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Spacebook (IC Facebook)

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Upon entering the address to Spaceboook, you're greeted by a rather simplistic background, which holds the site's name in a eye-pleasing coloration of red.


Connecting billions of family and friends across known space together, all on one site.

Only on Spacebook.



By making an account on Spacebook, you have read and agree with our Terms and Conditions.

Log in or make an account today, and start connecting with friends and family!


OOC Info: Spacebook is a Facebook parody. Like Facebook, a character's real name would be used as a username. Similar to Facebook as well, using "feelings" can also be used. A 'reply' to a post by another character's post, would just require the replying party's name in bold, followed by the text. While a character limit does not exist, please don't make a post that is a wall of text. Relationship changes are also suggested.


  • John Doe

    Caught a bad cold.. Sucks. - feeling sick

    John Doe and Jane Doe are now in a relationship! - Just Friends


Similar to the Social Screeching thread, pictures are allowed, but keep them inside spoiler tags.

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((Isn't this just like ANOTHER Social Screech thread? I don't really social network; it could be that Twitter(what Screeching was based off of) and Facebook really are this similar. But like I said, I don't really network outside of email and Reddit, so my idea might be deluded. ))

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