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Player Feedback

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Player Feedback


There are areas that we all need to improve on, should it be ICly or OOCly, which is what this thread is for. Here, you can ask people what they feel about you as a player, attitude-wise, roleplay-wise, or anything else.

Please do not make a post about somebody, without their permission. On the other hand, don't ask to receive feedback, and then respond in an extremely offended manner, if it is not necessary.

What This Thread Is For:

- Feedback on how well a player overall behaves.

- Feedback on areas a player could improve in.

- Constructive criticism.

What This Thread Is Not For:

- Feedback on specific IC characters. A thread for that can be found here.

- Negative criticism. (Meaning, do not come here just to tell a player how terrible they are at (x), (y), and (z), and then give them no tips on how to change).


Dunno how well this will be received, but I assumed that people may want feedback on themselves as a players sometimes.

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