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[Completed] Custom item - Wer6 - Purple coin.

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BYOND Key:Wer6

Character name:Luna Tsuki

Item name:Purple coin

Why is your character carrying said item to work?Luna Tsuki brings this item to work because it reminds her of the past, graduation of high school specifically. She got it during graduation from a friend, before they departed to different universities.

Item function(s):It's a reminder of the past, but please don't make it able to be put into a vending machine.

Item description:A transparent case, which is sealed, containing a titanium coin, that has been anodized to be the color purple. on one side is a woman stamped into it, with the letters "Luna Tsuki" on the bottom of the portrait. On the other side is the symbol of a hawk, and the letters "We will miss you!" stamped beneath it.

Item appearance:Its a purple coin with a case surrounding it.

Additional comments:I have the sprite.


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I'm willing to accept this. You have your own sprite for it (which greatly reduces the amount of work devs have to do), and I believe you can get some meaningful RP out of this. Application approved. The prefix of the thread will be set to Processing, and then the tread will be moved to the archives. Check back every now and then, and when the prefix is set to Complete, then the item is ready for use.

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