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<WANTED ALIVE. Derrick Phillips>

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Hello welcome to Spacebook, please enter your name and password


2 ***********************************************************************************

Login Successful. Starting up syndicate transmission network please select a menu

1 Bounties

2 known NT locations

3 Black market

You have Chosen 1 Bounties


2 Miranda Trasen


you have chosen 3 Loading information

1 Name Derrick Phillips

2 Appearance 7afdda0e74725394d74cda3ee9d785a8.png

3 Job information.

You are to take Derrick Phillips alive, Take him to these coordinates after you have succeeded capturing him 111,666,34

if you accept this job you will get 10 000 CR. He will be used to ransom money from his family and then killed, If Derrick Phillips dies You will have to pay twice the amount money you token from this bounty

4 information

Bloodtype: A+


NT Relation: Supportive

Home System: Sol

Citizenship: Sol Alliance

Faction: Luna Highschool of Science

current occupation: Lab Assistant (Co-Op)

Religion: Deist

Employment Record: Bio: Derrick Phillips was born on Luna, Earths moon, to a wealthy family

His mother was the prinicipal of the Luna Highschool of Science, a Special and famous highschool famous for its science related courses and its extremely strict entry,

His father was a famous scientist who had discovered Plasma's fuel properties, and inventing a special engine which can collect radiation and turn it into energy while using Plasma as a fuel source to collect it,

his invention has lead to the singularity engine and the Supermatter engine, generating thousands of gigawats, he sold his invention to NT which made him rich,

Derrick Phillips was entered into the Luna Highschool of Science and passed the entry exam 100% percent, however this has lead to a lot of civil disobidence (bullying) towards him, at the age of 17 he tooken a Co-Op class as a Lab Assistant on NSS Aurora station.

Derrick Phillips is not allowed to drink, more details on his security record

he has demonstrated a lot of respect towards the higher ups . he has the potenial to be a amazing scientist


Lab Assistant


Daniella Phillips, Age 35, Occupation Prinicipal,

Robert Phillips, Age 37 Occupation Scientist

Date born

2439 AD

Security Record: Derrick is not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke due to his young age, Derrick is required by law to inform the bartender about this if he goes to the bar,

Giving Derrick Alcohol is a Violation of Injunction and may land him and/or the bartender in jail if the bartender already knew that he wasn't supposed to drink

Will you take this contract? Y/N

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