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ISD Report #24827 - 10/02/2462

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FROM: Torb'o Gerqq, Security Officer, NSS Aurora

SUBJECT: ISD Report #24827 - 10/02/2462



Attached, a report from yesterday's shift featuring the docking of a deserted and unknown vessel with NSS Aurora.

I will remain available for further inquries if that need arises.


DTG: 11-10:25-TAU CETI STANDARD-02-2462



There are: three (3) attached file(s).

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Item #1

Officer Torb'o Gerqq's report


It was 21:47 when NSS Aurora received a notification from CC about an unknow vessel boarding the station. At that time, the ISD, featuring me, Officer Gerqq and Cadet Lost In A Bleak Wasteland, were alerted and swiftly reported to yellow dock. At that time, the Checkpoint was sealed while we waited the docking ship to report in.

Roughly ten minutes passed without a communication from the unknown vessel, that is when me and the cadet decided to report to the entrance of the unknown vessel and stated our identifications and that we would board the ship in one minute if they did not reported in.Upon entering, we made our way onboard the vessel, unable to meet any occupant. We proceeded to the bottom of this ship, and found a bodybag labeled as "do not enter" and a sarcophag.

We alerted Engineering, Science and Medical bay and proceeded to the investigations.

It was found that the ship was similar to other small crafts of this sector, usually employed by mercenaries and smugglers, however, no signs of crew was detected other than the already mentioned body bag.

At 21:47 the scene is declared safe and the checkpoint is lifted. Yellow dock will remain under lockdown until further notice.

Reports from Science, Medical and Engineering bay are to follow.

It is noted that Cadet Lost In A Bleak Wasteland has received a formal commendation by Officer Gerqq following their exemplar duty during the alert at hand.

It is encouraged to consider them for further career advancements.


For ISD,
Torb'o Gerqq


Item #2

Cadet Lost In A Bleak Wasteland's report


After receiving the notification of a vessel landing in the area we proceeded to man the surface level checkpoint. After around ten minutes of waiting there we observed from the lookout tower, using binoculars that a vessel had docked. We relayed this information to Officer Gerqq. Officer Gerqq came to investigate, after no response from the vessel a descion was made to board it, in case there were casualties on board. Once on board we observed there was a lot of blood and organics remains in the aft of the ship. In a medical area a body bag was found. It was labelled 泥O NOT OPEN�. At the aft of the ship was a small room. Inside this room was a sarcophagus. We entered the bridge and found all the consoles disabled. It is unknown how the ship managed to pilot itself here. Medical and science took the body and sarcophagus to their departments for study. The ship will remain sealed until it can be transported off station.


-Cadet Lost In A Bleak Wasteland


Item #3

Image(s) to follow.






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