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--Wanted Alive--

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PASSWORD -> ********

ACCESS -> Finance transferral.




Good morning gents, I know I know you want something that'll make you rich but I can't always get you those one in a million contracts.

I do have something worthwhile for you today, there's a certain NanoTrasen Worker known for his escapades against the syndicate and me specifically. He's been with the firm for years after his service in the Mindorus Navy, curse that git and his friends.

The individual in question is Michael James Thorne, an ex-admiral. I know what you're thinking, I'm not crazy I swear. He's not the man he once was - his combat ability is lacklustre, his strategic mind is terribly underwhelming compared

to others and he's mired by traditions and the way the company used to be ran.

Here's the thing, he's mostly alive due to robotics so an Emp will kill him, you know what that means? No EMP's. He's missing his right arm so cuffing him could be a problem though I know he's not a fool and won't fight if it means he can live. Or you could just knock him out.

I want him alive, and I'll be willing to pay 550,000 credits for his safe return to me where I can do the things I want. I will pay you a separate sum of 50,000 for his left arm, and a picture of when you took it off. Here's the thing though, I find out he died then the money is void. And I don't want a clone either, I want him in his current maimed state. And of course bonus points if you chop off his arm and bring it with you and him.

Anyway thanks for reading -


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