requires a lot of dragging multiple objects.
  3. I think a neat sink would be cosmetics for the Mining suits. Sort of like hardsuit 'skins' almost, so you can really flex how cool, and sick you look.
  4. More ghost roles would be a positive, even without this in mind.
  5. backwoods swamp man reporting
  6. Hooliganism can only barely be stretched to fit it. We had a discussion about it ICly, and according to the text as written, it's not really justifiable in that regard. At least, that's how we took it. I just figured it'd be an interesting suggestion, at least for discussion.
  7. You can easily explain away anything in a sci-fi setting. Who's to say the TCFL aren't nostalgic sons of bitches, and paint their stocks brown so they can pretend it's wood?
  8. What it says on the tin. Make it so that Security can fine people a small amount of credits for leaving their litter across the station.
  9. A +1 from me as well. In addition to the things that Kester mentioned, I enjoy the creativity and effort they've put into deepening their character. This shows me that they have a respect and love for the themes and lore of this server, and I believe that will carry over to their Heads of Staff.
  10. Valkrae


    I am truly a maverick. Fours multiplayer was eh, at best, for me. I enjoy 3 over 2, but Reach over the entire series.
  11. Kester has a solid grasp of RP, and brings competence to each of the roles he plays. In my opinion, he would make a solid addition to the Head of Staff team. That's a solid, large, and green +1 from me, chief.
  12. Valkrae


    Like a Necromancer, I bring this post back to life. With Halo out on the PC, who would be interested in playing through the Campaign, or doing some Multiplayer?
  13. -1, I would immediately attempt to ghost/cryo if forced to play as Cult. There's a reason I have it turned off in the preferences. Make it kill, or as someone else mentioned, have it turn them into a simple mob. There's no reason to try and force people to play something they don't want to play.
  14. That's a fair point. I don't intend to have antag on as my Head of Staff roles, at least for a while.
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