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Hiatus V2

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Well, it's been fun and all. Actually, not really. It's been pretty dull.

Out of the 15+ characters I have, I've only had the will to play two of them. One of them, which used to be my favorite, I can hardly get any RP out of no matter how hard I try. The other is involved exclusively in clique RP which I just can't enjoy prolonged. I even made up a grand concept for a new character and got like maybe 20 minutes of good RP out of a round with him, then got ignored.

I've been having a hard time actually hitting the "Join game" button. Conversely, I've had a hard time not hitting the "Observe" or "Ghost" buttons. I just don't have the will anymore, sorry guys.

I'll take some time off and focus on other games and such. If I really miss Aurora, I'll come back again. But until then, Blue is out.

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