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  1. A lot of my thoughts on this application were aptly summed up by F_Sphere. Watching Lynsey ignore Clone Memory rules and do things like shout “FUCKTARDS” at his fellow security staff as Interim HoS when they disagree with him has pretty much sealed my opinion on the character - other stuff such as ignoring reasonable explanations and just being thirsty for an arrest rather than taking any kind of initiative - a mindless drone security officer is an annoyance - a mindless drone Head of Security is a problem. Try to remember that the other people you play with are in fact people and that their enjoyment of the round is just as important as your own. It’s nothing more experience won’t cure -1
  2. Hola Amigos, I'm not very active so I'll make this short and sweet. I'm going to be doing a game of thrones roleplay on Discord, similar to Hive's Mount and Blade roleplay that was sadly cut short. I'll give what little detail I can here, and the rest you can see for yourself on the discord server. It's going to take place during the war of the five kings, just before Robb Stark has declared himself King in the North. It will use show canon just because it's more accessible to more people, I'm around if anyone needs any information about the GoT Universe as I've probably got an unhealthy obsession with it. We'll be using a diceroll system but it will be fairly basic as I'm more interested in the stories people can tell than whether they get that PRO CRIT HIT! Anyway nerds here's the discord link, join me there if you're bored enough! DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/7ZPhjq6
  3. Greetings, as you may or may not know a bunch of us have been getting together to play slow paced role playing strategy games that usually require attention once or twice a day. We've so far completed two. Of these games one was Supremacy 1914 a WW1 game and the other was Call of War a WW2 game with the British Empire reigning successful in the former and the French Commune pulling ahead in the latter owning most of Central Europe. So now that those two games are over we've decided to start a third on a game called Planets.Nu a much more complex game than the other two we've played it requires much more focus on resource management and exploration. You pick a race/faction and you're off, the game runs in 24 hour turns meaning you only need to check the game once per day if you're pedantic about not missing turns. Now you're probably thinking "Tool that sounds fucking great how do I join" well it's pretty simple you just join our discord which I'll link below or if you're unable to use discord or just prefer not to you can contact me directly Via forum PMs and I'll send you the deets, there's 35 slots and there will be some gentlemenly rules regarding RP and the early game which can be explained when they come into play but until then I hope to see you in space, I shall be playing Eternal Emperor Vangut Tyagi, good luck comrades! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/dnjyjCv
  4. I think photos are for normies so I'll just give you wiggas a video instead https://vid.me/w97J
  5. I hate to do this but I'm going to have to give this a -1, not for Hunter's IC activities they've been pretty standard as of late but for his OOC hostility. Hunter takes criticism to heart and treats it as a personal insult. Reacting to situations like a bull in a china shop. He refuses to take blame for his whitelist strip even today, where he still occasionally claims that 'Chaznoodles' ruined his reputation, I think Hunter quite needs to look inward regarding his whitelist strip and subsequent actions instead of shifting the blame to those around him. If he would stop treating the game as his life, where any comment is a slight against his reputation and learned not to take everything to heart and react with insults and the such then I think this would be a pretty easy +1 as Hunter roleplays usually quite well and he's a half decent bloke.
  6. I heard there was butter to be lord of. I am here for ze RP
  7. BYOND Key: MrImATool Character Names: Sullivan, Aaron Tool, Michael Tool, Elizabeth Jane-Tool, Gordon Thorne, Kazeem Jawdat, Kingsley - 76, Entepes Charrua, Silar Yunai aaaand T.O.O.L Species you are applying to play: Diona What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Very very green Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Indeedidly Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race: A few days ago I got the opportunity to play a Diona in a Mercenary round, with an entire Diona team. Diona are weird in a good way, like the IPC. And to be frank because I’d love the chance to play a much different character than my usual smart mouthed asshats(I could just make a different human character I know but it’s too tempting to be a cheeki breeki) Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Well for one they seem far more reserved than humans and are slow to anger, and boy are they slow to move. They essentially take their time to do anything and then act with a lot more.. Intention. Anything they do they usually mean to do, you have to be very deliberate. Not to mention the whole being a multi-lifeform character! Character Name: Blades Drowning in Soil Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs Blades Drowning in Soil, was a fresh gestalt when he was brought to Reade alongside some of the other migrators. The locals were quick to make use of his brute strength and they quickly put him to work shifting crates, he wasn’t quick but he got the job done without complaining, he worked there for several years establishing a friendship with several of the other dock workers, but keeping to himself other than that. Keeping to himself meant many of the people around mistrusted him, gave him funny looks and even ignored him when possible. One night as Blades was leaving the dock he heard a child’s scream and rushed(rushed being an exaggeration) over to the noise where he found a girl and a man wrestling against a wall. Blades didn’t like to intervene in the town as he was always told it would draw too much attention to him, but he couldn’t just allow a person to hurt another, so he grabbed the man by the scruff of his collar and through him, as lightly as he could, away from the girl. The man’s face smashed against the curb and began to leak blood all over the pavement. Blades looked to the girl who was stood in shock, she quickly sprinted off and Blades thought nothing of it, the man had a broken nose and it would heal. Blades continued his walk to his usual light spot underneath a huge holobillboard on the outskirts of town. When he awoke from his hibernation he was greeted by an angry mob, who were peeling bits of him off “Wake up monster!” “Is it dead!?” “Get the laser saw! We’ll cut it down!” all things the town’s people cried. Blades uprooted himself as quickly as he could and the mob descended upon him as he tried to protect himself, they beat him with whatever weapons they could find and at the end of it one of the Nymphs that made up Blades was dead and the other three couldn’t fathom what had happened. Blades stayed under the billboard, rooting himself to the electricity lines until he felt strong enough to move again and then left town, eventually being hired on as a cargo technician for Nanotrasen. What do you like about this character? His two main ‘quirks’ a distrust of humans and just wanting to stay out of everyone’s business, he’s quite passive and submissive and if told to jump he’ll say how high, not wanting to ever experience the same thing again. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 10/10 baby Notes: I refer to Blades as a He and as like one lifeform in the backstory just because it’s easier to clarify. And... GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL
  8. So back in the day on the old forums we played a weird browser ww1 country management RP game together, it's called Supremacy 1914 it's a pretty fun free browser game with a lot of depth. SO me and Subdigital have decided to make a new supremacy server it'll be RP, here's the link join and have fun! Message me on the forums if you need anything else! http://www.supremacy1914.com/play.php?uid=3405493&c=10&gameID=1693086 And there's a discord server here https://discord.gg/4xehVwB Here's a list of the current players and their countries: Subdigital - German Empire MrImATool - Great Britain England90111 - Central USA Tenenza - Russia Coolbc2000 - Ottoman Empire Chaznoodles - Sweden Hunter RS - Northern Russia Ryan Falco - Morocco Bowen the Snowman - Greece Spongey Burritto - Northern Canada Catleay - Egypt Jboy2000 - Greenland Gamegod - Spain Vittorio - Italy Qewy - France Xspelled - Norway T1GWS - Northern USA Skippy the Joe - East Algeria Dragonspare - Romania Datberyy - East Libya Superiorform - Caucasus Arabia - Alberyk Wesmas - Austria Hungary
  9. Fun fact hive, the first lesbian(bisex) character on this server was also the first CMO on this server and she was my character. And I tell you now, we will fight you in the tunnels, we will fight you in the chapel, we will kill you in the bar and we will end this war once and for all once all balds are dead...
  10. Also been engaged for almost a year now hive, pls notice me. Attached a second, me talking to sphere and completely blanking bae
  11. Me on Christmas Eve after food shopping with the fiance, decided since I'm back I should show you guys a more recent photo.
  12. Yeah that's unlikely, Sub rarely plays anymore and isn't active on the forums so if you need someone to blame blame me
  13. Salt levels aside. I was punished for this already that's why there's no 'remorse' because I already regret my actions but I can't go back and change them but if you have a time machine let me know ok? And Max Sharpe and another officer(Preston I think) were both loyalty implanted hence their behaviour and if any trouble should come from it the blame is on my shoulders as they probably thought "Oh captain's doing it it's ok then"
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