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Epoch of Humanity: The great diaspora

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Breaking News!

The United Kingdom of Great Britain has, just today, declared it's intention to join the I.S.C.C, in the hope of finding a world for all of humanity to call home; they have dedicated large portions of their infrastructure to developing experimental technology for spacecraft; no details yet; but apparently they are "Evaluating possible avenues of research."

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The Russian Federation has joined the I.S.C.C.! They have set to work attempting to race against the UK in Scientific discoveries, while at the same time, attempting to hold a large standing military to withhold their borders. In the secret labs, and the barren wastes of Siberia, there are less safety precautions than in the UK.

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Recently,the United States of America has made note of their recent membership in the International Space Colonization Council, commonly referred to as the I.S.C.C. The I.S.C.C has been recently formed, in an attempt to govern humanity's hope of finding a better home. Government officials of the United States have stated their agreement with the Council's goals, and have ensured that the American people, and the people of Earth will remain safe, with the United State's aid. Much of the government's funding has been reallocated to space travel, with programs such as N.A.S.A finding itself with an impressively larger budget than before. Other programs, such as welfare and education, have taken a sharp blow to balance the change in budget.

Military funding has not increased, but has been instead seemingly locked in place at the current time, possibly to avoid any future conflicts that may arise with the Russian Federation's involvement, as well as a safe guard against the growing tensions with Canada. The President nor Secretary of Defense have not stated any further information about the northern country, even after numerous requests, causing many questions to go unanswered.

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Canada demands answers!

Canadian spokesman Bill Smith released a statement today demanding answers about the mistreatment of Canadian prisoners in American prisons, and demanded their release!

Budget cuts over education and welfare are causing civil unrest in the United States!

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A representative for the United States has agreed to speak to the Canadian government regarding Canadian prisoners, providing that Canada were to agree to limited media interaction during the meeting, although the reasoning for this action is not entirely clear.

On the home-front, American police departments have been patrolling major cities in larger numbers, in an attempt to keep any of the budding aggressive protests, sprouting up due to the civil disorder. In an attempt to keep things from getting out of hand, police officers are commonly seen in their usual uniforms. That said, it is quite obvious that the American law-enforcement is uneasy on their current situation.

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Canana has announced it will be joining the ISCC. Many had beleived and speculated that that would be joining either the Russian federation or the United Kingdoms in the space race, but in a surprising turn of events, Canada has announced they will take peace keeping position, overing military support to those who need aid from those who would try to abuse or hinder the good intentions of the ISCC.

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