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Nanotrasen Public Service Announcement

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Important Public Service Announcement

Hello, it has come to our attention that the once beloved IPC Unit Opamator who was Head of Security on board the NSS Aurora has came to an abrupt end. The cause of his sudden shutdown was due to the company who supplied him, Star Security Corporations. Recently the Head Quarters of the company was infiltrated and a data leak was detected. This data leak caused Opamator to shutdown, to prevent a possible Security Breach on the NSS Aurora. Star Security Corps has decided to cutoff Opamator from their data banks, rendering him useless on the Station, unable to perform Station Security Duties. Because of this, we have decided to install a General Purpose subroutine, and sell him to the general public, for your service needs. 

Opamator can be your personal assistant for $10,0000 Credits! With his new General Purpose subroutine, Opamator can do anything from, organizing your personal documents, cooking your food, cleaning your home, use your garden, and tend to your wounds with his First Aid readiness program.

For more information on the new and improved Opamator unit, please contact us, at one of our NT approved Representative Offices.


Thank you.

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