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Quality Posting Etiquette

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Is what I'm posting pertaining to the discussion or topic?

Is what I'm posting have some value or merit to it, from an objective and neutral standpoint?

Is what I'm posting, even if it is an allegory or story, still possessing a point pertaining to your viewpoint on a topic or discussion?

Is what I'm posting respectful of other's viewpoints on the matter, even if they don't agree with you or if they aren't correct?

If it's 'no', or anything other than a definite 'yes' to any of these questions, do yourself a favor for the sake of the discussion and not post. This doesn't include silly/shitposty topics, you can still have fun there.

But please don't shitpost in serious boards. This is me requesting and speaking as a member of the community who has to cry and tear my own hair out every single time I read a post that fails to adhere to any of the guidelines I listed above, not as a member of staff or anything else. Please follow them, just so that everyone can share that illusion that we're being productive with our discussions.

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