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[Denied] Tom's Hats


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BYOND Key: Das_Boot

Character name: Thomas Callahan

Item name:

1. RIG-114A Cap

2. Black Skullcap

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

1. The Hat(RIG-114A Cap) is something kept as a memento and reminder of a terrible event in his past. A day in which many of his close friends were killed in a catastrophic industrial accident. This event is noted in his employee records.

2. The Black Skullcap is a reflection of his personality. Worn when he is off-duty, or if he feels he's going to have to get his hands dirty, it would go well with his myriad tattoos and personality.

Item function(s): Both are hats, AKA headgear items.

Item description:

1. RIG-114A Cap. - A hat worn by the mining veterans of RIG-114A, usually in reverence for those who died in it's destruction.

2. Skullcap. - A black skullcap, keeps your head warm. This one has a cool logo on it. (or design, up to you.)

Item appearance:Both are pure black, it's more about the description and less about the spriting really. Although, the black skullcap could have bits of white representing some sort of design.

Additional comments: Please and thank you?

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I'm willing to only accepted the RIG hat because it actually means something to your character other than "This makes me look cool". How does that sound? Can we get a better idea as to what makes this hat stand out in a way that will make people ask about it instead of just thinking "Cool hat" and that's it?

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I understand, I'm not really sure what I could put as a description though, as the intended purpose of it was to provide an 'at-a-glance' assumption that the character is tough, relaxed about lesser company standards, and isn't a pushover. But I do understand that is a bit of work for something that is essentially a visual fluff-piece, so if you want to disregard it that's fine. The RIG hat would mean alot though! Thanks!

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