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Lands of Arcaneum - Character Applications

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Lands of Arcaneum Character Applications

Because this particular land has magic and basically ultimate power included, those wishing to play are asked to 'apply' for their characters. Basically, I will look through your character, and decide whether or not they are too powerful, or don't currently fit in the lore of the RP.

But, besides that, here is the app format! Be sure to delete the bracketed shiz from it when doing the app! I will reply with any complications there may be, or I'll just say accepted ^~^ Feel free to ask any questions about character creation here as well.


[b]Character's Name:[/b] (First and last)
[b]Character's Age:[/b]
[b]Character's Race:[/b] (Human, Caster, Arc Runner, Demon)
[b]Place of Birth:[/b] (Outlying village, Maladova City, Azandria Port, Casenbrooke City, Ordon City)
[b]Alignment:[/b] (Evil, Good, Neutral)
[b]If Caster/Demon, Powers:[/b] (Specialization, aka, drawing trap runes, fire magic, all round magic, ice magic, illusion magic etc etc etc)
[b]If Demon, Weakness:[/b] (Every demon has a certain weakness, whether it is fire, a certain plant or maybe a time of day that is isn't fully powered)
[b]Affiliation:[/b] (Humans for Maladova Militia, Arc Authority, Lone-wolf, Caster Congregation, Demon horde)
[b]Short Biography:[/b]
[b]Anything else of note:[/b]

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Character's Name: Naivara Anokiir

Character's Age: 27

Character's Race: Caster

Place of Birth: Ordon City

Alignment: Good

If Caster/Demon, Powers: Visions, telepathy, frost magic.

If Demon, Weakness: N/A

Affiliation: Caster Congregation

Short Biography: Naivara Anokiir was born in the year 4723, to Hevron Anokiir and Misandra Nialo. Throughout her childhood, Naivara had bouts of night terrors, occasionally claimed to hear "whispers", and suffered from several, albiet weak, outbursts of her powers; which her parents, both casters, were at a loss to explain. As she came of age, the fits of power decreased, eventually stopping, or becoming very infrequent. The night terrors and whispers, however, only worsened; eventually becoming so great that they threatened the secrecy of the small, hidden community of casters in which they lived. After barely managing to deter yet another guard, investigating the nightly screams; the leaders of the community forced Hevron and Misandra to put Naivara out on the streets, to be inevitiably taken to an internment camp, a fate she didn't truly understand. Sure enough, Naivara was swiftly found and identified as a caster after falling asleep in the streets. She was immediately moved to an internment camp; where her mind was considerably more... Focused; being away from the hustle of the city gave her telepathy more clarity.

Anything else of note: Currently in an internment camp.

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Character's Name: Marina Renault

Character's Age: 32

Character's Race: Caster

Place of Birth: Azandria Port

Alignment: Neutral

If Caster/Demon, Powers: Illusion and teleportation magic

If Demon, Weakness: N/A

Affiliation: Lone Wolf

Short Biography:

Marina's lineage traces back to a family of casters that lived in the Spire in 4500, after fighting in the War for Arcaneum, and the Alien War, her ancestors moved to Maladova City, which would prove to be a disaster during the 4680-4700 Caster Purge, her mother only just escaped and managed to make it to Azandria Port alive, there she met up with a group of casters in hiding, and she settled down. In 4718, Marina was born. She was slow to develop, and her powers were confusing, as she'd often go looking for something that she had accidently hidden with magic earlier. After working hard, she managed to get a hold on her illusion magic, being able to cast 'cloaks' over things the size of a tree, and being able to make her look different. Fast forward to 4750, and she has become an Illusion Teacher to young Casters in hiding, and is listed as WANTED: DEAD, by the Humans for Maladova Milita, for the crimes of unlawful sorcery .

Anything else of note: She worships the dead, Lord Sarkon.

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Character's Name: Abaddon Badrier

Character's Age: 4124

Character's Race: Demon

Place of Birth: (Not really sure what to put here, The void?)

Alignment: Neutral

If Caster/Demon, Powers: Fire and illusion magic

If Demon, Weakness: Water severely burns him, along with ice.

Affiliation: Lone-Wolf

Short Biography: . Abaddon was there for many battles, he tortured and fought and mauled in the name of his kind, eventually becoming a skilled smith and was bestowed the title "Abaddon The Forger". During the year of 4572, he fled from Genesis' castle as the heroes began to turn the tide. As a result , for the last centuries he has been an exile in the demon world, wandering the countryside and visiting cities, fending off Arc Runner, Caster, and Demon attacks. In the same time he took time to learn and teach himself the new age weapons, flintlocks. After a demon attack destroys his workshop, Abaddon (Fearing the next attack may claim his life) decides the best place to hide is in plain sight, disguises himself as a inconspicuous weaponsmith, and moves to Azandria Port

Anything else of note: Operates out of a small weapons shop in the poorer area of Azandria Port.

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For PoB, it'd be just the Ancient Land, or Old Land, since it wasn't really named at the time. Be careful living in the coastal city with a weakness to water ;)


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On the subject of NPCs, I will be running them to give players key figures to interact with. These NPCs include:

Chief Councillor of the Maladova Council

Violet Thomas, Head of the Arc Authority

Jax Sailsworth, General of the Humans for Maladova Milita

Mirra, Mistress of Mirrors, Greater Demon, Primary antagonist of this RP

These will be updated as required, and any posts in the posting section of an interaction with one of these characters will be replied to by myself.

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