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Incident Report Travis Davis 3.9.2457

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Reporting Personnel:

Houssam Jawdat

Rank of Reporting Personnel:

Head of Personnel

Personnel Involved: Travis Davis

Time of Incident: Specific incident: Roughly 13:50. Behaviour is endemic.

Location of Incident:

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident:

Houssam was moving to the brig to discuss with security the matters of an arrest of a crew member for suspected contraband. Outside the brig a small crowd gathered, due to the popularity of the arrested crew member. Travis Davis was amongst the crowd. Houssam had previously in the shift discovered an egg had hatched from the chicken in the kitchen, and kept the now grown hen as his pet. Travis took this opprotunity to discuss Houssam's sexual preference with innuendos to the hen being a cock, and making several comments about Houssam's genitals and backside and his desire for them both.

Houssam later moved to the bar, and Travis was inside here once more with another crew member. Travis was seated on a stool and pointed to Houssam and continued to make lewd comments and eye glances to Houssam. He goaded another crew member to gossip like children until a comment so abrasive was made Houssam utilized pepperspray to cease was was becoming severe sexual harrassment.

For several shifts now Travis Davis has been making sexual advances to Houssam and several other Tajaran crew members. He makes lewd sexual comments about Houssam's genitals and sexual preference, and despite all warnings by security and Command staff continues to make sexual advances on Houssam and others.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: Travis was suspended for his conduct with the overview and approval of the acting Head of Security.

Additional notes:

He is a disgusting sexual predator and Houssam is requested he be put under immediately investigation by the Duty Officer Corps. How he has continued employment here Houssam has no idea. Houssam does not feel safe or comfortable working on shifts with his individual and has been making efforts to keep SSD Tajarans out of his reach.

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To whom it concerns

Subject: Recent report filed by Houssam Jawdat

So I am responding to this in order to defend myself because the report Mr Jawdat has filed is inaccurate. I do not believe Mr Jawdat would purposefully misrepresent the truth but it does appear his memory is not sharp enough to remember what happened. I want to make it clear, I at no time made a comment about Houssams genitals. I did make a few comments about his backside and he had requested I stop. To which, out of respect, I immediately stopped. There were a lot of people talking and I was conversing with someone else (ava I believe) and she made harassing comments about Houssam and his genitals (why she is not even mentioned in the report by houssam I don’t know, considering she was the one he pepper sprayed). Now I did respond with agreeing laughter but that is hardly a problem. You can’t stop someone from laughing at something they thought was funny, what does need to be halted is the harassment in the first place.

The incident in the bar mirrors this as well, I was discussing privately with Ava about who we found attractive. Houssam was not even the topic of conversation but he butted in and told us to cease speaking. Considering the bar is an open place to have conversation we did not. At this point Ava did direct the topic to be about Houssam and his body type. Again I did laugh at the joke. However I at no time made such comments myself. I do not understand why I am the target of this report when Ava is the one that continued to make the lude comments (evident by the fact she was the one pepper sprayed, without warning mind you, by Mr jawdat).

I have had my run in with Mr. jawdat in the past and when he requests I stop making comments I always do. As for his accusations, I have never hid the fact that I like tajara, but that does not make me a sexual predator. I have never harmed or assaulted any tajara and when any tajara requests I stop speaking to them, I do. The most I have ever done is expressed my general interest in the species which is no different than anyone else expressing their interest (usually conversation saved for break and bar time). Furthermore looking at Mr jawdat is not an issue. I am sorry if he has been made to feel uncomfortable by a look, but I do not look or stare at him in any way that is different than the way I look and interact with any of the crew.

Since he is filing this against me I would like to put it on record that Mr. jawdat has harassed me as well. He has flashed and pepper sprayed me (and my coworker) without warning or cause. He terminated me from employment while we were in the middle of a meteor shower (I was atmo tech at the time) because I simply laughed at a joke Ava had said. This not only hindered my job but endangered the integrity of the station.

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