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This isn't a suggestion hence why it's in the general place. Me and Gamegod back in mid 2014 created an insectoid race that we wanted to replace Xeno's. We eventually lay the idea to rest due to Covert presenting his Vaucra. Ours wasn't finished so there was no point in contesting. But in general I just wanted to show what me and Gamegod came up with to see what everyone thinks. This is in no way a suggestion I'm just curious what everyone thinks of them.


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This sounds a lot like the Zerg.

Granted, I freak out like a nerd when it comes to the Zerg because they're so fucking cool, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to add an alien race that only exists to nom and kill and destroy.

Personally, I feel that antagonists in a universe that can be approached without having your face hacked off on sight are more healthy for a roleplaying environment. Civilized persons vs. primal hyper-evolved beasts always ends in the latter getting rekt because trope raisins.

You may also want to change to view-only so that people don't vandalize your work.

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It's on comment only currently, editing will just come up with a suggestion for me. Also a note like I said I'm not suggesting we use it. Nor did I say anywhere that they're un-approachable, they tend to be quite intelligent beings, they don't have a hivemind but just a feaudal society.

Another note, everyone keeps saying they're like the Zerg, from what little I've seen of Starcraft I thought the Zerg were all little bugs?

Another thing is the culture is supposed to be the think that differenciates them from other Bug tropes. They're not mindless buggies that swarm the galaxy, they've got a complex social structure and tend to have a bad reputation(

With good reason) but I'm of the group of people with the opinion's that all aliens of one species shouldn't be exactly the same just because they're the same species.

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