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Kay..So...Since i play 24/7 as a Roboticists, and i have always have a heart for Robotics, so lets get to brass tracks shall we!

I wish that Robotics could have upgrade modules for mechs.

Modules for mechs? But that would make something like cyborgs!

No! Shush! Just shush!

First off.. I had an idea that Robotics can make upgrade modules for mechs that will upgrade something and give disatadvantage to one of its stats.

For example. We need a module that can upgrade mechs move faster, but it increases the power consumption or something else, to ballance the mechs.

Also these modules are already available in a new list in Fabricators, BUTT! If Robotics want to upgrade mechs better, they can only make more advanced modules with more cons and pros.

Who ever also has an idea what should be added into the Robotics, fire it up and lets see if we can improve Robotics more usefull/enjoyable/interesting.

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I actually like this concept.

Also, there should be modules that can be used with a cooldown, like Stampede, once every 30 seconds or so you can use it and get a sudden burst of speed in a direction. Force field, makes you immobile for the duration and unable to do anything else, but gives you temporary shielding from all lasers/ion based things. Autopilot, takes you to a few designated spots on the station. Maybe if not too OP, can be called to your destination somehow?

Eh, these are just ideas. And they should be built into the mech, so if you wanted to add or remove or replace a module you'd need to go into maintenance mode and open it up and do magic things to it.

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Hrmm...Rusty...please..dont give Fortune such value! She will just melt from the ideas you'll give her..

*coughs* On to the topic...

I was also thinking of having mechs resprited, with some custom paintjob the roboticists can change/make.

And i think there might be an easier way to install the module like you said blue, with maintnance.

What i was also asking for is..maybe we might have jetpacks for named mechs, like for example Ripleys, since they are on the rock and drills the asteroid a new A-hole. Or QuarterHamster can just chuckleberg around and explore space! Which reminds me..I think science needs a specific mech! *grins and goes into his dark hole*

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