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  1. As someone who enjoys Ling, from the victims side and the antag's side of it. I'd love to see some innovation on it opposed to being straight up removed. As per my previous statement, I am interested in something interesting and creative being done with. Being a Heavy Roleplay server, I believe we're able to creative and interesting things, having our roleplay to such a high standard and all.
  2. An interesting solution to an issue a group of people having without scrapping the feature completely? +1
  3. Trade Hub or large mining vessel. Something independent that isn't bogged down by Corporate redtape. That'd be nice.
  4. This is good, it's very easy, in my opinion, to tell if someone's pretty much self inserting or their character is pretty much identical to their last one. If I could give a couple of examples, at the risk of rubbing my ego. My Journalist character Henry Walker, tries to be unassuming, humble and will rethink what he's saying mid sentence. 'So, I've see you've got a Elyran flag? I don't uh... mean to assume, but I wouldn't take you for an Elyran. Though that's probably down to what I guess, is my ignorance.' My Chef Aariz Ghannam is always about being welcoming and open, especially with food. 'Hello my friend! You should eat something hearty. I always say, hard workers need good food to keep a fire in the belly.' And then my Detective Ali Walters. Tries to objective or factual, keeping her emotions right at the back. 'Salutations, my name is Detective Walters. I would like to ask you some questions, pertinent to a recent case.' I mean, it's hard to give an example of how a character talks with just one line and my interpretation to how my characters seem might different to others. But there's a lot you can do, outside of stuttering and long pauses to give your character a flare. That's just my contribution to this thread. Good idea by the way.
  5. This is more of a discussion of alternatives as well as a suggestion post as I like to pool ideas, and actually have little to no knowledge on coding. The Bounties is a novel idea and I can see it giving the station a purpose to manufacture products to export for some extra cash flow, but at the moment it's kind of non-nonsensical and disruptive. Making a bunch of medicine or prosthesis because market demands are high? Makes sense, Aurora has the expensive machinery pump a bunch of these products easily. A liver, along with three empty bowls and a platter of nuggets? Now it's getting silly, it's less of catering to a market and more catering to a man child who's been given too much power behind a desk and is making random orders at the expense of those below him. It adds to the humour and absurdity sure, but it can be well... more than a gimmick. On the newscasters, we get generic stories about food prices going up and the like. If those could tie into a market system so a thrifty QM, Chef or other crew member can be like 'I can capitalise on the current market environment' we can lend to more uh, business roleplay opposed to screaming at Security for Donk Pockets. One caveat, the flavourtext for each bounty is pretty awesome but with the rest of the crew not getting to see them it kind of devolves into 'why the fuck do you need six donuts and a pair of eyeballs?'
  6. I've added a couple of things and tested some other things. Shish Tawook can work and using flour on meat foods will remove protein to allow for more room. 5 flour for every three protein.
  7. If we had some kind of trading HUB that doesn't have the strangling constrictions of 'how would they be hired if they badboy'... maybe then we could interesting criminal characters with a level persistence... But that aside, I think having options is better than having no options. I have perhaps one character, that I will use for antagging but at the moment I'm bored of the job he's qualified to, so having a randomly generated traitor within reason could be cool.
  8. They look pretty identical to the standard table knives. I'd say flip this around and make table knives look more like something you'd have a table and not at a serial killer convention.
  9. I think the idea of being able to have or build crash test dummies that have generic pre-recorded lines like 'ouch that hurt!' to something like 'that particular round hit me in the [insert area]' It can add to the dark humour that's woven into the SS13 setting and probably could have a few interesting spins to it. Perhaps you can order them from cargo and have different brands with different price ranges and features? There's a lot that could be built onto this and would be more interesting than say, shooting up a comatose clone. Unless you can have tailor made protohumans.
  10. I know of a similar system on a certain Neofeudal server. They call them moodlets, which mainly revolves around how upset the character gets if certain criteria aren't met. Like addictions, being around people, being ill or in pain, or hungry and thirsty etc. I believe it has effects on stamina and the like, it adds a level of challenge to the game and helps to fuel an economy system without persistence. It can work, but only if can be slotted perfectly into the current system or have an entire interlocking system built around comfort, needs and health. Doing it in updates might be messy, plus I can see the system upsetting people who tend forego things like eating for chairRP or would rather not have a mechanical challenge on top of their desired character development or indulgence.
  11. Recently I've been trying out a new Elyran character that's more social compared to my more reclusive Scientist and I have been trying incorporate analogues from the selection of food currently in the code that can represent some dishes, that might be similar to real world meals. I also, am not as well versed some people are in food that could be deemed Levantine cuisine. Here's currently what I have: - So one thing that's kind of easy is Chai Tea and Moonbiscuits. With this I've just went with creamy tea and plump helmet biscuits, it kind of works. - Flat Breads a given, it's a good side to put with most meals if you like to make combos. - Shish Tawook - Custom chicken Kebab with a tomato and baked chicken meat. - Kebab Karaz - Meat Ball Soup with Cherry Jelly. You can't get much of the Jelly into it, but you can probably remove the animal protein with flour to allow for more space for cherry flavour. - I've been doing spiced meat platters, with bread and rice. Seems like an okay family dish. - Red Curry with flat bread, easy dish really. - Pisang Gorang doesn't quite fit, but it could be a dessert that's worked it's way into the culture? - The rice dishes are kind of a given, though fried rice might be quite as fitting? - Honey Buns are American, but can they be hand waved for Pav buns? -Berry Clafoutis I've been using as an analogue for berry tart dishes I've seen, but can't recall the name of. -Pakora - Can be fried chicken, eggplant, chili, tomato, carp or potato. Current ingredients in the game. A number of selections here aren't Levantine and are perhaps more Indian. But they're something. If anyone more knowledgeable has any suggestions, or those who just feel a certain combo will fit. Feel to post it, I'll add it to the list with your name attached. And if you have foods you wanted to be added, then perhaps suggest them too, though I don't know if they'd be implemented, can't speak for the devs.
  12. I can see it originating from District Six in Mendell, but a blend of the two languages so the immigrants can integrate better
  13. I've had some positive responses from when I was writing my Starwalker articles. I think it can add to the round or give something to talk about if it's done creatively.
  14. And yet I offered alternatives opposed to a down right removal? One could argue the argument 'shouldn't exist in a HRP setting' would also be blight to suggestions as it's a catch all argument against anything that adds obstacles or difficulty to those inhabiting the setting. But I digress. If we are to deal with this apparent issue, then alternatives are the best approach opposed to blanching everything.
  15. This seems like a 'I got screwed over by this mechanic, I want it removed,' deal. Cool work around is replace or add to arm blade with 'blade limbs' which causes their legs to twist into sharp spider legs or whatever that allows them to run across slippery services and non-gravity. Would add to the horror of experiencing a ling.
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